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question everything

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Mon Nov 27, 2023, 06:16 PM Nov 2023

Israel is a democracy [View all]

It conducts elections on a regular basis where many parties are on the ballot.

According to The Economist Group's Democracy Index 2022 study, Israel is the only democratic country in the region, qualified as a "flawed democracy" (#29 worldwide) and ranked as "Free" by Freedom House.[1] in the Middle East and North Africa.[2] The level of democracy in nations throughout the world published by various democracy indices, report the Middle Eastern and North African countries with the highest scores are Israel, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan and Kuwait.


Since not one party gets a majority, as in other countries, the one with the most votes gets to form a coalition. This is a horse race. There may be small parties with unique demands but as long as they agree with the ideas of the major one, they will contribute one or two votes to reach a majority.

This is what happened last January. Netanyahu's Likud party won only 26% of the votes, but it had more than the rest and he got to form a government. The result has been the most right wing government in the history of the country. Some members are racists, homophobic, anti women....

Imagine, elected officials who are racist, homophobic.. Unique to Israel?

(As an aside, Israel has a vibrant LGBT community and Pride is celebrated everywhere).

Commenting on there results were reported in the Israeli media and, all of a sudden, posters here started posting about "a new Israeli government which is anti gay.." These were stories from January! but some here decided to use them now.

I have observed this during all the years (almost 20) that I have been here. Posters find articles criticizing Israel in... Israeli newspapers and post them here.

I can assure you that no other country in the Middle East, in Muslim countries, tolerate articles that criticize its rulers.

Israel is the highest-ranked country in the Middle East and North Africa region in the RSF’s 2023 Press Freedom Index. Its position dropped 11 ranks since last year, placing it at 97 out of 180 countries. Qatar is shortly below Israel at 105. Of the 10 countries that rank lowest on the index, four belong to the region: Saudi Arabia at 170, Bahrain at 171, Syria at 175, and Iran fourth lowest on the list at 177.


Back to the recent elections. As soon as the new government was formed and its plans to "reform" the judicial system became known, on every singe Saturday ten of thousands of Israelis went to the streets to protest, and it was reported on "60 Minutes." These protesters included many who voted for Netanyhau and now regretted their votes


On the day that the parliament was going to vote on the "reform," about 100,000 protesters marched to Jerusalem. On their way they met with local residents who built them tents and provided food and drink.

I have recently read that a factor of 36 should be used in comparing Israeli and U.S. populations. Thus, 100,000 Israeli marchers would equal 3.6 million marching on D.C. When has such a crowd marched here?

I have searched for famous marches on D.C and applied a population factor. The 250,000 that listened to MLK in 1963 would equal 460,000 today. The Million Men march with the higher estimation of 837,000 (some estimate 400,000) would equal 1,050,000.

I don't think that this post will stop many here to bash Israel, citing Israeli sources, but I hope that you will appreciate the freedom of the press and free elections that make Israel unique in the region.

Two post scripts:

The protesters that included many reservists and who were referred to as "traitors" have, in the past six weeks were fighting for Israel.

The "Brothers and Sisters in Arm" profiled in the 60 minutes story have now organized help for the ones who had to flee their homes with nothing left. They have been collecting donations, food, clothes trying to ease the trauma and distributing them.

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Israel is a democracy [View all] question everything Nov 2023 OP
It's a Jewish Democracy. Where a Jewish majority is required. LeftInTX Nov 2023 #1
That sounds like a Jewish Theocracy malaise Nov 2023 #2
Sort of. It has freedom of religion. It has a few Christians, Muslims and Druze in Parliament LeftInTX Nov 2023 #4
Is this what apartheid looks like? By the numbers. CincyDem Nov 2023 #20
Thank you for the detailed history. Only to add: as 600,000 Arabs chose to flee, 600,000 Jews fled Arab countries question everything Nov 28 #27
Fair point. CincyDem Nov 28 #29
A significant number of residents of Gaza are considered refugees. Many families were driven out of their homes Zipgun Nov 28 #31
Lots of truth there, especially about who pays the price. CincyDem Nov 28 #34
No sympathy for Hamas at all, especially the old men living outside of Gaza who run it and care nothing for civilians. Zipgun Nov 28 #40
Starting from the bottom up... CincyDem Nov 28 #47
But does continuing to consider them "refugees" make sense? Happy Hoosier Nov 28 #50
They are refugees because they are not citizens of any country. LeftInTX Nov 28 #56
I think we can advocate foe a Pelstinian State. Happy Hoosier Nov 28 #60
Amen. RussellCattle Nov 2023 #5
Oh really. paleotn Nov 2023 #13
Administrative detention enid602 Nov 2023 #14
It is madness malaise Nov 2023 #15
Malaise SYGDeb Nov 28 #58
Malaise SYGDeb Nov 28 #59
Please define your claim in this context question everything Nov 2023 #16
Huh? malaise Nov 2023 #18
It is NoT a theocracy just like Affirmative Action is not discrimination against White people JI7 Nov 28 #30
When did the United States become a Democracy? edhopper Nov 28 #41
So it's a Jewish Democracy.. It's Israel! and they have Cha Nov 2023 #8
It's a liberal ethnocracy. AloeVera Nov 2023 #22
Egypt is run by a military dictator. And then there are the monarchies in that region JI7 Nov 28 #32
Actually it's too bad if you're not an Orthodox Jew. CincyDem Nov 28 #33
Frightening. AloeVera Nov 28 #39
You are correct re: growing Orthodox influence in Israel...but sometimes they don't get their way. CincyDem Nov 28 #44
I honestly appreciate your thoughtful and insightful response. AloeVera Nov 28 #46
My thoughts are a bit different on this. AloeVera Nov 28 #66
The idea of Israel is a Jewish country where Jews will never be afraid question everything Nov 2023 #12
I'm Armenian. Israel wants to destroy our 1500 year old Church community. We never did anything to them. Ever. LeftInTX Nov 2023 #17
I'm so sorry. AloeVera Nov 2023 #21
I've been reading so much about this lately - of course not on regular news. The Armenian people have suffered so Nanjeanne Nov 28 #49
"Many thought that the U.S. and Western Europe were safe for Jews." Kennah Nov 2023 #19
"Look at all the placed with mixed ethnic groups"? Act_of_Reparation Nov 28 #43
Forgive me but I'm unfamiliar with the laws of Israel SocialDemocrat61 Nov 28 #42
Israeli citizenship law Celerity Nov 28 #45
Thanks SocialDemocrat61 Nov 28 #53
yw Celerity Nov 28 #55
Wikipedia's definition of "Theocracy" has several references to Israel and contrasts it to monarchy, oligargy and..... RussellCattle Nov 2023 #3
A little misleading of you to not point out those are references to ancient Israel, no? mathematic Nov 28 #25
An interesting element of Israeli politicshas been the cultural shift over time... brooklynite Nov 2023 #6
Things changed after the 6 day war. David Ben Gurion said, "Don't keep the land" LeftInTX Nov 2023 #7
Not only were the original Israeli settlers secular, marybourg Nov 2023 #11
Things have changed from the socialists of yore. AloeVera Nov 2023 #23
Excellent OP! I Appreciate it.. Thank YOu! Cha Nov 2023 #9
I think some would rather it be sarisataka Nov 2023 #10
The Israel hate is strong in this thread. Usual actors. That is all. nt LexVegas Nov 2023 #24
I was hoping to enlighten the ones reading this but many read posts like that with pre-determined opinion question everything Nov 28 #28
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Nov 28 #36
and not a surprise JohnSJ Nov 28 #57
LGBTQ Rights in Israel are considered the most developed in the Middle East Cha Nov 28 #26
"Israel is the only democratic country in the region" is important and to be commended... Silent3 Nov 28 #35
And it lacks a constitution. no_hypocrisy Nov 28 #37
Israel Proper is a democracy. Tommy Carcetti Nov 28 #38
Yes, but it is not a liberal democracy, like the US, Canada, much of Europe, etc. It is an ethnic/religious democracy. Celerity Nov 28 #48
Of course not! I don't understand why so many view other countries through U.S eyes question everything Nov 28 #51
you would have to take that up with them Celerity Nov 28 #52
question everything SYGDeb Nov 28 #54
Us does the same thing with FISA courts Mosby Nov 28 #62
The CIA does that too Oneironaut Nov 28 #63
Israel is a Democracy Especially compared to HAMAS' Cha Nov 28 #61
Compared to all the countries in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world question everything Nov 28 #64
That's Democracy!! Cha Nov 28 #65
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