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101. Here is one specific example in direct response to Biden confirming beheaded infants:
Wed Oct 11, 2023, 11:22 PM
Oct 2023
"Atrocious as vaporizing children by the dozens in the dark with bombs from above.

It’s all atrocity, both/all/every side…from Ukraine to Afghanistan those in power dine while innocents die…. Atrocity is equal."

So we have posters here comparing Israel bombing Hamas targets in Gaza as being equal to Hamas beheading Jewish babies.
I agree, RQ obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #1
And being accused of supporting Hamas, redqueen Oct 2023 #2
Me either obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #3
There are lots of bait questions around here meant to start The_Casual_Observer Oct 2023 #21
Spot on, redqueen SCantiGOP Oct 2023 #32
Helluva analogy bravo! AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #62
Good example! ShazzieB Oct 2023 #75
I actually think Dresden was justified JustAnotherGen Oct 2023 #88
Thank you homegirl Oct 2023 #123
Well said Bettie Oct 2023 #121
Someone just called you a Hamas apologist obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #39
And God forbid if you criticize the Likud government. Crowman2009 Oct 2023 #70
Very true RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #110
Lies And Hate Are Two Edged Swords They Always Cut Two Ways MayReasonRule Oct 2023 #118
total agreement GenXer47 Oct 2023 #4
Israelis, unlike Americans, are all Army trained and PCIntern Oct 2023 #11
Illinois?? As an Illinoisan, not sure what your comment means Chicagogrl1 Oct 2023 #43
it means what it means. edisdead Oct 2023 #59
So you hate people in Illinois and Connecticut? RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #111
I haven't seen any of that. Marius25 Oct 2023 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Oct 2023 #24
This example is doing heavy lifting Sympthsical Oct 2023 #49
I have no doubt that they will line up bulldozers and take down the Gaza hospitals with the people LiberalArkie Oct 2023 #79
Oh, the number is small, for sure not a large amount at all, but it is greater than Celerity Oct 2023 #94
We have people absolutely making excuses for Hamas. Marius25 Oct 2023 #97
No there are not. You are trying to conflate broad historical analysis and a desire to see as few Celerity Oct 2023 #98
Nothing Israel has ever done compares to Hamas beheading babies. Sorry. Marius25 Oct 2023 #99
You are still trying to prop up the strawman you erected, apparently with no proof you can Celerity Oct 2023 #100
Here is one specific example in direct response to Biden confirming beheaded infants: Marius25 Oct 2023 #101
that does not prove at all what you claim, not even close, but it seems you cannot reply, so Celerity Oct 2023 #104
There is no proof they beheaded babies obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #116
I don't think anyone here is pro-Hamas Sympthsical Oct 2023 #102
I have, and know who the poster was who said it obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #40
It is well to not need to see, and I have not seen any of the video gore ... sanatanadharma Oct 2023 #44
Yes this is just the beginning. Irish_Dem Oct 2023 #6
This event has been very clarifying BannonsLiver Oct 2023 #7
Passions are high in some on both sides. brush Oct 2023 #8
+1000000000 redqueen Oct 2023 #19
+1 leftstreet Oct 2023 #46
If ever there was an example of "too clever by half" Netanyahu is it. harumph Oct 2023 #50
Israel needs to ditch him just as we should trump. brush Oct 2023 #56
+100! ShazzieB Oct 2023 #78
+1 Magoo48 Oct 2023 #58
Thank you! Jay25 Oct 2023 #65
+1000 LoisB Oct 2023 #77
the open air prison Nasruddin Oct 2023 #82
Hamas is not controlled by the general population there, over 40 percent children(try Iran pls). brush Oct 2023 #83
👆🏻👆🏻 onecaliberal Oct 2023 #84
It's sickening to me that some seem so hostile to innocents in Gaza. brush Oct 2023 #86
I'm very disillusioned at this point. Block is my friend. If you can't see innocent people onecaliberal Oct 2023 #89
I doubt that Netanyahu's interference with the courts wnylib Oct 2023 #90
Saving his own ass yes with the attempted court coup, but... brush Oct 2023 #108
Agreed Chi67 Oct 2023 #126
We all need to step back MuseRider Oct 2023 #9
It is far too easy to turn people against each other redqueen Oct 2023 #26
And in my massive Naval community, the USS Liberty never gets an answer... GreenWave Oct 2023 #10
oh that again Hieronymus Phact Oct 2023 #87
Let Biden and Israel handle it. It is what I say. LiberalFighter Oct 2023 #12
A Hamas leader is calling for a global Jihad against Jews. Mosby Oct 2023 #13
Not with levelling Gaza and all innocents and terrorists in it, on this we can all agree!? Alexander Of Assyria Oct 2023 #20
+1 Celerity Oct 2023 #53
+1 Chautauquas Oct 2023 #119
And those of us who are not Jewish also have your back Just_Vote_Dem Oct 2023 #54
Guarantee blueknight73 Oct 2023 #64
OMG. ShazzieB Oct 2023 #80
Exactly right. Mosby Oct 2023 #81
Now do Zeitghost Oct 2023 #14
What about Russia/Ukraine? Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #129
Israel enid602 Oct 2023 #15
Yeah, it's exactly the same. Mosby Oct 2023 #25
Yes, the Warsaw comparisons are very uninformed BannonsLiver Oct 2023 #28
Yeah, they've got it 'real good.' enid602 Oct 2023 #33
Well that and the Warsaw ghetto sarisataka Oct 2023 #41
All good enid602 Oct 2023 #45
The two are nothing alike and it's offensive to compare them. Marius25 Oct 2023 #31
Not only offensive but antisemitic sarisataka Oct 2023 #38
2,000,000 Vietnamese civilians were killed for starters. DemocratSinceBirth Oct 2023 #68
Rights enid602 Oct 2023 #74
Did you really write this? JustAnotherGen Oct 2023 #91
Gaza enid602 Oct 2023 #93
Ask their leadership JustAnotherGen Oct 2023 #109
I've seen "nuke the whole place I don't care anymore" The_Casual_Observer Oct 2023 #16
And there is bound to be dozens of posts arguing with you about it too. The_Casual_Observer Oct 2023 #22
They don't seem to care about the fallout. Crowman2009 Oct 2023 #71
K & R Celerity Oct 2023 #17
Shocking...and considering genocide of 2 million a fit...response?? Alexander Of Assyria Oct 2023 #18
It pains me greatly gay texan Oct 2023 #23
yes, totally stupid SouthernDem4ever Oct 2023 #61
Thanks. TheRickles Oct 2023 #27
KNR niyad Oct 2023 #29
K&R GoodRaisin Oct 2023 #30
Have people really missed the thousand of people in Israel protesting the authoritarian government onecaliberal Oct 2023 #34
We stand with Israel- Joe Biden sarisataka Oct 2023 #35
K & R duhneece Oct 2023 #36
DURec leftstreet Oct 2023 #37
I'd be happy to see bulldozers used against Hamas and probably ratchiweenie Oct 2023 #42
I have read far too much of blood lust and revenge against innocences here. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #47
Because it's reality and there isn't always a nice answer Calculating Oct 2023 #63
Sorry that is a one sided comment that does not speak to the entirety of this tragedy. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #67
Mhm. And when I express my desire cactusfractal Oct 2023 #48
I was waiting for someone to say this. I have never seen any kind of similar uproar on DU that has flashman13 Oct 2023 #51
And thank you for saying this truth. Big Blue Marble Oct 2023 #69
Don't worry about the food supply after climate change Bucky Oct 2023 #52
Good luck. Warpy Oct 2023 #55
The people who want to break the cycle are not as powerful IronLionZion Oct 2023 #57
I've seen people call our elected Dem reps "idots!" AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #60
This situation does not have anything to do with the squad. murielm99 Oct 2023 #124
It does have everything to do with the squad AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #127
Gaza will need bulldozers BidenRocks Oct 2023 #66
Japan had a post-war Government that cared about its citizens. brooklynite Oct 2023 #95
and the US had a somewhat intelligent approach DBoon Oct 2023 #105
It seems that we are seeing the mindset moniss Oct 2023 #72
I'm mostly avoiding DU. Thanks for this, redqueen. Scrivener7 Oct 2023 #73
+1 obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #113
I try, I really do Bettie Oct 2023 #122
I hear you. For me "mostly avoiding" is only checking 3 or 4 times Scrivener7 Oct 2023 #128
BTW the reason there is no power Historic NY Oct 2023 #76
Why did it run out of fuel? progressoid Oct 2023 #92
Israel stopped all supply to it, so they (Israel) actually did shut it down. From your own article: Celerity Oct 2023 #96
because Israel stopped the fuel supply into Gaza obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #114
When faced ForgedCrank Oct 2023 #85
this Calculating Oct 2023 #106
Yeah, I agree -- those five-year-old Palestinian kids are evil AF obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #115
Rhetoric? ForgedCrank Oct 2023 #117
I have no problem with holding those guilty of murder accountable DBoon Oct 2023 #103
Exactly RocRizzo55 Oct 2023 #112
Here's a sad truth. Straw Man Oct 2023 #107
K&R ! stonecutter357 Oct 2023 #120
Eh they don't care. róisín_dubh Oct 2023 #125
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