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Beastly Boy

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Thu Nov 30, 2023, 04:19 PM Nov 30

Freed hostages speak, and the truth is coming out. [View all]

Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, who was released last month before the cease-fire, said she and other captors slept on mattresses on the floors of the tunnels.

“I went through hell," Lifshitz told reporters at a hospital in Tel Aviv the day after her release.

Lifshitz said she was beaten while her Hamas captors abducted her on the back of a motorcycle. She said she was then taken through a "spider web" of subterranean tunnels ? passages where Hamas hides its fighters and weapons.


One of the hostages, recently released from Gaza, revealed on Wednesday that he was held for nearly 50 days in an attic by a teacher from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

The story was publicized on X by Channel 13 journalist Almog Boker.

The hostage also said that the teacher who held him captive was a father of 10 children. He had barely been provided food or medical attention, and was locked away by the teacher, he said.

Furthermore, Boker's report also cites another hostage saying that he was held hostage by a Gazan doctor as he was treating children patients.
The UNRWA school in Nablus

A report from the beginning of the month saw a UNRWA-run school in Nablus in the West Bank posting a video to its official Facebook page in which a young student called for the victory of Hamas’s “jihad warriors” in Gaza.


Nurit Cooper, 79, was held in the warren of tunnels beneath Gaza with four older Israelis in the early days of the war. They were kept in a small room with little light or ventilation, according to Rotem Cooper, her son.

Ms. Cooper’s shoulder was broken “as part of the brutality of the kidnapping,” Mr. Cooper said. The group of hostages, all in their 70s and 80s, he added, struggled to walk in the dark, sandy tunnels.


Jewish hostages were held in tougher conditions than Thai hostages and were beaten with electric cables, according to a report on N12 on Wednesday evening. According to the report, Thai hostages released by Hamas in recent days told Israeli security personnel: “Occasionally, we were put in captivity with the Israelis, they were constantly guarded. [Hamas] had a tougher attitude towards the Jews, they were beaten with electric cables.”
One of them added, according to the report, “We ate one pita a day, and a can of tuna was divided among four people.”


Adar and Keren Munder, 54, returned much thinner than before, relatives said. “They were eating, but not regularly and not all of the time,” said Merav Mor Raviv, Munder’s cousin. Munder and her mother, Ruth, 78, had lost between 13 and 17 pounds, Raviv said.

They slept on rows of three chairs tied together, like benches in a waiting room


This is not the worst of it. They are holding back for fear of harming the remaining hostages.

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Involvement Of United Nations Employees Is Damned Serious, Sir The Magistrate Nov 30 #1
Yes, sir, it is! Behind the Aegis Nov 30 #3
It is also far from surprising. tritsofme Nov 30 #4
Is it?.... Think. Again. Nov 30 #7
UNRWA is often just another arm of Hamas, this isn't new. tritsofme Nov 30 #12
Is UNRWA a sector of the UN or not? Think. Again. Nov 30 #14
Of course it is. Again, them being involved with Hamas is among the least surprising things about all this. tritsofme Nov 30 #18
That's a heckuva thought. Think. Again. Nov 30 #19
Yes, the corruption is staggering. tritsofme Nov 30 #21
Is that a known fact?... Think. Again. Nov 30 #28
Yes. This is a long term grievance with the UN Arazi Dec 1 #44
"Oh I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll and I don't see that as a crime." Kennah Dec 1 #45
1+ keithbvadu2 Nov 30 #2
People here wanted Israel to destroy the tunnels Qutzupalotl Nov 30 #5
I would think... Think. Again. Nov 30 #6
Thank you ,Beastly Boy. debm55 Nov 30 #8
So much for HAMAS Propaganda that civilians are innocent bystanders... Cha Nov 30 #9
When people dehumanize their adversaries iemanja Nov 30 #10
From one of your links... sheshe2 Nov 30 #11
Truly horrifying! calimary Dec 1 #40
I think of my mother. yardwork Nov 30 #13
Thanks for the great OP, BB! ancianita Nov 30 #15
Hamas is brutal. Never forget that. Joinfortmill Nov 30 #16
So is the Israeli theft and occupation of Palestinian lands... /nt artemisia1 Dec 1 #43
So what does that mean? Kennah Dec 1 #46
It means EXACTLY what it says. Steal someone's house and land and push them into ghettoes. Names don't matter. artemisia1 Dec 1 #49
So from the river to the sea? Kennah Dec 1 #53
Israel hasn't occupied Gaza since 2005 EX500rider Dec 1 #50
It is the Ghetto they pushed them onto after stealing the rest of the land. They are now destroying it utterly. artemisia1 Dec 1 #51
Who'd of guessed a massacre of Israeli civilians would have consequences? EX500rider Dec 1 #52
Post removed Post removed Dec 1 #56
Certainly lots of propaganda being posted, that's for sure, we may differ on who is posting it though EX500rider Dec 1 #57
Names of land don't matter. It was the homes, orchards and lands stolen that do. Who cares if it was held by Turks or artemisia1 Dec 1 #58
Approximately 900,000 Jews were expelled from Muslim-majority countries between 1950 and 1980. Beastly Boy Dec 1 #59
Crickets... Arazi Dec 1 #61
What land did they steal? Darwins_Retriever Dec 1 #54
Are you saying Hamas is justified? Patton French Dec 1 #63
KnR Hekate Nov 30 #17
Careful paleotn Nov 30 #20
Post removed Post removed Nov 30 #22
Welcome Sal_NV Have you ever read the story of the Pied Pipper or the science of lemmings? I am not often on this debm55 Nov 30 #25
Yes, I've read the Pied Piper, but never read the science of lemmings, but I do know the Sal_NV Nov 30 #26
Lemmings rodent like creatures. In their group they literally follow their leader to the death. When the leader Jumps debm55 Nov 30 #30
Thanks for this, Sal_NV Nov 30 #32
We must be the same age . The 55 in my post name is the year I was born. Yes, explore and search. There is a pets forum debm55 Nov 30 #35
I was born in '46, right after the end of WWII, so I guess that make me a boomer baby/ Sal_NV Nov 30 #36
This is incorrect, lemmings do not do that obamanut2012 Dec 1 #48
No, they don't, They overbreed and have to migrate . some die along the way. However, you knew exactly what I what I was debm55 Dec 1 #60
For What It's Worth... DET Nov 30 #39
Sorry you feel that way. GP6971 Nov 30 #37
What's the DU party line? maxsolomon Nov 30 #23
But one side seems awfully liberal with the "alert" button paleotn Nov 30 #27
Looks like some of the most fervent are enjoying pizza now nt AZSkiffyGeek Nov 30 #29
Yeah.. Bon Appetite. Cha Dec 1 #41
True. debm55 Nov 30 #33
That's so horrible... Dave Bowman Nov 30 #24
No wonder Hamas has held onto the hostages revmclaren Nov 30 #31
Thanks for this post, Beastly Boy. ShazzieB Nov 30 #34
The UNRWA employs tens of thousands Mountainguy Nov 30 #38
No surprise, but unacceptable. maxsolomon Dec 1 #42
Probably was a second gig, and not on the clock for the UN Kennah Dec 1 #47
They still have 150+ hostages Johnny2X2X Dec 1 #55
I actually agree with that. Or they're dead Arazi Dec 1 #62
Yeah I am afraid that is the reason also nt EX500rider Dec 1 #65
Thank you BB. Patton French Dec 1 #64
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