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14. And, on every channel is BIG news 😳
Thu Sep 14, 2023, 02:05 PM
Sep 2023

Hunter shown with Joe in every picture….
Gotta paste it on Joe.

Fascists attempting to be outraged Voltaire2 Sep 2023 #1
When you pry my cold dead hands.... PCIntern Sep 2023 #2
ATF form 4473 question G maxsolomon Sep 2023 #3
I am pretty sure this recently was ruled unconstitutional drray23 Sep 2023 #11
yes, but that wasn't in the same circuit. maxsolomon Sep 2023 #13
And it may be a stretch to apply it to this set of facts FBaggins Sep 2023 #24
I predict no jury in California will find Hunter guilty of anything. MichMan Sep 2023 #27
Delaware Johnny2X2X Sep 2023 #31
Weiss previously said the charges were being dropped and they were going to be refiled in Cal. MichMan Sep 2023 #33
So he's as guilty as every gun owner in America who ever walked into a dispensary tritsofme Sep 2023 #4
TrDump will rush to Hunter's defense,... magicarpet Sep 2023 #5
Why did we need a special counsel for this? gab13by13 Sep 2023 #6
'Cause Weiss wanted the title. nt woodsprite Sep 2023 #7
So is this all the SC came up with? gab13by13 Sep 2023 #9
He is not finished. former9thward Sep 2023 #16
DOJ needs to make the MAGAs happy too. triron Sep 2023 #8
these won't stick. drray23 Sep 2023 #10
I see this is being challenged in the courts. gab13by13 Sep 2023 #12
The government will strongly defend the use of the statute v. Hunter onenote Sep 2023 #32
That appeals court does not cover Delaware. former9thward Sep 2023 #18
yes but it's likely the Biden defense team will challenge it drray23 Sep 2023 #22
And, on every channel is BIG news 😳 Quakerfriend Sep 2023 #14
Gunfuckers: Why don't we enforce the laws we already have? Iggo Sep 2023 #15
I doubt it Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #19
You sure about that? Iggo Sep 2023 #21
yes. I've owned guns hunted, etc as a youth; guns are a ridiculous luxury we can't afford Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #23
I mean...it's not like we're the only ones here. Iggo Sep 2023 #28
not sure your point Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #29
It'll come to you. Iggo Sep 2023 #35
Some Democrats own guns. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #36
Without a positive drug test at the time in question Johonny Sep 2023 #17
Hunter said so in his book. former9thward Sep 2023 #20
Judge Maryellen Noreila asked Hunter if he was still doing drugs & he said yes womanofthehills Sep 2023 #37
How many magats own guns and are alcoholics? nt wiggs Sep 2023 #25
After reviewing the form there need to be more in the miltary LiberalFighter Sep 2023 #26
Good! Now they don't have to impeach him. DJ Porkchop Sep 2023 #30
New Rule? NowISeetheLight Sep 2023 #34
The great Republican gun grab begins. Emile Sep 2023 #38
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