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Murdered. dalton99a Nov 29 #1
Hamas is claiming they were killed in an Israeli airstrike, Sal_NV Nov 29 #2
Why is it 'laughable'? Voltaire2 Nov 29 #3
BULLSHIT!!!!! Sal_NV Nov 29 #6
Ok. Voltaire2 Nov 29 #9
Even if they died in Israeli bombings ripcord Nov 29 #13
No claudette Nov 29 #22
JFC!!!!! Sal_NV Nov 29 #24
Yes claudette Nov 29 #28
He's dead, if he ever existed. So doesn'yt know anything. NoRethugFriends Nov 29 #30
Truth hurts doesn't it krawhitham Dec 4 #71
First of all claudette Nov 29 #21
Never said it shouldn't. Sal_NV Nov 29 #23
I disagree claudette Nov 29 #29
The only one distorting reality here would be you. Sal_NV Nov 29 #34
Bye claudette Nov 29 #41
Same Chi67 Nov 29 #55
Do you not think if Hamas had 'the power' to kill millions of Jews they would do just that? That is why they exist. GuppyGal Nov 29 #40
Hamas doesn't get to start killing people because they feel oppressed. SoFlaBro Nov 30 #67
Maybe should have accepted that offer in 1948 rather than starting a war. NoRethugFriends Nov 29 #31
I give up claudette Nov 29 #33
Nobody here has said that. Sal_NV Nov 29 #35
Please read claudette Nov 29 #37
Right now JustAnotherGen Nov 30 #66
You are right, no one has said that, or even implied that. Some are pushing the hamas political propaganda JohnSJ Nov 29 #58
Way to not respond to my post. NoRethugFriends Nov 29 #38
Black and White thinking Mossfern Dec 4 #70
If only they had just complied, amirite? ExciteBike66 Nov 29 #46
There was an odder of a two state solution which Israel accepted and Palestinians rejected. NoRethugFriends Nov 29 #51
What an insultingly absurd analogy. tritsofme Nov 29 #57
Rec TY! Cha Nov 29 #61
If hamas hadn't violated the ceasefire in place on Oct 7, JohnSJ Nov 29 #8
Sure. Voltaire2 Nov 29 #16
Yep claudette Nov 29 #19
I am not going to entertain your slander. I never said such a thing, and your implication is beneath contempt JohnSJ Nov 29 #54
It is a myth that there was any real moniss Nov 29 #45
Israel hasn't bombed the area since Thursday night. Yesterday, Hamas said they were handed off to another group LeftInTX Nov 29 #14
No way. Hamas would never lie! EllieBC Nov 29 #39
It's likely another lie by Hamas. herding cats Nov 29 #44
To Hamas ... Straw Man Dec 4 #69
Hamas murdered them regardless because they should have never been kidnapped, and JohnSJ Nov 29 #4
That right there. Sal_NV Nov 29 #7
Oh so claudette Nov 29 #18
Why don't you point out where that was said? Sal_NV Nov 29 #20
The post claudette Nov 29 #26
Hamas did murder them because they put them in harms way. Sal_NV Nov 29 #32
That you have to explain that to some, speaks volumes. JohnSJ Nov 29 #59
However you don't know how they were killed or treated now do you. sheshe2 Dec 4 #68
I never said such a thing. Go peddle your falsehoods to someone else JohnSJ Nov 29 #56
Yeah sure. Oneironaut Nov 29 #10
Note to world malaise Nov 29 #5
There it is. nt LexVegas Nov 29 #11
And right on cue from that one. Sal_NV Nov 29 #12
What is claudette Nov 29 #17
From that one? Docreed2003 Nov 29 #36
You really think it's just two weeks? GuppyGal Nov 29 #42
😏😏😏 Docreed2003 Nov 29 #48
I thought claudette Nov 29 #15
DU has a lot of psychics. Butterflylady Nov 29 #25
I know claudette Nov 29 #27
Re: the OP ... MSNBC, as any respectable journalism source, has to go with the information it has. ificandream Nov 29 #43
Emily Hand was also declared dead by the IDF after the October 7 attack, but was reunited with her father a few days ago obamanut2012 Nov 29 #47
bet a ton of palistinians were killed too, but they don't count here do they dembotoz Nov 29 #49
I don't know why moniss Nov 29 #50
as much as it pains me to defend Andrea Mitchell...... FHRRK Nov 29 #52
On Israeli television news there is deep suspicion of the veracity of this claim. madaboutharry Nov 29 #53
I've seen such reported, too. herding cats Nov 29 #60
I heard Chris Lansing use the word "killed" when reporting on this Stinky The Clown Nov 29 #62
Rec TY for this report. Cha Nov 29 #65
Killed/Died; it's a small difference. maxsolomon Nov 29 #63
Hamas did this. Hamas stole them from safety. Hamas will pay. LetMyPeopleVote Nov 29 #64
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