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23. The biggest red flag to me was being rude to waitstaff or store employees
Sat Nov 25, 2023, 08:03 PM
Nov 25

I can't say I've ever thought about asking about communism.

How many communists are there in the wild? Elessar Zappa Nov 25 #1
Feral commies? calguy Nov 25 #3
US males tend to lean RW magat and they call "communist" Bernardo de La Paz Nov 25 #7
Citation needed. Act_of_Reparation Nov 25 #19
Any reasonable demographic breakdown of the 2020 election shows it Bernardo de La Paz Nov 25 #21
You mean white males. MyNameIsJonas Nov 25 #29
No, look at "Males". Your true facts don't contradict what I wrote Bernardo de La Paz Nov 25 #33
Again: you're talking white males. MyNameIsJonas Nov 25 #40
Technically, you're both right. Looking at US males in general... paleotn Nov 25 #42
I know we're both right. I am just pointing out it's a white male problem. MyNameIsJonas Nov 25 #48
Umm, that's kind of what I said. paleotn Nov 26 #57
No. Do not put words in anyone's mouth. I mean what I write. Bernardo de La Paz Nov 26 #51
It's a white male issue. MyNameIsJonas Nov 26 #53
Post your point at the OP. Your beef is with the OP, not me. Please stop. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 26 #55
I have no beef. But my reply is to the person who said US males lean MAGA. MyNameIsJonas Nov 26 #64
No, it won't. Act_of_Reparation Nov 25 #30
I gave a solid answer to your request. You should have been more specific in your request Bernardo de La Paz Nov 25 #34
Good luck finding empathetic people, male or female, among Trump voters. paleotn Nov 25 #44
The rubes label Dims with it all day everyday. czarjak Nov 25 #36
The right wouldn't know an actual communist if one fell on them. paleotn Nov 25 #45
or when a prospective date asks if you rent or own.... nt msongs Nov 25 #2
My biggest red flag are communist ski instructors Basic LA Nov 25 #4
When I clicked on this thread Mr.Bill Nov 25 #5
That's a little bit funny mahina Nov 25 #6
I would consider dating a Communist, but a MAGA gal wouldn't get any consideration. Chainfire Nov 25 #8
You mean its not.... getagrip_already Nov 25 #9
Jen! Maru Kitteh Nov 25 #10
Another piece of anecdotal evidence that dump cannot win an election. onecaliberal Nov 25 #11
I really hope so. Especially the 76% anti-magat number for women. lol nt ecstatic Nov 25 #15
My kiddo was "talking" to someone for a little while. onecaliberal Nov 25 #20
When I was single, I refused to date women who were MAGAs ArkansasDemocrat1 Nov 25 #28
Word. What would they even have in common? onecaliberal Nov 25 #32
Good to hear. czarjak Nov 25 #37
Good kiddo. paleotn Nov 25 #46
Most Americans hate Trump. MyNameIsJonas Nov 25 #31
Depends on who is trying to get dates. keithbvadu2 Nov 25 #12
lol. I just checked and they all seem to be out of business ecstatic Nov 25 #18
No commie's gonna grab mah means uh reproduckshun! Silent3 Nov 25 #13
Or steal your essence. Sneederbunk Nov 25 #35
Precious bodily fluids. paleotn Nov 25 #47
76% of women turned off by MAGA is the bigger story, IMO NickB79 Nov 25 #14
Exactly! ShazzieB Nov 25 #27
Yep, nothing turns me off more than a date droning on and on Xavier Breath Nov 25 #16
No it sounds consistent, MAGA is anti gen z so they're even a bigger red flag uponit7771 Nov 26 #56
In my dating days, I never dated anyone who said she was a communist DavidDvorkin Nov 25 #17
How many people of any gender identify as Communists? PoindexterOglethorpe Nov 25 #22
Doesn't matter. maga males & others FEAR communists Bernardo de La Paz Nov 26 #54
The biggest red flag to me was being rude to waitstaff or store employees Danmel Nov 25 #23
Borowitz? The Onion? treestar Nov 25 #24
I call my sons communists whenever they do something I don't like, or don't agree with me on movies or books. NNadir Nov 25 #25
Soccer was a Communist Plot. czarjak Nov 25 #38
Date a Trotskyite instead DBoon Nov 25 #26
Well, I briefly did that once, but she said, "I'd like to pick your brain." After that I had a stabbing headache. NNadir Nov 26 #58
Rather date a communist than a magat spanone Nov 25 #39
I just say I'm an Anarcho-syndicalist Dave says Nov 25 #41
I'm not a communist, I'm a Marxist-Leninist Prairie Gates Nov 26 #62
Was this study conducted in 1962? TSExile Nov 25 #43
86% of male respondents were members of John Birch Society Prairie Gates Nov 26 #63
The biggest dating "red flag" for me, is when she destroys the living room DemocraticPatriot Nov 26 #49
"Does he wear bland, drab, olive-colored clothing?" betsuni Nov 26 #50
lol!! NotVeryImportant Nov 26 #65
Plenty of commiephobes here too. Marcus IM Nov 26 #52
I know some pretty far left folks RandomNumbers Nov 26 #59
I Obviously RobinA Nov 26 #60
Increases your chances of getting blacklisted at Hop Sing's Prairie Gates Nov 26 #61
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