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Silver Gaia

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27. I can see why they invited her.
Fri Nov 24, 2023, 01:35 AM
Nov 24

They are good people who value tradition and kindness.

But I seriously doubt she will show up. If she does, she will be alone, and will behave herself. They probably aren't expecting her to be there anyway.

Really kind of makes me sick mountain grammy Nov 2023 #1
Me too. She's as disgusting, gold-digging, and self-servingly corrupt as her filthy traitor husband. FoxNewsSucks Nov 2023 #6
Me, too claudette Nov 24 #20
I read it somewhere... COL Mustard Nov 24 #29
You might have seen it here in one of the image dumps. Pretty niyad Nov 24 #51
COL Mustard, that could be the hardest challenge Her Excellency could ever face! calimary Nov 24 #61
I love the saying COL Mustard Nov 24 #85
Yes, the entire Donnie Dipshit era makes me see maxrandb Nov 24 #46
Exactly! mountain grammy Nov 24 #68
me too melanoma is a pice of shit gopiscrap Nov 24 #98
Ya think tfg will let her go? chicoescuela Nov 2023 #2
Why would she care what her husband thinks? brooklynite Nov 24 #49
Might be a condition MorbidButterflyTat Nov 24 #104
Will she go.. will the traitor let her? Cha Nov 2023 #3
Who knows, are they even living in the same place? FoxNewsSucks Nov 2023 #5
I seriously doubt that Melania wants to go PatSeg Nov 24 #89
Agreed! ShazzieB Nov 24 #95
I hope she doesn't bring her traitor husband nt doc03 Nov 2023 #4
I really hope neither Trump shows up. ShazzieB Nov 24 #34
Jimmy Carter will have Military Honors as well. ProudMNDemocrat Nov 24 #100
And he also smells. He would stink up everything. n/t RKP5637 Nov 24 #79
If malaria has one iota of class or thoughtfulness, she will niyad Nov 2023 #7
What? And miss the opportunity to show off her "I don't care" coat? struggle4progress Nov 2023 #8
Had not thought of that. niyad Nov 24 #50
Or worse Niagara Nov 24 #63
I thought that was Ivanka. MorbidButterflyTat Nov 24 #105
You're so right, Morbid! Niagara Nov 24 #115
Or, to talk about her 'new kidneys.' Mr. Evil Nov 24 #73
Well, in that case, I guess she'll be there. ShazzieB Nov 24 #35
Sadly true. niyad Nov 24 #52
if she had any class, RicROC Nov 24 #64
I don't really have a problem with this, for exactly the reasons they gave. TwilightZone Nov 24 #9
+ struggle4progress Nov 24 #10
Melania is at least capable of controlling herself Ocelot II Nov 24 #11
At Barbara Bush's funeral, she looked like a real person. TwilightZone Nov 24 #13
I suspect Trump was pissed at Barbara Bush. ShazzieB Nov 24 #36
She looked like she was in ecstasy MorbidButterflyTat Nov 24 #106
You really think so? cab67 Nov 24 #91
Her taste in clothing and home decor is irrelevant to her attendance Ocelot II Nov 24 #92
Very much agreed. n/t SOteric Nov 24 #82
Melanoma doesn't care. Makes me cringe, but it's class I'd expect from Carters. Silent Type Nov 24 #12
The Carters blue neen Nov 24 #14
She rode The Donald's coattails into infamy. czarjak Nov 24 #15
Gracious duty, crass refusal to happen UTUSN Nov 24 #16
Why is my bs detector fake news going off on this story ? kimbutgar Nov 24 #17
I dont know. ShazzieB Nov 24 #38
It's being reported in the Washington Post Tanuki Nov 24 #88
she should decline Skittles Nov 24 #18
Kind of ironic claudette Nov 24 #19
Is being a lesbian now on DU's list of character flaws? mahatmakanejeeves Nov 24 #33
No, and I never said it was claudette Nov 24 #37
Mentioning it is weird enough. They way you did it is sick. twodogsbarking Nov 24 #94
I don't think Melania is/was a lesbian. Most of the lesbians I've met have been cool people. LudwigPastorius Nov 24 #114
Yes, Rosalynn Carter was religous dflprincess Nov 24 #117
Very classy of the Carters. 💕 nt Raine Nov 24 #21
Yes they are. Thanks for your post. madinmaryland Nov 24 #22
Absolutely claudette Nov 24 #28
invite fair and proper thing to do dembotoz Nov 24 #62
I doubt if she has the slightest interest in going. Demobrat Nov 24 #23
Depends on what her handlers tell her to do JT45242 Nov 24 #24
I've been calling this one an agent handler for a long time jmowreader Nov 24 #43
I have thought the same. The "Einstein" visa thing was weird. niyad Nov 24 #53
You have doubts? MorbidButterflyTat Nov 24 #107
She doesn't get a plus one, does she? gratuitous Nov 24 #25
Hope someone dissuades her from the "I don't care" coat. nilram Nov 24 #26
I can see why they invited her. Silver Gaia Nov 24 #27
It is the correct thing to do, especially from people who "claim" to be Christians FHRRK Nov 24 #30
religion is not required to be a good person Skittles Nov 24 #31
I 100% agree with you FHRRK Nov 24 #32
I was originally against Carter because he was just another phony Christian. I was wrong. keithbvadu2 Nov 24 #103
But what is in it for Melania? tetedur Nov 24 #39
She will wear her "I really don't care" jacket milestogo Nov 24 #54
I wouldn't have invited that trash to come, Emile Nov 24 #40
Will she have even a drop of self-awareness if she goes--sitting there and seeing the stark distinctions hlthe2b Nov 24 #41
I think Michelle will sit next to Barack malaise Nov 24 #42
I read that as Malaria sitting next to Barack MorbidButterflyTat Nov 24 #109
😀😀😀 malaise Nov 25 #120
Melania's invitation is another example of the Carters going high democrank Nov 24 #44
As she should be Docreed2003 Nov 24 #45
The question will be when Jimmy Carter goes will Trump be invited dsc Nov 24 #47
Being around thoughtful, decent people might be confusing to her. Might be terrifying. Judi Lynn Nov 24 #48
My guess is Melania is very, very busy right now and can't attend... llmart Nov 24 #55
😂😂😂😂😂👏👏 Traildogbob Nov 24 #60
Thanks for that laugh mountain grammy Nov 24 #69
Maybe She'll Take Time Away Deep State Witch Nov 24 #71
If former FLOTUS attends, it will be the eulogy that gets to her... ProudMNDemocrat Nov 24 #56
I would have invited her tavernier Nov 24 #57
Hah! UTUSN Nov 24 #96
"I don't care". twodogsbarking Nov 24 #58
It will be a real study in contrasts. CaptainTruth Nov 24 #59
I don't get it. Owens Nov 24 #65
I don't get it, either. TSExile Nov 24 #66
Inclusive, non-grudge-bearing folk, see a woman in a very lonely little clique struggle4progress Nov 24 #86
Norms. Duty. UTUSN Nov 24 #97
The Real Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue SocialDemocrat61 Nov 24 #67
Class vs. Crass Deep State Witch Nov 24 #70
"Former Nude model" is the more accurate description. NoMoreRepugs Nov 24 #72
From a lot of previous comments Old Crank Nov 24 #74
Seriously? Gold-digger was dragged intio the situation? NoRethugFriends Nov 24 #76
Seriously Old Crank Nov 24 #87
Maybe 🤔 nwduke Nov 24 #75
She will be at the end of the line so pwb Nov 24 #77
Just shows the class of the Carter family for inviting her. a kennedy Nov 24 #78
They don't want this to be about Trump. Joinfortmill Nov 24 #80
That trashy sack of $hit won't go. BigDemVoter Nov 24 #81
Melania will attend. A rehearsal... Grins Nov 24 #83
Oh MorbidButterflyTat Nov 24 #110
Cool. She can finally wear her NEW designer coat with "Fuck You All" painted on it. librechik Nov 24 #84
treating her normally is the wrong thing to do. ZonkerHarris Nov 24 #90
It is a lose, lose situation for her. If she doesn't attend she will look like she is snubbing. If she does attend twodogsbarking Nov 24 #93
Maybe the "fake Melania" would go, but I don't think the real one will FakeNoose Nov 24 #99
She probably won't go anyway. Lunabell Nov 24 #101
I really don't care, do you? Emile Nov 24 #102
Rosalyn JustAnotherGen Nov 24 #108
This move shows the graciousness of Mrs. Carter cabotnn22 Nov 24 #111
This message was self-deleted by its author LudwigPastorius Nov 24 #112
Does she know the "I am in danger" signal so she can be rescued? marble falls Nov 24 #113
That's how classy the Carters are. BlueTsunami2018 Nov 24 #116
Rosalynn would want her there Tree Lady Nov 25 #118
I totally agree. nt Raine Nov 25 #119
I actually did not need this news to inform me soldierant Nov 25 #121
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