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Thu Nov 9, 2023, 05:27 PM Nov 2023

Why I support media criticism on DU [View all]

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There are many threads today on DU about the rightwing coverage of the corporate media, both print and television. Most of us notice it even if we are not glued to it 24/7. It is becoming too difficult to ignore, and seems to get worse daily. Many examples of the bias against President Biden have been given, and I have seen no real contradiction of what we are all seeing before our eyes.

Many say we are complaining, but what is the recourse? We must call them out the best we can. DU is one place for us to do that, social media such as twitter or other sites may reach bigger audiences, and we can always contact the media directly.

The alternative is silence, and I suppose that is good for ones' mental health. But I am not in the mood for that anymore, and neither are many of us.

So all we ask is that we are not nagged and criticized for calling attention to the media's attempt to give the election to cheato. You're not interested in discussing it? Fine. Don't click on the threads. I've never had any trouble avoiding threads I find irritating on DU.

In closing, I will paraphrase a Frederick Douglass quote I heard from Fran Drescher this morning about the SAG union victory: Power never concedes unless demands are made.

Let's make some demands for fair coverage of Joe Biden and his accomplishments!

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Why I support media criticism on DU [View all] senseandsensibility Nov 2023 OP
But But But DestinyIsles Nov 2023 #1
I know senseandsensibility Nov 2023 #2
Who here said this? sheshe2 Nov 2023 #20
I havent seen that, either! ShazzieB Nov 2023 #25
Thanks, thought I may have missed that gem. sheshe2 Nov 2023 #28
People need to stop watching Sympthsical Nov 2023 #3
I agree to a certain point and I am certainly senseandsensibility Nov 2023 #4
The average person is not watching at all. Sympthsical Nov 2023 #13
Once again, spot on. Abolishinist Nov 2023 #45
Your vote counts ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #50
I vote in every election, always have, always will. Abolishinist Nov 2023 #53
Sorry about jumping in here but tiredtoo Nov 2023 #35
LOL! Sympthsical Nov 2023 #36
I'll bet money if you go on a white wing site, they'll be criticizing the same media reports criticized here. Silent Type Nov 2023 #5
+1 NCIndie Nov 2023 #7
I'd be happy if the traitor media ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #51
Some of the pushback is related to the framing of the criticism. NCIndie Nov 2023 #6
You're welcome to complain about the media all you want... brooklynite Nov 2023 #8
Yeah, i dont agree with that conspiracy theory, either. ShazzieB Nov 2023 #26
Bingo. TheProle Nov 2023 #41
Agree. betsuni Nov 2023 #47
Agreed. The OP seems to be demanding that DU be a safe space where people can slander the nation's major news outlets Midwestern Democrat Nov 2023 #49
Media will push anything that makes them money. n/t RKP5637 Nov 2023 #9
This didn't used to be a controversial topic redqueen Nov 2023 #10
Yeah, I don't get the "controversy" senseandsensibility Nov 2023 #43
I will argue issues till the cows come home gab13by13 Nov 2023 #11
"Let's make some demands for fair coverage of Joe Biden and his accomplishments!" Sogo Nov 2023 #12
My complaints with the media coverage of EVERYTHING is that is all complete pap now... Moostache Nov 2023 #14
Tell us how you really feel! senseandsensibility Nov 2023 #15
Some is slanted right - more than the amount to the left Moostache Nov 2023 #18
K&R spanone Nov 2023 #16
I agree 100% SCantiGOP Nov 2023 #17
I get tired of way some people lump all the different media outlets together as if theyre all the same. ShazzieB Nov 2023 #32
Question for cable news, newspaper viewers gab13by13 Nov 2023 #19
I read lots of Hartmann, and he says it was Bush & GOP who left the 20% hole in Medicare in 2003. ancianita Nov 2023 #29
To watch Nicolle Wallace, I turn on cable TV. vanlassie Nov 2023 #52
This first Roy Rolling Nov 2023 #21
Which is why, when I criticize, I specify "corporate media." ancianita Nov 2023 #30
I used the term in my OP as well senseandsensibility Nov 2023 #31
I knew that! ancianita Nov 2023 #37
It might be a good idea... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #22
They need to hire you senseandsensibility Nov 2023 #23
Nope, not me... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #27
Call Senator Fettermans media team Butterflylady Nov 2023 #33
I've emailed different news programs mountain grammy Nov 2023 #24
They will... Think. Again. Nov 2023 #34
Me, too. ancianita Nov 2023 #39
Thank you for this mcar Nov 2023 #38
Gave it a little kick! senseandsensibility Nov 2023 #42
Appreciate you! mcar Nov 2023 #44
I honestly cannot believe this is now a controversial topic on du redqueen Nov 2023 #46
Right? mcar Nov 2023 #48
Very well said SocialDemocrat61 Nov 2023 #40
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