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Tue Oct 24, 2023, 03:53 PM Oct 2023

To all the DU members saying Democrats need to cut a deal and vote for a Republican for Speaker: NOPE [View all]

First you're gonna have to point me to a Republican that's known for keeping their word.
They don't exist.
Then find me a Republican that isn't willing to cheat to win and screw Democrats in any way possible.
They don't exist.
every day Republican politicians call Democrats communists, Socialists, pedophiles, groomers and more.
And now it's our job to save them, from themselves?
Fuck that shit.
More than Half of them voted to Invalidate the election after the January 6th incursion into the capital.
And you fucking think we can make a deal with these people?
Fuck that shit.
Even if they weren't half crazy QAnon Maga racist sexist homophobes It is not our job to save them.
That's not how politics works
Our job is to pick up the pieces and put everything back together and fix it once they're voted out
Our job is to get out the vote in '24 and take back the House win the Senate and the White House and save the world.
Focus on that people.

Vote for a republican for Speaker is insane crazy talk.
Stop that now.

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This goes beyond all that Calculating Oct 2023 #1
What makes you think there are not ways BootinUp Oct 2023 #3
Well if the US Constitution can't make them do the right thing what can? ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #7
We already know that some of them would not vote for Jordan. BootinUp Oct 2023 #12
They can't actually do anything unless the republicans bring a vote to the floor and Bev54 Oct 2023 #50
Yes I realized that a bit ago. BootinUp Oct 2023 #51
Filthy rich people Mr.Bill Oct 2023 #29
Only ONE solution inthewind21 Oct 2023 #80
But if it fails.... The Grand Illuminist Oct 2023 #87
This is correct. Won't be too long before the powers that be, gop senators, lobbyists, bankers, and wiggs Oct 2023 #13
Republicans can't even get their own nutballs to not block MILITARY promotions! ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #15
Golly then We should totally sell out our principles and let the Republicans fuck us if that's the case ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #9
Simple Calculating Oct 2023 #18
Please tell me the good Republican Democrats should vote for. Name a name ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #21
Well, until a few minutes ago, Emmer MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #31
WHA???? PlutosHeart Oct 2023 #43
bahahahaha hahaahahaha ahahahahahahah!!!! edisdead Oct 2023 #44
He was just the best the repuglikns could do...... lastlib Oct 2023 #49
You are adorable ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #56
you can disagree without MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #89
Nope. Eom MontanaMama Oct 2023 #65
lol stonecutter357 Oct 2023 #85
Actually more house republicans support aide to Ukraine that not PortTack Oct 2023 #22
we just need a Speaker who hasn't declared to keepl money from Ukraine MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #30
I Think That You Are Right CitizenZero Oct 2023 #55
Most Republicans support aid to Ukraine even in the House but MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #32
republicans don't have a speaker barbtries Oct 2023 #16
a Democratic speaker isn't going to happen MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #33
Suggesting Jordan as speaker MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #38
But it's up to the GQP... Happy Hoosier Oct 2023 #23
House MAGAts have already said MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #34
With all respect... OldBaldy1701E Oct 2023 #37
All it takes is a hint of weakness from the USA Calculating Oct 2023 #42
The bad actors to whom you refer are all in the GOP House. They & their "theoreticians" Hekate Oct 2023 #58
Ok fine, five Republicans can vote for Jeffries. Voltaire2 Oct 2023 #71
Not only NOPE but hell Fucking NO! Autumn Oct 2023 #2
This is their doing. They are responsible Deuxcents Oct 2023 #4
Well Said! Aepps22 Oct 2023 #5
It's gotta be Emmer or Austin Smith, the other one who voted to confirm the EC votes for Biden. brush Oct 2023 #6
Emmer dropped out Rebl2 Oct 2023 #17
Yup MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #40
This can't go on much longer. madaboutharry Oct 2023 #8
Depends on the deal.... TheRealNorth Oct 2023 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author SharonClark Oct 2023 #11
Just show me a speaker that will reach across the aisle. HelpImSurrounded Oct 2023 #14
"should" left the barn a long time ago MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author MadameButterfly Oct 2023 #39
It is their clusterfuck dalton99a Oct 2023 #19
They'll turn back to McCarthy before the Govt Shutdown deadline maxsolomon Oct 2023 #20
They clearly subscribe to the underpants gnomes political strategy Mad_Machine76 Oct 2023 #63
Very serious discussion, but ggma Oct 2023 #68
Underpants gnomes. LOL Ray Bruns Oct 2023 #72
Republicans have gone the full Allahu Akbar flying the jet into the Capitol. Efilroft Sul Oct 2023 #24
K&R Emile Oct 2023 #25
They are all lockstep with the coup at this point. Grant them nothing except a fair trial. Evolve Dammit Oct 2023 #26
100% NCWilm Oct 2023 #27
I have no idea why some Democrats run around blaming Democrats. yardwork Oct 2023 #28
I swanee, too! Oopsie Daisy Oct 2023 #35
Agree. It's not on us. We vote for Hakeem Jeffries only. onecaliberal Oct 2023 #41
Unity! ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #59
Kicking this for the reality-based community Hekate Oct 2023 #45
Nice rant but is it responsible? I will remind you the drop dead budget date is 11/17. flashman13 Oct 2023 #46
Explain to me how the minority party in the House is completely responsible for any of this shit? ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #60
If they Rs can choose someone that is not an election denier, then I'd say yes Lettuce Be Oct 2023 #47
Once they ousted Kinzinger, that was pretty much impossible Warpy Oct 2023 #48
I HAVEN'T read ANYTHING from ANYONE here SUGGESTING WE DO THAT. nt TeamProg Oct 2023 #52
I think you need to read more posts here then... ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #62
Not much support here for voting with Republicans for a GOP Speaker. nt TeamProg Oct 2023 #78
Democrats need to get out and control the message! Lunabell Oct 2023 #53
It's actually time for Republicans to cut a deal and vote for a Democrat for Speaker. Beartracks Oct 2023 #54
Yep, it's time for Republicans to come to us! Emile Oct 2023 #70
It's time the GOP makes a deal with Democrats sellitman Oct 2023 #57
THIS!!! NotVeryImportant Oct 2023 #61
Kevin McCarthy was a piece of shit, but he allowed 45 days government funding. D23MIURG23 Oct 2023 #64
and he broke his deal with Biden. Next! ZonkerHarris Oct 2023 #66
Next will still be bad. D23MIURG23 Oct 2023 #82
I can't believe BlueMTexpat Oct 2023 #67
Many will suffer if our government shuts down Martin Eden Oct 2023 #69
They Already Have Aepps22 Oct 2023 #74
Then they need to MESSAGE the hell out of that offer Martin Eden Oct 2023 #76
+1. Please stop trying to help repugs fix their problems, let them squirm. Hotler Oct 2023 #73
K&R ck4829 Oct 2023 #75
I also believe that we Democrats need to think about the country and not just concentrating on Wonder Why Oct 2023 #77
I'd rather have a few Repubs vote for Jeffries SpankMe Oct 2023 #79
Members calling for a deal are being realists Army Brat Oct 2023 #81
No, they won't. There are at least 24 GOP who will not ever vote for anyone who is part of the Coup or advocated for it Ford_Prefect Oct 2023 #83
Johnson is going to be the next Speaker. Ace Rothstein Oct 2023 #84
I 'm heading to the store to buy head of lettuce. Ford_Prefect Oct 2023 #86
I have an idea for a litmus test on this issue. jaxexpat Oct 2023 #88
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