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59. I wondered about this when he was campaigning back in 2016.
Thu Sep 28, 2023, 12:43 PM
Sep 2023

I’d never paid much attention to any of them before Donny’s ride down the escalator, although I knew Donny was obnoxious and full of himself. I guess I figured the kids were more aware of societal norms, could function without making fools of themselves.

So Donny was out there saying really weird things in his campaign speeches and Melania and kids with their spouses were often there with him. Before it became obvious how corrupt and dysfunctional all of them are, I did think “Wow, they must be cringing through that entire speech. Surely they’ll get Donny to a doctor for a thorough evaluation.”

Nope. They either didn’t see any problems, or didn’t care as long as their inheritance was locked in.

It's OK, Donny. Just inject them with bleach and it will bring them right back. tanyev Sep 2023 #1
Have to use double Old Crank Sep 2023 #28
And don't forget the UV flashlight meow2u3 Sep 2023 #33
I was just remembering that trump boat parade that sunk to the bottom of the lake Walleye Sep 2023 #2
Those were coal burning boats PJMcK Sep 2023 #14
Good one! Walleye Sep 2023 #16
hahahaha mountain grammy Sep 2023 #41
😂🤣😂 iluvtennis Sep 2023 #54
Moron. Turbineguy Sep 2023 #3
This FalloutShelter Sep 2023 #7
Was that a flotilla, or an armada? bucolic_frolic Sep 2023 #4
It was SpamWyzer Sep 2023 #45
It could be a tortilla or a floata for these dumbasses. Probatim Sep 2023 #51
Oh My! I thought he had a natural instinct for science malaise Sep 2023 #5
+1. He knows more about physics than Einstein dalton99a Sep 2023 #9
Because genes malaise Sep 2023 #11
He just remembers the time... rubbersole Sep 2023 #55
So if he places so much emphasis on genetic inheritance, wnylib Sep 2023 #37
Uncle John reviewed Nikola Tesla documents MagickMuffin Sep 2023 #62
Does stealing documents run in the family? malaise Sep 2023 #65
Aircraft carriers have electric motors... ExciteBike66 Sep 2023 #6
Subs with electric motors since World War II, if not earlier Wednesdays Sep 2023 #17
I do think submarines have had electric motors for a long time now, right? Walleye Sep 2023 #18
Yes. Can't run the diesel engines underwater...nt Wounded Bear Sep 2023 #31
Until the Snorkel. Kid Berwyn Sep 2023 #44
All (well most) modern cruise ships are propelled VMA131Marine Sep 2023 #8
Just coming to say this! obamanut2012 Sep 2023 #22
Sorry, not all, by any means... Shipwack Sep 2023 #56
Dolt 45 sarcasmo Sep 2023 #10
Ignorance is a badge of honor among the MAGA cult liberal N proud Sep 2023 #12
+10000000000000000 Celerity Sep 2023 #43
Stable genius...not. captain queeg Sep 2023 #13
All the other animals in the stable are smarter. wnylib Sep 2023 #39
So true,... if a boat with an electric motor sank,... magicarpet Sep 2023 #15
I thought the fish would be changed into electric eels rurallib Sep 2023 #38
Tangerine traitor - I like that. I'm going to use it. captain queeg Sep 2023 #61
A battery? How does he think the engine starts? underpants Sep 2023 #19
He's a flaming idiot Blue Owl Sep 2023 #20
That GIF is... 2naSalit Sep 2023 #25
He's so dumb it's painful PCIntern Sep 2023 #21
He also thinks a Stealth Fighter is fucking invisible. A HERETIC I AM Sep 2023 #23
Then he'll say when boats catch on fire, the water will put it out when it sinks IronLionZion Sep 2023 #24
He should test that out milestogo Sep 2023 #26
Electric boats VGNonly Sep 2023 #27
The stability enigmania Sep 2023 #29
I wonder what sport fishermen have to say? Marthe48 Sep 2023 #30
This is The Onion, yes???? PLEASE tell me that this is The Onion. niyad Sep 2023 #32
Are the MAGAts laughing with Traitor Tot or at him? OMGWTF Sep 2023 #34
Bleach injections. Atom bombs for hurricanes. Iggo Sep 2023 #35
After listening to this, my daughter remarked Attilatheblond Sep 2023 #36
Your daughter is wise, and compassionate. niyad Sep 2023 #47
I wondered about this when he was campaigning back in 2016. tanyev Sep 2023 #59
You are probably correct. Attilatheblond Sep 2023 #60
wonder what his answer would be onethatcares Sep 2023 #40
Donny, the secret is to jam a neon tube up your bum. You won't get shocked and you'll never need ... marble falls Sep 2023 #42
He also remarked... Oldtimeralso Sep 2023 #46
sighhhh. niyad Sep 2023 #48
If it rains on an electric car, the people inside are doomed Rorey Sep 2023 #49
What an idiot Botany Sep 2023 #50
Silly Donny! gratuitous Sep 2023 #52
His lack of intelligent is over whelming. republianmushroom Sep 2023 #53
Another Dumb Donald Dips*&t Notion The Conductor Sep 2023 #57
You're safe as long as you shut the screen door. Orrex Sep 2023 #58
*facepalm* sakabatou Sep 2023 #63
This will also probably kill off what's left of the whales, Buns_of_Fire Sep 2023 #64
Don't forget the catapults on Ford class airscraft carriers are electro magnetic captain queeg Sep 2023 #66
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