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Hawaii Hiker

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18. He was ok - like 15 years ago or so
Sat Sep 30, 2023, 06:48 AM
Sep 2023

I even paid to see his stand up show back in 2007 or thereabouts.

Now, he's become some bitter SOB who seems to have drifted rightward in his views.

He thinks he's this cool old guy because he smokes dope. He look at me everybody, I smoke pot, how cool am I !

Bill Maher is back, worse than ever. [View all] Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 OP
Rhiannon12866 gave me a summary of the episode. TexasTowelie Sep 2023 #1
I swear, I almost threw my shoe at the TV. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #2
Dennis Miller -- Keep Right TheBlackAdder Sep 2023 #26
He's become a pissy old man and is moving to the right. kysrsoze Sep 2023 #3
The countdown is less than 48 hours for John Oliver. TexasTowelie Sep 2023 #4
Oliver cracks me up. sarcasmo Sep 2023 #19
Way to the right. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #5
Utopia w/ Todd Rundgren did a song, Swing to the Right, which mocks this type of transition. TheBlackAdder Sep 2023 #25
Watching Possum Kingdom right now but I'll give that a look in a minute. JanMichael Sep 2023 #35
Funny how his very last segment of "New Rules" reflects some of what I have seen here. Behind the Aegis Sep 2023 #6
Someone should point out to Maher that he's too old and should retire. wnylib Sep 2023 #7
Decades ago he made fun of Studs Terkel to his mucifer Sep 2023 #12
I will 100% vote for Biden, but it seems odd Cuthbert Allgood Sep 2023 #24
I pegged him as a misogynist long ago Skittles Sep 2023 #8
He's terrible. Quite a while ago, 2003 or 2004, we saw him as part of a series. LisaM Sep 2023 #9
Same here. SleeplessinSoCal Sep 2023 #10
I watched it. I wasn't too impressed. He really bought the woke Kool-aid In It to Win It Sep 2023 #11
He is so impressed with himself tavernier Sep 2023 #13
Ditto. B.See Sep 2023 #14
He told DeSantis that he handled Covid correctly. Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #15
Bill who????? PA Democrat Sep 2023 #16
First time I saw him I pegged him as a smarmy smartass Jersey Devil Sep 2023 #17
He was ok - like 15 years ago or so Hawaii Hiker Sep 2023 #18
Nonsense. It was a great show. gulliver Sep 2023 #20
You are a breath of fresh air. GuppyGal Sep 2023 #22
Yeah, great to hear him agree that "woke" is bad Beaverhausen Sep 2023 #27
Agree 💯. We really enjoyed the show last night. beaglelover Sep 2023 #36
Yeah, there were some cringe/WTF moments, but enjoyed the show. Loved when he told DeSantis Silent Type Sep 2023 #21
He's been a pig for a very long time ismnotwasm Sep 2023 #23
He turns The Smug up to 11. Sky Jewels Sep 2023 #28
Exactly birdographer Sep 2023 #38
Maher and his show are both utter garbage. Paladin Sep 2023 #29
Well, I've found out through living through multiple decades Abolishinist Sep 2023 #39
He let that woman repeat a lot of lies, Grumpy Old Guy Sep 2023 #30
Look on the bright side... TSExile Sep 2023 #31
I stopped paying attention to Maher a long time ago LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2023 #32
Who? MrsCoffee Sep 2023 #33
I watched it on YouTube today - or tried to. It was the worst Bill Maher I have ever seen. walkingman Sep 2023 #34
Sounds like he's the same shallow arrogant self-centered dickhead he has always been... RockRaven Sep 2023 #37
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