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Omaha Steve

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Tue Sep 26, 2023, 08:33 AM Sep 2023

Somebody pissed in my DU pool (update) [View all]

Last edited Tue Sep 26, 2023, 10:05 AM - Edit history (1)

Apparently a DUer was upset that I posted a fund raising letter for a candidate. I've been doing this on the DU since 2015. I will continue to do so. My ActBlue links on the DU are getting close to $3 million raised. I guess most on the DU are not offended when I do this. On the other hand just don't click on my posts if you have a problem with it.


Here is the update. My ActBlue records show my first link for the DU was created 08/12/2006. It was DUers for Samm Simpson.
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You're doing great work Steve! jcgoldie Sep 2023 #1
You're fine; keep up the good work. Ocelot II Sep 2023 #2
Please do not be deterred. I Don't understand some people Walleye Sep 2023 #3
Somebody misses being hall monitor dalton99a Sep 2023 #4
Got no complaints, Steve, you are integral to DU just by being able and willing to collect and ... marble falls Sep 2023 #5
troll? thanks for your hard work. :) AllaN01Bear Sep 2023 #6
Really? getagrip_already Sep 2023 #7
Well said and worth repeating Farmer-Rick Sep 2023 #23
Well ... soldierant Sep 2023 #81
I get busted all the time for multigraincracker Sep 2023 #34
Damn the torpedoes, Steve. Full speed ahead. we can do it Sep 2023 #8
Or.. keroro gunsou Sep 2023 #20
Ha! we can do it Sep 2023 #24
WTAF???? The rest of us KNOW that you are doing great work, and we thank niyad Sep 2023 #9
You are doing a fantastic job of raising much needed cash Tanuki Sep 2023 #10
No problem here at all. MarineCombatEngineer Sep 2023 #11
Nicely put Steve. You could have said to "fuck off" but you didn't. twodogsbarking Sep 2023 #12
I hope it wasn't me accidentally alerting Lars39 Sep 2023 #13
Keep up the work you are doing... Spazito Sep 2023 #14
Thank you for all your work. You have done so much good. BoomaofBandM Sep 2023 #15
👍🏼...K&R...👍🏼 spanone Sep 2023 #16
As we draw nearer to election season the naysaying-nincompoops re-emerge. herding cats Sep 2023 #17
I love your post. I will try to remember that they are the political version of cicadas... Hekate Sep 2023 #63
Thank you! herding cats Sep 2023 #65
Screw them. You do great work!! CrispyQ Sep 2023 #18
I greatly appreciate.... Think. Again. Sep 2023 #19
Wow, DU Not. byronius Sep 2023 #21
You are appreciated by us and the whole Democratic Party! quaint Sep 2023 #22
Omahan here, proud of you. ggma Sep 2023 #25
We have rightwing trolls here. ananda Sep 2023 #26
Just Rebl2 Sep 2023 #29
I appreciate you Steve and have often donated through your links. mountain grammy Sep 2023 #27
Not everyone on DU has good intentions. mn9driver Sep 2023 #28
I estimate that Wednesdays Sep 2023 #33
+1 - nt Ohio Joe Sep 2023 #83
Seriously? MontanaMama Sep 2023 #30
Why on earth would a DUer object to a Democratic fundraiser? Wednesdays Sep 2023 #31
Because they're a RW troll? MarineCombatEngineer Sep 2023 #32
That would be my first guess, too. nt Wednesdays Sep 2023 #37
You know, it's like many other forums. There are always some who bitch just to bitch. Firestorm49 Sep 2023 #35
I'm in the 'Not Offended' column. Keep up the good work. Aristus Sep 2023 #36
Thanks, Steve. TdeV Sep 2023 #38
We admire and appreciate all your hard work, OS. Niagara Sep 2023 #39
You're doing great! woodsprite Sep 2023 #40
How on earth could a DU'er be offended by that? llmart Sep 2023 #41
And thank you for all you do, all you have done, and all I hope you continue to do until Democrats BComplex Sep 2023 #42
Keep up the good work. milestogo Sep 2023 #43
We're all about supporting Dems here. And no one does it better than you $3 MILLION!! jmbar2 Sep 2023 #44
It is an honor and a privilegw to serve with you. planetc Sep 2023 #45
You do good works ismnotwasm Sep 2023 #46
Will DU do something to help? housecat Sep 2023 #47
Like yank that person's post? Definitely. Hekate Sep 2023 #62
Screw them if they don't like what you are doing. William769 Sep 2023 #48
You are doing a GREAT JOB Oldtimeralso Sep 2023 #49
Thank you 🙏🏽. live love laugh Sep 2023 #50
No complaints from me! I appreciate you, OS! n/t CousinIT Sep 2023 #51
Wow! pandr32 Sep 2023 #52
That's on them. Please keep it up! CaptainTruth Sep 2023 #53
Recommended. H2O Man Sep 2023 #54
Used to lurk here years ago. Didn't read DU for a long time. Signed up recently Attilatheblond Sep 2023 #55
If they don't want to see your posts, the can put you on their ignore list. n/t IL Dem Sep 2023 #56
Fuck 'em. rubbersole Sep 2023 #57
No complaints here. Mr.Bill Sep 2023 #58
I block people who piss in my wheaties sellitman Sep 2023 #59
💖💖💖Raising $3 million for Democratic candidates on DU since 2006 is awesome beyond words Hekate Sep 2023 #60
Hear, hear! Keep up the great work, Omaha Steve. LoisB Sep 2023 #61
As the yrs go by it seems its VERY easy to hurt feelings or offend someone. oldsoftie Sep 2023 #64
TY mntleo2 Sep 2023 #66
Thank you for all you do!! AmBlue Sep 2023 #67
You deserve a home page link to your fundraising forum. OAITW r.2.0 Sep 2023 #68
Can't believe it... MiHale Sep 2023 #69
I appreciate your posts!!! Keep up the great work!!! diva77 Sep 2023 #70
I always enjoy and am grateful, for your posts wendyb-NC Sep 2023 #71
How do I get my Senator on your list? Delmette2.0 Sep 2023 #72
You just SpamWyzer Sep 2023 #73
You are a treasure, OS! majdrfrtim Sep 2023 #74
Steve, I appreciate all that you do. You have put DU on the map in terms of fundraising for our Demsrule86 Sep 2023 #75
As Barack would say... "Please proceed Omaha Steve!" farmbo Sep 2023 #76
I fully support your efforts here, Steve blogslug Sep 2023 #77
Doing great work since 2006 would make you old in some minds Model35mech Sep 2023 #78
Thank you for all you do, Steve Just_Vote_Dem Sep 2023 #79
Volunteering to guard the pool! Dem2theMax Sep 2023 #80
You are the best! maccafan Sep 2023 #82
Prolly a lurking MAGAT HAB911 Sep 2023 #84
I'm sure a large group of Dems currently serving in office are very happy...... KY_EnviroGuy Sep 2023 #85
Hey Omaha Steve bdamomma Sep 2023 #86
Can't imagine why anybody would be upset at your fundraising links... Wounded Bear Sep 2023 #87
put them on IGNORE Skittles Sep 2023 #88
Keep up the good work! Martin68 Sep 2023 #89
One out of a bunch ain't bad. Plus, they probably didn't know your fund raising history. Silent Type Sep 2023 #90
They are Assets of Putin - set profile to "ignore" (nt) Pluvious Sep 2023 #91
Quite a few Assets of Xi here too. BlueWavePsych Sep 2023 #95
I'm not understanding what could be the problem Deuxcents Sep 2023 #92
Does not compute. One of the primary functions of DU is... TreasonousBastard Sep 2023 #93
Keep up the great work Steve! BlueWavePsych Sep 2023 #94
Oh, OS, that is so effed up-you are among DU's finest duhneece Sep 2023 #96
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