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Behind the Aegis

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Tue Nov 28, 2023, 03:37 AM Nov 28

Israeli women were raped and widowed by Hamas. Now the world ignores and mocks their suffering [View all]

On Oct. 8, 2023 — a day after Israel experienced the most brutal massacre in its history — one of the first accounts of the sexual violence that Hamas waged against many of its victims surfaced. “Women have been raped at the area of the rave next to their friends bodies, dead bodies,” one survivor who’d attended the Tribe of Nova music festival told Tablet editor-at-large Liel Leibovitz. “Several of these rape victims appear to have been later executed,” Leibovitz added later in the piece.

Normally, one would expect a disclosure like this — not just of rape, but of rape followed by murder; rape in the midst of a violent massacre — to earn the victims and survivors sympathy and support. Yet what I saw from many people online was not empathy, but doubt and disbelief.

Over the past month and a half, as the Hamas attack gave way to a brutal military assault on Gaza, battle lines have been drawn in the public discourse. Commentators have been urged to “pick a side,” demonstrating their loyalty to one country’s wounded by ignoring or even outright mocking another people’s suffering. In the midst of this, Israeli women in particular have been hard hit, with their pain at best ignored and at worst turned into fodder for cruel memes.

When it came to Tablet’s reports of rape, an initial assumption of credibility quickly gave way to skepticism. If there were actually rapes amidst Hamas’ assault on Israel, one misinformation expert (article has link to Tweet) asked, then why wasn’t it all over major media outlets’ headlines? All of the knowledge about sexual assault that our society recently had refreshed during the #MeToo movement — that it is commonplace during war and especially during militant actions, that it is difficult for survivors to discuss and is often left out of media coverage either out of a discomfort with the topic or a desire to protect the victims — seemed to have been instantly forgotten.


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For far too many in this equation, Jews just don't count. tritsofme Nov 28 #1
I don't believe that is true RocRizzo55 Nov 28 #3
Sadly, I do believe it Kennah Nov 28 #4
There have been people Dorian Gray Nov 28 #6
Plenty of people are "fine" with Jews, so long as they... Happy Hoosier Nov 28 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Happy Hoosier Dec 3 #40
nothing to do with Jews, no one cares about rape in war situations, it is expected, men are brutes and brutes rape sadasfyed Nov 30 #32
HAMAS's attack wasn't a war situation, that's the thing. yardwork Nov 30 #36
K&R betsuni Nov 28 #2
I would never mock the victims Nululu Nov 28 #5
Sadly.... Happy Hoosier Nov 28 #10
It isn't up to Hamas to dictate IDF policy. Nululu Nov 28 #13
Well, let's hear your brilliant plan! Happy Hoosier Nov 28 #14
You think 5500 children dying in Gaza is good? Nululu Nov 29 #17
So... as I thougnt... nothing. Happy Hoosier Nov 30 #19
The pope calls it terrorism. Nululu Nov 30 #21
He has no power here JustAnotherGen Nov 30 #23
Why the F**k should I care what the Pope thinks? Happy Hoosier Nov 30 #27
I couldn't care less what the pope has to say, Sal_NV Nov 30 #28
One suggestion that has been discussed is a Truth and Reconciliation Commission like Rwanda duhneece Nov 30 #26
Sounds good. I know our administration... Nululu Nov 30 #37
K&R brer cat Nov 28 #7
Perhaps I haven't been paying attention. I haven't seen the victims being mocked by the world. Chainfire Nov 28 #8
You missed the global celebration by pro-Palestinian folks? Arazi Nov 28 #11
This needs to be reckoned with. yardwork Nov 28 #12
Kick yardwork Nov 28 #15
Just isn't getting much attention... yardwork Nov 29 #16
It is difficult for many (obviously not all, see above) to spin this. Behind the Aegis Nov 30 #22
They are deliberately JustAnotherGen Nov 30 #24
I see a lot of spinning on both sides of the issue... TheRealNorth Nov 30 #33
Ah yes, both sides. Behind the Aegis Nov 30 #35
I'm not sure about "spinning", but I think Netanyahoo has over done this, and.... electric_blue68 Nov 30 #38
Propaganda is Propaganda, no matter who is spinning it TheRealNorth Dec 3 #39
As witnessed in your video, with two of them. Behind the Aegis Dec 3 #41
Yes there have been reports on this board of Total Deniability Cha Nov 29 #18
If you don't believe rape occured I wonder if you can even be honest Stargazer99 Nov 30 #20
"Now the world ignores and mocks their suffering" Ferrets are Cool Nov 30 #25
Calling (justifiable) anger at global indifference "hyperbole" Arazi Nov 30 #29
Jews or corpses... sarisataka Nov 30 #30
Not surprising. yardwork Nov 30 #31
Yes, I found that odd, also. Not one mention. Not one. debm55 Nov 30 #34
OP is about sexual assault on Israeli women Mossfern Dec 3 #42
Well, y'know, (((reasons))) Behind the Aegis Dec 3 #43
Rec TY Cha Dec 4 #44
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