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22. Biden
Wed Aug 23, 2023, 07:38 PM
Aug 2023

I’m sure it’ll be a bunch of “Bidenflation” and “Bidenomics” and “Woke” crap. In other words typical normal RepubQcan BS. No need to watch it.

Educated people who know how the economy works know the truth. I’d like to see Biden do an address to the nation tomorrow addressing whatever lies they’re TRUMPeting.

Fuck no. roamer65 Aug 2023 #1
I didn't see that choice. piddyprints Aug 2023 #19
... roamer65 Aug 2023 #30
I will watch the MSNBC wrap-up at 9PM MT (11 ET) hlthe2b Aug 2023 #2
Rachel will get my ratings point in the post debate coverage and that's it. aeromanKC Aug 2023 #3
I'll be watching Red Sox/Astros, after a bit of an old Inspector Morse NewHendoLib Aug 2023 #4
AEW Wrestling AND Red Sox? Just_Vote_Dem Aug 2023 #10
desantis "woke" "Disney" "woke" BlueWaveNeverEnd Aug 2023 #5
I'd rather stick needles in my eyes. Comfortably_Numb Aug 2023 #6
Lol, I'd rather watch the Yankees Danmel Aug 2023 #11
A candidate is gonna demand trump is removed from running LiberaBlueDem Aug 2023 #7
I don't even watch ours. Iggo Aug 2023 #8
That is fair, I understand mysteryowl Aug 2023 #9
Nope. sheshe2 Aug 2023 #12
debate pamdb Aug 2023 #13
Season 16 of Murdoch Mysteries on Acorn, Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix, Pathwalker Aug 2023 #14
Oh, my... mysteryowl Aug 2023 #15
Just 1 episode of each tonight. Total of 3 hours. Pathwalker Aug 2023 #28
The junior varsity squad will have to find someone else to watch in my spot. WarGamer Aug 2023 #16
I like comedy. The clown car should provide lots of it. NT 3Hotdogs Aug 2023 #17
Always check here first AltairIV Aug 2023 #18
I'm busy studying for my colonoscopy. Turbineguy Aug 2023 #20
I'll watch until the nausea outweighs the comedic relief. No way to know Maru Kitteh Aug 2023 #21
Biden NowISeetheLight Aug 2023 #22
In the immortal tradition of rzemanfl, I think I'll wash my socks instead. Scrivener7 Aug 2023 #23
Don't want to contribute to Fox's ratings in any way, shape or form. Initech Aug 2023 #24
i have less painful things to do, like pull my own teeth or break my fingers one by one. ZonkerHarris Aug 2023 #25
Fuck those people. lpbk2713 Aug 2023 #26
My wife was like "dont you want to watch them all beat up ron desantis?" jcgoldie Aug 2023 #27
My wife and I are binging Black Snow SYFROYH Aug 2023 #29
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