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Behind the Aegis

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21. What a bunch of fucking ahistorical, LYING assholes!
Wed Nov 29, 2023, 03:20 AM
Nov 2023

Why does this even fall under the purview of a goddamned school anyway? FUCK OFF JEW HATING SCUM!

The hate and ignorance is painful. madaboutharry Nov 2023 #1
They're So Stupid Going About Cha Nov 2023 #2
"They're Not Even Hiding it.. " Cha Nov 2023 #3
As Rachael Maddow just wrote about in her latest book lapfog_1 Nov 2023 #4
Rec TY lapfrog Cha Nov 2023 #6
"So far left that they are RWNJs" Kennah Nov 2023 #15
Lunacy Dorian Gray Nov 2023 #34
Amazing how these people get up and spout this stuff, but I have seen it before DFW Nov 2023 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author dalton99a Nov 2023 #7
Lots of Hamas "useful idiots" out there. They're all over the place. nt LexVegas Nov 2023 #8
I'm sorry Mossfern Nov 2023 #9
And, I"m sorry too for what youre Cha Nov 2023 #10
aw, please take care of yourself Dorian Gray Nov 2023 #35
Check out Oakland's school district while you're at it. Sympthsical Nov 2023 #11
The Big Fat IRONY Is Cha Nov 2023 #12
I have said it here many times lapfog_1 Nov 2023 #22
How many of them believe 6 million Jews sarisataka Nov 2023 #13
Sorry. No time or patience for terrorist apologists. peggysue2 Nov 2023 #14
And this people walk among us. They are embarrassing debm55 Nov 2023 #16
If they were fighting Jews they would easily JI7 Nov 2023 #23
On the same moral plane as Holocaust denial bullwinkle428 Nov 2023 #17
Appears to represent simplistic thinking Kennah Nov 2023 #18
sickening. demoralizing. hard to watch. (but I'm glad that this stopdiggin Nov 2023 #19
Yup , the "nobody is defending/supports Hamas" JI7 Nov 2023 #24
These are the same ones that say Jews were behind 9-11 JI7 Nov 2023 #20
What a bunch of fucking ahistorical, LYING assholes! Behind the Aegis Nov 2023 #21
Results of the meeting sarisataka Nov 2023 #25
With heads that empty EllieBC Nov 2023 #27
You'd be surprised at how much the extreme left & extreme right overlap when it comes to their hate of Jews. MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #26
It Would Appear... ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #31
Facts. Have you heard of the horseshoe theory? MyNameIsJonas Nov 2023 #33
I remain unsurprised after nearly 20 years here. boston bean Nov 2023 #32
If they operate a business they need to be boycotted. LiberalFighter Nov 2023 #28
These speakers are scary LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2023 #29
Antisemitism or Stupidity? DET Nov 2023 #30
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