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37. Judge Maryellen Noreila asked Hunter if he was still doing drugs & he said yes
Thu Sep 14, 2023, 05:35 PM
Sep 2023

She asked him how many times he had been in rehab and I don’t remember exactly what he said but it was around 20. Also, he videotaped himself doing drugs and took photos with his gun. Not good choices when people can hack others so easily now.

I don’t know why his lawyers didn’t insist Hunter be in a rehab program before he went to court. The judge was pissed beforehand anyway because someone from Hunters lawyers firm tried to influence a clerk.

Anyway, many people I know who smoke pot own guns but being addicted to hard drugs is another level. I know, I have a grandson doing fentanyl and we worry every day if he’s still alive each morning.

Fascists attempting to be outraged Voltaire2 Sep 2023 #1
When you pry my cold dead hands.... PCIntern Sep 2023 #2
ATF form 4473 question G maxsolomon Sep 2023 #3
I am pretty sure this recently was ruled unconstitutional drray23 Sep 2023 #11
yes, but that wasn't in the same circuit. maxsolomon Sep 2023 #13
And it may be a stretch to apply it to this set of facts FBaggins Sep 2023 #24
I predict no jury in California will find Hunter guilty of anything. MichMan Sep 2023 #27
Delaware Johnny2X2X Sep 2023 #31
Weiss previously said the charges were being dropped and they were going to be refiled in Cal. MichMan Sep 2023 #33
So he's as guilty as every gun owner in America who ever walked into a dispensary tritsofme Sep 2023 #4
TrDump will rush to Hunter's defense,... magicarpet Sep 2023 #5
Why did we need a special counsel for this? gab13by13 Sep 2023 #6
'Cause Weiss wanted the title. nt woodsprite Sep 2023 #7
So is this all the SC came up with? gab13by13 Sep 2023 #9
He is not finished. former9thward Sep 2023 #16
DOJ needs to make the MAGAs happy too. triron Sep 2023 #8
these won't stick. drray23 Sep 2023 #10
I see this is being challenged in the courts. gab13by13 Sep 2023 #12
The government will strongly defend the use of the statute v. Hunter onenote Sep 2023 #32
That appeals court does not cover Delaware. former9thward Sep 2023 #18
yes but it's likely the Biden defense team will challenge it drray23 Sep 2023 #22
And, on every channel is BIG news 😳 Quakerfriend Sep 2023 #14
Gunfuckers: Why don't we enforce the laws we already have? Iggo Sep 2023 #15
I doubt it Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #19
You sure about that? Iggo Sep 2023 #21
yes. I've owned guns hunted, etc as a youth; guns are a ridiculous luxury we can't afford Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #23
I mean...it's not like we're the only ones here. Iggo Sep 2023 #28
not sure your point Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #29
It'll come to you. Iggo Sep 2023 #35
Some Democrats own guns. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2023 #36
Without a positive drug test at the time in question Johonny Sep 2023 #17
Hunter said so in his book. former9thward Sep 2023 #20
Judge Maryellen Noreila asked Hunter if he was still doing drugs & he said yes womanofthehills Sep 2023 #37
How many magats own guns and are alcoholics? nt wiggs Sep 2023 #25
After reviewing the form there need to be more in the miltary LiberalFighter Sep 2023 #26
Good! Now they don't have to impeach him. DJ Porkchop Sep 2023 #30
New Rule? NowISeetheLight Sep 2023 #34
The great Republican gun grab begins. Emile Sep 2023 #38
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