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"Carson is as much of a houseplant as Pence." jcgoldie Nov 30 #1
A houseplant. Great description. ificandream Nov 30 #5
Not sure about dumb Polybius Nov 30 #13
So I have read about the brilliant doctor thing jcgoldie Nov 30 #15
Just another complacent ASS-KISSER... ProudMNDemocrat Nov 30 #2
The fact that he lasted the whole term as HUD Secretary says a lot, imo. ShazzieB Nov 30 #16
Yep, a loyal YES man with no critical thinking skills. KS Toronado Nov 30 #40
Perfect pair for a kakistocracy. Diamond_Dog Nov 30 #3
Surely, there must be somebody less qualified? Turbineguy Nov 30 #4
So Traildogbob Nov 30 #6
George Santos might be available soon. Ocelot II Nov 30 #7
Well, nobody will ever accuse Ben of being woke (nt) IowaGuy Nov 30 #8
Ben is the kind of guy you sit in the corner and feed with a slingshot. rsdsharp Nov 30 #9
Your subject line cracked me up underpants Nov 30 #31
Makes sense since Carson and Jesus are "good buddies." Here's a actual pic from Carson's home PSPS Nov 30 #10
Thanks for this, thought I'd remembered it. elleng Nov 30 #32
He is probably the one that most fits the position JI7 Nov 30 #11
Exactly underpants Nov 30 #19
Can you imagine VP debating Ben Carson ? JI7 Nov 30 #12
Like this? underpants Nov 30 #20
Oh she is good. Was it two or three statewide elections she won in California. Highly qualified Walleye Nov 30 #28
And the idiocracy continues PJMcK Nov 30 #14
Herman Cain would be a much better choice HAB911 Nov 30 #17
Even as a corpse, Sky Jewels Nov 30 #26
I see what you did there. Cuthbert Allgood Nov 30 #27
LOL Sugarcoated Nov 30 #18
If this winds up being true? Prairie_Seagull Nov 30 #21
I'd say it's twofold underpants Nov 30 #22
Did Trump's other 'my negro' resign? Attilatheblond Nov 30 #23
Oh, spare me. Trump would eat a shitburger before making a black man his VP. Cyrano Nov 30 #24
Just reading the name "Ben Carson" makes me feel sleepy. Sky Jewels Nov 30 #25
So the guy who has been indicted for felonies in 4 Different Court rooms, is now picking his vice president? Walleye Nov 30 #29
Hit Up Macys NowISeetheLight Nov 30 #30
If there is any truth and/or substance to this DFW Nov 30 #33
Not surprising Owens Nov 30 #34
Maybe you can't find anything because the source is some guy on Twitter (with a Rumble account)? brooklynite Nov 30 #35
Awww...and MTG has been campaigning so hard for it. brush Nov 30 #36
Ben Carson is a pretty understanding guy. keithbvadu2 Nov 30 #37
Jesus. No self respect underpants Nov 30 #39
Dumb and Dumber Iris Nov 30 #38
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