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Mon Nov 27, 2023, 10:20 AM Nov 27

A Jewish teacher had to hide in a locked office as students stormed the halls demanding she be fired for attending a pro [View all]

A Jewish teacher had to hide in a locked office as students stormed the halls demanding she be fired for attending a pro-Israel rally, say reports

Students flooded their school halls in protest over a teacher's Facebook profile photo, which showed her at a pro-Israel rally, the New York Post reported. Police were called to respond to the incident on Monday morning — and the teacher was placed in a locked office.

TikTok videos appear to show students at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, running through the school and jumping.

One senior at the school told the Post students planned the action in response to the teacher's photo. The Facebook photo, posted on TikTok, showed the teacher holding a sign saying "I stand with Israel."

"A bunch of kids decided to make a group chat, expose her, talk about it, and then talk about starting a riot," the senior said.

How can the teacher return to class knowing so many antisemitic students would be willing to harm her?
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding an "I stand with Israel" sign. NutmegYankee Nov 27 #1
I'd like every one of those students kicked out of school. jimfields33 Nov 27 #51
Columbia Journalism School professor Bill Grueskin is calling out the New York Times lapucelle Nov 27 #2
It is interesting how little coverage this has received sarisataka Nov 27 #8
rec TY Cha Nov 27 #34
How disgusting. These children's minds have been poisoned by vile hate. tritsofme Nov 27 #3
Do you suppose they have wealthy parents? vanlassie Nov 27 #16
I suppose the school system has not taught them 20th Century history Hekate Nov 27 #44
Or much of anything else, apparently FBaggins Nov 27 #48
They don't Dorian Gray Nov 28 #73
"and then talk about starting a riot," yagotme Nov 27 #4
And of course this is Israel's fault. Sal_NV Nov 27 #5
There currently is a cease-fire, I guess that hasn't gotten into the thick brains of these kids Walleye Nov 27 #6
Ask them to find Gaza on a map. CincyDem Nov 27 #7
That is not just. I do wonder, however how the same people who are offended by the kid's actions Chainfire Nov 27 #9
Of course that's offensive but it's DeSantis' Florida Ocelot II Nov 27 #10
I fail to see the parallel sarisataka Nov 27 #11
Not a good analogy at all. tritsofme Nov 27 #12
I'm offended by both mcar Nov 27 #13
I'm sure plenty of people died of Covid after voting for Trump because of Hillary's emails DFW Nov 27 #14
My stance toward any non-HRC voters mcar Nov 27 #15
I feel pretty much the same way. DFW Nov 27 #38
Have you watched the videos? yardwork Nov 27 #18
Rec.. I haven't seen the videos... your Cha Nov 27 #35
Jesus Christ on a Trailer Hitch Hekate Nov 27 #45
WHO are these students? maxsolomon Nov 27 #17
Watching the videos, it was a literal riot. yardwork Nov 27 #20
Well, with videos they can be sent to prison. Lucky Luciano Nov 27 #56
I want to know, too -- this is insanely concerning on many levels obamanut2012 Nov 27 #22
The demographics don't imply it FBaggins Nov 27 #50
What do the demographics imply, then? maxsolomon Nov 28 #61
They mean many of the students there are POC, mainly black obamanut2012 Nov 28 #64
Saw them in the shaky video. I'd assumed that, because it's Queens, but I am surprised that maxsolomon Nov 28 #66
The NYC schools head said more than 30% of the students are Muslim. yardwork Nov 28 #68
Also, news reports said that there was another big fight at this school a week or so ago. yardwork Nov 28 #70
I bet not a one of these smoothbrain "students" could articulate what the conflict is about or where it is. Jedi Guy Nov 27 #19
The students should be suspended for the rest of the semester. LiberalFighter Nov 27 #21
Are you implying this had something to do sarisataka Nov 27 #25
No! I implied this is a reason religion should not be taught in public schools. LiberalFighter Nov 27 #28
I'm not aware of any public school that teaches religion TexasDem69 Nov 27 #55
Comparative Religion classes are fine with me. maxsolomon Nov 28 #67
My husband spent his entire teaching career at that school DeeDeeNY Nov 27 #23
Can he give any insight into the dynamics at the school? yardwork Nov 27 #24
He retired many years ago, so he has no clue DeeDeeNY Nov 27 #30
This is a result of the massive pro-Hamas, anti-Israeli propaganda. yardwork Nov 27 #33
It might have something to do whathehell Nov 29 #80
Unfortunately the teacher's fright was very real DeeDeeNY Nov 29 #82
I'm sure it was.. whathehell Nov 29 #84
VERY. elleng Nov 29 #78
Nobody wants to give peace a chance anymore? IronLionZion Nov 27 #26
Nobody? I don't agree. yardwork Nov 27 #27
I certainly hope so IronLionZion Nov 27 #29
They never do. yardwork Nov 27 #31
They were cowering in the corner. Igel Nov 27 #40
Not sure what your reply has to do with my post or the OP IronLionZion Nov 27 #49
Awful, and disgusting! Poor teacher. And trashing parts of the school? Nasty! electric_blue68 Nov 27 #32
When I was in high school, many of my teachers held strong views. yardwork Nov 27 #36
Oh, yes This was Planned Mayhem! electric_blue68 Nov 27 #37
I grew up in rural Ohio. yardwork Nov 27 #39
Ok, then. But do you think at least a few might have their fears mitigated?... electric_blue68 Nov 27 #47
I don't know, but Fox News encourages white Americans to fear crime. yardwork Nov 27 #53
You're certainly right about that "crime dog whistle"! electric_blue68 Nov 27 #58
These days some students are traumatized if they hear that their Igel Nov 27 #41
That's against everything America supposedly stands for. yardwork Nov 27 #42
Most students aren't like these asshats. Elessar Zappa Nov 27 #43
That makes sense. yardwork Nov 27 #46
This is more of the same problem we're seeing... Think. Again. Nov 27 #52
I'd have quite the stare down with any and all students if I were the teacher. Lucky Luciano Nov 27 #54
You should watch the video I linked. yardwork Nov 27 #57
Given the mob mentality that had taken hold, it would it would not be unreasonable for the teacher to fear for her life tritsofme Nov 27 #59
Of course... what did they plan to Cha Nov 27 #60
Thankfully, we didn't find out. yagotme Nov 28 #62
Couple hundred students, yelling angrily. yagotme Nov 28 #63
Yeah saw the video just now. Send em to juvee. Garbage kids. Lucky Luciano Nov 29 #74
Ha. Prosecutor's. yagotme Dec 1 #85
And for that, you'd be fired. Abolishinist Nov 29 #79
The NYT finally covered this. yardwork Nov 28 #65
Just read the NYT article maxsolomon Nov 28 #69
Yes, I saw that quote in another article. yardwork Nov 28 #71
NYT changed their headline! yardwork Nov 28 #72
"Understanding the students' viewpoint?" EllieBC Nov 29 #81
People Just Don't Think Things Through, Ma'am The Magistrate Nov 29 #83
This message was self-deleted by its author dalton99a Nov 29 #75
We creep closer and closer Kennah Nov 29 #76
at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York elleng Nov 29 #77
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