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9. Aww. And he did indeed try to put it in practice.
Wed Nov 29, 2023, 03:38 PM
Nov 2023

Carter was only the second president to try, in any meaningful way, to rein in the CIA from its worst abuses (the first, of course, was Kennedy).

When he took office, they were working hand-in-glove with every manner of autocrat, kleptocrat, narco and war criminal you can imagine - all in their obsession against "commienism."

It was said that most of their (then-secret) budget was spent on sheer destabilization - including, as you know, against Jamaica's Michael Manley.

Carter appointed an Admiral - instead of a "company man" - to head the agency, increased oversight, and had hundreds of the worst miscreants fired (many of whom were merely using the CIA for self-enrichment, or to settle personal scores).

Ultimately, they found ways to work around him (including, some believe, arranging the May 1979 gasoline crisis) - and the CIA returned to business as usual after he left office.

But after Iran-Contra, Crackgate and more (including, it's believed, Flight 800), many in the CIA came to understand he was right: that they had let the patients to take over the asylum - and that they had turned into a giant snake eating its own tail.

They had allowed ideological obsessions and sheer greed and ego to undermine the agency - badly. And that's what Carter sought to prevent.

The Trump regime, of course, tried to turn the CIA into Cheeto's personal attack dog - but they showed that whatever else they need to work on, they haven't forgotten the lessons of the dark pre-reform era.

Live coverage malaise Nov 2023 #1
What did they do this time? Try to talk to the poor guy? Hekate Nov 2023 #2
More than a few would've if they could've, the vultures peppertree Nov 2023 #4
The most wonderful thing that the.Carters did for me these past two days malaise Nov 2023 #6
Aww. And he did indeed try to put it in practice. peppertree Nov 2023 #9
Precisely malaise Nov 2023 #10
Thank you. Indeed, Carter was himself on the receiving end of some of that. peppertree Nov 2023 #11
Big oil as usual malaise Nov 2023 #12
True - Reagan had learned from his California days to always stay in good terms with Big Awl peppertree Nov 2023 #13
The only good news was that those panels went to Unity College in Maine, and may still be in use? Evolve Dammit Nov 2023 #15
That is good news malaise Nov 2023 #16
The veneer of civility that existed since Ronnie has been ripped off. We know who and what they are. Evolve Dammit Nov 2023 #17
Indeed malaise Nov 2023 #18
I was stationed at Plattsburgh AFB, NY during this time... SeattleVet Nov 2023 #19
Wow. Thanks for the great anecdote. peppertree Nov 2023 #26
Your post has even more meaning with the war criminal Kissinger's death malaise Nov 2023 #24
Thank you. What timing, eh? peppertree Nov 2023 #25
This should be an OP malaise Nov 2023 #27
Why, thank you. What a nice compliment. peppertree Nov 2023 #28
Back at yah malaise Nov 2023 #29
I loved the music and the quiet spaces between music and speakers. Hope22 Nov 2023 #20
I also loved the short lessons read by the great grands malaise Nov 2023 #21
That was a genuinely lovely and tender moment. calimary Nov 2023 #22
They lived its deep meaning malaise Nov 2023 #23
I didn't watch network news yesterday but some DUers were malaise Nov 2023 #8
Thank you malaise. Let's not ignore that the mfs were chasing Melania. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #3
K&R - "The ghoulish media" could not be more apt, Malaise Bundbuster Nov 2023 #5
Read the MAGA repub comments DownriverDem Nov 2023 #6
I'll pass malaise Nov 2023 #14
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