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29. See, all of those things you mention
Wed Nov 15, 2023, 09:22 AM
Nov 2023

would be pluses for the general Republican on the street. They love that stuff, it would feed into their fantasies.

Ronna would be there with him, cheering from the sidelines with the media who would be asking "Why hasn't Biden eaten a baby? Is he too old?"

Wow! Mickju Nov 2023 #1
That's CoRonna McDaniel's middle name alright peppertree Nov 2023 #22
No one ever accused republicans of joshdawg Nov 2023 #2
What if the nominee shot someone on 5th Ave, on live TV? Cyrano Nov 2023 #3
+1 ffr Nov 2023 #9
See, all of those things you mention Bettie Nov 2023 #29
And of course we all know how sacred the rights of all voters are to the Republican Party! NBachers Nov 2023 #4
Let's not be talking crazy here gratuitous Nov 2023 #8
This right here is why Ronna Romney McDaniel is still head of the RNC leftieNanner Nov 2023 #5
Unless the fake electors pick the loser, then we'll support them instead! nt Shermann Nov 2023 #6
Seventy Five MILLION Americans are morals-free idiots! Thunderbeast Nov 2023 #7
And as voting adults they are simply one thought away from being terrifyingly dangerous. ffr Nov 2023 #10
They want you to strike first. The Grand Illuminist Nov 2023 #18
They should be dealt with accordingly. The Grand Illuminist Nov 2023 #17
Ah yes, Republicans support whoever the voters choose IronLionZion Nov 2023 #11
Translation: They're up to something. Initech Nov 2023 #12
Been brewing for decades The Grand Illuminist Nov 2023 #16
Yup and Trump is saying the quiet part out loud. Initech Nov 2023 #19
Some may consider this comment over the top kwolf68 Nov 2023 #20
It's also "make the rich richer and the poor poorer" in their evil agenda. Justice matters. Nov 2023 #24
Belief system is the main objective. The Grand Illuminist Nov 2023 #28
A broken clock moment -- Vivek rhymes with Fake calling Hassler Nov 2023 #13
Totally gutless, as is, the republican party. republianmushroom Nov 2023 #14
Evil is more like it. The Grand Illuminist Nov 2023 #15
The question here is....... usedtobedemgurl Nov 2023 #21
Nope, because he's not a repug. nt Justice matters. Nov 2023 #25
Exactly! usedtobedemgurl Nov 2023 #26
I wish Dana had followed that up with, Mr. Evil Nov 2023 #23
Don't the voters choose a person who the party nominates? intheflow Nov 2023 #27
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