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19. Let's set the wayback machine to July 2016, shall we?
Wed Sep 27, 2023, 12:16 PM
Sep 2023

When a candidate compromised by Russia required only ONE change to the RNC platform. The rot and corruption ran downhill from there.

The Trump campaign worked behind the scenes last week to make sure the new Republican platform won’t call for giving weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian and rebel forces, contradicting the view of almost all Republican foreign policy leaders in Washington.

Throughout the campaign, Trump has been dismissive of calls for supporting the Ukraine government as it fights an ongoing Russian-led intervention. Trump's campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, worked as a lobbyist for the Russian-backed former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych for more than a decade.

Still, Republican delegates at last week’s national security committee platform meeting in Cleveland were surprised when the Trump campaign orchestrated a set of events to make sure that the GOP would not pledge to give Ukraine the weapons it has been asking for from the United States.

they work for Putin and the Oligarchs. WhiteTara Sep 2023 #1
Gee, what a surprise that the Russo-Republican Putin Party Sky Jewels Sep 2023 #2
Maybe everyone's starting to look for an off-ramp? leftstreet Sep 2023 #3
The widest, easiest, most available off ramp to the conflict thucythucy Sep 2023 #11
The only off ramp would be the complete withdrawal of Russia from Ukrainian territory. Elessar Zappa Sep 2023 #16
They want Putin to regain Eastern Europe once again. ProudMNDemocrat Sep 2023 #4
The MIC makes more $$ when a cold war warms up Attilatheblond Sep 2023 #5
The article states it began with Tucker Carlson and spread when Trump parroted him. herding cats Sep 2023 #6
Putin promised to give them the full support of the Russian intelligence apparatus for 2024.... TheRealNorth Sep 2023 #7
Russian bots are all over social media now. gab13by13 Sep 2023 #17
Because Trump loves Putin. Ocelot II Sep 2023 #8
Best answer. gab13by13 Sep 2023 #18
Revenge for Zalenski not opening an investigation on Biden Meadowoak Sep 2023 #9
because they are traitors and many likely have compromat Recycle_Guru Sep 2023 #10
Bcause Biden is President and is helping Ukraine conduct an effective response to Russia andym Sep 2023 #12
Hate cilla4progress Sep 2023 #13
When The Russians Started Pressuring Republicans Deep State Witch Sep 2023 #14
My guess is that it is a "follow the money" situation. Midnight Writer Sep 2023 #15
Let's set the wayback machine to July 2016, shall we? tanyev Sep 2023 #19
The same Paul Manafort..... TheRealNorth Sep 2023 #21
Simple answer - For the same reason the play politics with anything else these days... Caliman73 Sep 2023 #20
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