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The Scheme 23: Let's Say [View all] Joinfortmill Sep 2023 OP
We never knew the depth of the corruption... kentuck Sep 2023 #1
Just letting you know this is a double post. ancianita Sep 2023 #2
This one's more useful, because the post includes descriptive text, thesquanderer Sep 2023 #14
Just sayin'. Didn't know that Whitehouse has to be sold. ancianita Sep 2023 #15
I could be wrong, but I think dupes are only deleted for LBN. n/t thesquanderer Sep 2023 #16
You're probably right; I haven't read DU rules lately. ancianita Sep 2023 #17
I don't mind getting duplicate posts of really good material such as this. erronis Sep 2023 #18
it's cuz this is gd, and the other is videos. mopinko Sep 2023 #21
Good point, that this one has 5x as many views, thesquanderer Sep 2023 #22
In the 1700,s or 1800,s a Native American Shaman said in the future there would no longer be America Stargazer99 Sep 2023 #3
Good lord what a den of open criminality. byronius Sep 2023 #4
Whitehouse for the win! And maybe the White House in future? : ) Abigail_Adams Sep 2023 #5
I believe Rebl2 Sep 2023 #6
I listened to excerpts last night Marthe48 Sep 2023 #7
This was incredible. cilla4progress Sep 2023 #8
Let's say the big billionaire friends of SCOTUS were also big advertisers. Dustlawyer Sep 2023 #9
You've hit a couple of the corrupt connections between $$$ and media and politics. Thx! erronis Sep 2023 #19
"President Whitehouse" has a certain prophetic ring to it, doesn't it? fredamoss3 Sep 2023 #10
Laws and ethics are only for the little people. The rich and politically connected swim in a sea of Pepsidog Sep 2023 #11
My only surprise here is that ANYONE is surprised by this at all... Moostache Sep 2023 #12
I'm guessing I'm in the same boat. But I'm not sure it's our aging but rather the degradation erronis Sep 2023 #20
I'm afraid one of two things will need to happen Warpy Sep 2023 #13
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