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Fri Nov 10, 2023, 11:11 PM Nov 2023

So there is an open discussion now happening on TFG essentially turning the US into a dictatorship if he wins [View all]

The reporting I've read is that plans are actually being made behind the scenes to do so. We watched PBS Newshour tonight and Brooks and Capehart were discussing it.

How can this even be remotely possible - and how can even a single American voter support this kind of thing?

The shark has been utterly jumped.

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He needs to have his ass tossed UNDER the jail. Axelrods_Typewriter Nov 2023 #1
Hilary Clinton has remarked upon the matter EndlessWire Nov 2023 #2
Abby Phillips had a segment on it. lastlib Nov 2023 #3
Hey.... SergeStorms Nov 2023 #48
Well, their only members are Vivek Rama-Smarmy and.... lastlib Nov 2023 #60
No sweat. SergeStorms Nov 2023 #63
Not even sewer-licker soldierant Nov 2023 #70
How about we make him the PRISON sewer-licker? lastlib Nov 2023 #72
That ... is definitely an idea. soldierant Nov 2023 #93
Why? Because he says he hates who they hate. Ferrets are Cool Nov 2023 #4
There was a documentary from before he was president and they have him twice on video Maraya1969 Nov 2023 #13
It's good that he made his plans clear, so that people will know without a doubt, not his secret codes and dog whistles usonian Nov 2023 #5
Two sets of preparation are in order. hay rick Nov 2023 #6
if any of them illegaly touch me for any reason i will not be responsible for my actions period AllaN01Bear Nov 2023 #8
And, oddly enough, the so-called "liberal media" isn't sound the alarm bells Silent3 Nov 2023 #7
It's corporate media that profits from this dangerous drama. Corporate doesn't care about ancianita Nov 2023 #9
By design, corporations are sociopaths. duckworth969 Nov 2023 #19
Good refresher. Fictional personhoods can excuse disregard of human beings with the ancianita Nov 2023 #22
I appreciate you talking in depth about fictional personhood duckworth969 Nov 2023 #58
I strongly disagree. Corporations of any kind require stability to thrive, and Dump represents anarchy and Martin68 Nov 2023 #33
Trump will be able to destroy corporations MadameButterfly Nov 2023 #61
You greatly overestimate his power. Just look at Disney, whom DeSantis tried to humble. It was DeSantis Martin68 Nov 2023 #83
DeSantis still lives in a democracy and doesn't have an army MadameButterfly Nov 2023 #96
l often wonder how many Americans don't know what you are trying to tell them Stargazer99 Nov 2023 #56
Actually, it's being covered pretty heavily. hedda_foil Nov 2023 #30
Thanks for that. I read the WaPo and the NYT daily, and they both have covered the story on a daily basis. Martin68 Nov 2023 #34
++ appalachiablue Nov 2023 #49
Oh, the info is there for anyone who wants to look... Silent3 Nov 2023 #88
I wonder if it has something to do with TV/video vs print media? sl8 Nov 2023 #90
But, but...my maggot neighbor says not fooled Nov 2023 #10
He did it when he was in office before - Remember the firing of Comey and then Bev54 Nov 2023 #11
They're telling us every single day peggysue2 Nov 2023 #12
Just like Rebl2 Nov 2023 #14
Yep. ancianita Nov 2023 #23
Exactly! peggysue2 Nov 2023 #98
It's all in writing Traildogbob Nov 2023 #16
How true, not even trying to hide their fascism. Ferryboat Nov 2023 #65
Somebody will boot him. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2023 #15
Usually the booters are RWNJs or other extremists. Dave Bowman Nov 2023 #66
Trump is telling the world what he wants to do Joinfortmill Nov 2023 #17
Unfortunately, not all Americans believe in democracy as much as they want their own party and beliefs highplainsdem Nov 2023 #18
Yet some in the media treat him as a 'normal' candidate. Where are the polls mzmolly Nov 2023 #20
The media I read and watch treat Dump as the leading Republican candidate - which he is. Martin68 Nov 2023 #35
He was interviewed on Meet The Press. mzmolly Nov 2023 #37
He is the leading Republican candidate. Exposure lets the people see what an idiot he is. Martin68 Nov 2023 #40
Was he exposed in that interview? mzmolly Nov 2023 #41
On what do you base your belief that interviewing Trump helps him in the polls? We know that he has a large following Martin68 Nov 2023 #44
I base it on the fact that, again, he has a platform to lie. mzmolly Nov 2023 #45
He has many platform available to him for his lying purposes. But the media being cited here is not Martin68 Nov 2023 #82
Apparently the fact he's rising in the polls mzmolly Nov 2023 #84
Exactly. Trump's standing in the polls is due entirely to Americans who want an authoritarian president who Martin68 Nov 2023 #85
Or. independent voters who are in denial mzmolly Nov 2023 #86
I find it hard to believe a true "independent" would vote for a Trump. Martin68 Nov 2023 #95
It's because MAGAts are totally brainwashed, and, the rest are people who don't pay attention. Oneironaut Nov 2023 #21
THIS birdographer Nov 2023 #24
If most Americans have no idea what he plans to do then maybe they deserve him. totodeinhere Nov 2023 #64
This what is so disturbing Ferryboat Nov 2023 #69
Imo, most people assume America could never fall, and, that we're beyond Fascism. Oneironaut Nov 2023 #78
Anyone thinking they may be forced to buy their own assault weapon? ntp AnnaLee Nov 2023 #25
Not to be the guy who brings this up... RexLipton Nov 2023 #26
Where have you read that Hitler denied Germany lost WWI? That's news to me. Hitler rightly emphasized the Martin68 Nov 2023 #36
That's absolutely true. RexLipton Nov 2023 #54
I think he was saying that Hitler said that Germany was stabbed in the back, Yoyoyo77 Nov 2023 #68
not just 'a single voter' my friend stopdiggin Nov 2023 #27
Please note the Washington Post reported this in contradiction to those who say the media is ignoring it. Martin68 Nov 2023 #38
Ravings of a lunatic MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #28
I enjoyed reading this. LuckyCharms Nov 2023 #53
I'm glad. MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #81
Ignore him at your own peril. Oneironaut Nov 2023 #79
Rog? MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #92
I couldn't help being a smart ass, but, original point stands too. Oneironaut Nov 2023 #94
'A revenge term': what would another four years of Trump look like? CousinIT Nov 2023 #29
The Republican plan to create a dictatorship is all laid out in their book Project2025. Lonestarblue Nov 2023 #31
Why wouldn't Army Brat Nov 2023 #32
Because he thought he would have plenty of time during his second term., Martin68 Nov 2023 #39
Because he wasn't "from government" nor ever partcipated "in government" BumRushDaShow Nov 2023 #47
He had no foundation for it GiqueCee Nov 2023 #62
Those articles are silly. WarGamer Nov 2023 #42
What a silly response dpibel Nov 2023 #74
You could be right... WarGamer Nov 2023 #75
Tearing up the Constitution will be his first dick move as a dictator. Hotler Nov 2023 #89
It should be Dems and Independents against MAGA, Trump, and "woke" gulliver Nov 2023 #43
The media has failed the American public Poiuyt Nov 2023 #46
This kind of talk is killing any remote chance he might have at winning the election. lees1975 Nov 2023 #50
Elections will be no barrier in their effort to stage Insurrection II bucolic_frolic Nov 2023 #51
We're gonna need a much bluer House and Senate... Jrose Nov 2023 #52
He would certainly try. He also tried a coup. D23MIURG23 Nov 2023 #55
Oh he absolutely will. There shouldn't be a debate on this. Initech Nov 2023 #57
TFG will arrest anyone who criticizes or threatens him politicly LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #59
The Lincoln Project just released a video on this threat LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #67
sheer insanity Skittles Nov 2023 #71
We as a country are F'ed is TFG gets anywhere close to elected RANDYWILDMAN Nov 2023 #73
They will ignore the election and try to seize power again. We should prepare. bucolic_frolic Nov 2023 #76
Didn't the loser marchellojones Nov 2023 #77
President "Fighting Joe" Biden now has open license DemocraticPatriot Nov 2023 #80
His first term was a dry run ColinC Nov 2023 #87
" how can even a single American voter support this kind of thing?" RandomNumbers Nov 2023 #91
Trump calls political enemies 'vermin,' echoing dictators Hitler, Mussolini LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #97
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