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What an ignorant fool/asshole jpak Nov 29 #1
He's an Idiot. byronius Nov 29 #2
And so damned proud of that fact that he illustrates it every time he speaks Attilatheblond Nov 29 #29
I can't believe that dumb SOB is a senator. Emile Nov 29 #3
Yet compared to MTG and Boebert AdamGG Nov 29 #36
Let's add Tooberville to the list leftieNanner Nov 29 #39
Kennedy is not stupid. He has adopted his persona as a good ole boy to be elected. Lonestarblue Nov 29 #4
Yes PatSeg Nov 29 #7
He may play dumb with his constituents to get votes. ShazzieB Nov 29 #8
Yeah, his "word salad" comment made him look even dumber Ohioboy Nov 29 #11
I interpret "word salad" drmeow Nov 29 #40
Doesn't make him less of a scumbag. AZ8theist Nov 29 #9
Kennedy is highly educated, but that doesn't mean he can't be stupid as well Ohioboy Nov 29 #13
It could be argued that intentional ignorance that panders to his constituents... TwilightZone Nov 29 #20
Smart to be dumb Ohioboy Nov 29 #22
Agreed. TwilightZone Nov 29 #23
I have no sympathy for them either. Salviati Nov 29 #41
i know several people MurrayDelph Nov 29 #26
I think the GOP breeds stupidity Johonny Nov 29 #32
Yup, just playing to his base and the fear they have.nt mitch96 Nov 29 #17
Ol' mush-mouth. After he got all those fancy degrees, wonder if he had to take speech lessons to learn... Hekate Nov 29 #35
Ooh, he did not like that answer Bettie Nov 29 #5
Senator moniss Nov 29 #6
Senator Foghorn Leghorn only deals in false hyperbole... dchill Nov 29 #10
It's the disrespect and contempt with which he speaks Hope22 Nov 29 #12
Exactly, this woman came to the hearing to give information Ohioboy Nov 29 #34
Did dipshit Kennedy accuse a PhD of 'word salad' JT45242 Nov 29 #14
Yep. It was a pathetic response by him but the people who voted for him are nodding in agreement. progressoid Nov 29 #16
Nearly every right winger knows that Chicago is the epicenter of gun crime in America. They are fed that BS daily on the progressoid Nov 29 #15
Word Salad? Because he's too stupid to understand a well-articulated answer? Trueblue Texan Nov 29 #18
His home-spun schtick is pathetic. Bristlecone Nov 29 #19
His question, and his response to her answer, only have one purpose... JHB Nov 29 #21
Senator Jubilation T. Cornpone* mcar Nov 29 #24
I have played that part! (Well, I sat there and posed while the song was sung.) OldBaldy1701E Nov 29 #37
So that means that trump Old Crank Nov 29 #25
Citing Chicago's gun death rate is red meat for the rubes... Wounded Bear Nov 29 #27
Oh, damn, he should of known that. republianmushroom Nov 29 #28
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Nov 29 #30
Chicago's high gun violence rate... SpankMe Nov 29 #31
All the education in the world cannot fix assholitis. Probably born with it and will probably die with it. justhanginon Nov 29 #33
What a dumb father mucker. Unknown Beatle Nov 29 #38
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