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17. Well, I voted for a limited invasion using special forces. But there's no real good choice.
Sat Oct 21, 2023, 10:48 AM
Oct 2023

How I see it, and I've taken some flack on here for this:

1. The British Empire partitioned Palestine after WWI.
2. The British pulled out of Palestine after WWII.
3. Israel was born in 1948 and surrounding Arab states refused to recognize its right to exist.
4. Other Arab states refused to take in the Palestinians, who were forced to live in refugee camps.
5. Israel made some effort to absorb them, offering citizenship.
6. Israel hard-liners settled on the West Bank and in Gaza.
7. Gaza was and is essentially a ghetto, where 2 million people have to live separate with Israel controlling all borders and access to any material needs.
8. The material needs of the people living in Gaza have not been met - they are not free to travel, many times do not have access to the basics like electricity and water, decent housing, food, transportation, good schools and healthcare.
9. Hamas took over the 'government' of Gaza in an election, after which no further elections were held.
10. Hamas has a written charter which denies the right of Israel to exist, calls for the destruction of Israel, and killing the Jews.
11. Hamas took recruits over years from the Palestinians enclosed in Gaza, help from Iran, Jordan and other states.
12. Hamas unleashed its missile attack and now hides among the Palestinians in Gaza, using them as shields.

In the meantime, according to the NYT, military spending in 2022 had risen to $2.2 trillion USD, and now this war is expected to create another surge. Lots of money changing hands. Lots of PROFITS being made off the suffering.

In fact, every time you look under these rocks to see the squirming maggots underneath it is nearly always an old white male hand grasping for more PROFITS.

In the meantime, the Israeli and Palestinian people are suffering prodigiously.

Policy affects us. All of us. This is why we should force changes in corporate governance to a stakeholder approach rather than our current shareholder primacy. Because face it, when we ask who benefits from keeping Palestinians in an enclosure and oppressing them? Certainly not Israel, nor the Palestinians. In fact, working schmucks around the world never really benefit from war, terror, violence.

So why do we have war, terror and violence? Somebody must benefit from it, right? Arms manufacturers come to mind. Religious zealots. People who want the west to fall.

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