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Cuthbert Allgood

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84. But they aren't doing that here. Kraft is making a new product.
Fri Dec 1, 2023, 09:59 AM
Dec 1

And as a vegetarian for 30 years, I'll let you know that non-vegetarians care a LOT about what we eat. The number of lessons I've had about the vegetarian diet from non-vegetarians who know very little is staggering. The number of people that told me that my kids would not get enough protein and would be weak as adults is funny given my son was a college wrestler.

YEAH! I can't wait to try it. MLAA Nov 30 #1
+1 Lucinda Dec 1 #110
Sounds horrible. But, at least it will be a lot more expensive. NCIndie Nov 30 #2
I was thinking that too zeusdogmom Nov 30 #3
Being A Junky Of The Food Network... ProfessorGAC Nov 30 #19
I've made some good sauces with nutritional yeast, garlic powder, Sky Jewels Nov 30 #40
I find cashew dairy subs awful ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 1 #68
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 1 #99
Hello. GP6971 Dec 1 #100
I love this vegan recipe Kraft is probably going to use palm oil I'm glad for the cows tho mucifer Dec 1 #77
Thanks! Sky Jewels Dec 1 #106
Reality cooking shows? getagrip_already Nov 30 #49
Yeah, I Don't Believe That ProfessorGAC Dec 1 #78
Can they cook? Sure. Are they honest on tv? getagrip_already Dec 1 #91
You Moved The Goal Posts ProfessorGAC Dec 1 #95
Nutritional yeast doesn't work by itself ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 1 #67
Vegan mac and cheese using nooch is great. Voltaire2 Dec 1 #81
welcome to du redqueen Nov 30 #27
Organic mac and cheese has been around for years. TwilightZone Dec 1 #101
They wouldn't be marketing this without testing it first. ificandream Nov 30 #4
My thought Rebl2 Nov 30 #51
LOL ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 1 #69
I suppose if one is into unpatatable substitutes that harumph Nov 30 #5
Yeah, I am trying to cut out all the ultra processed crap Amishman Nov 30 #60
Yuck. Just YUCK. lastlib Nov 30 #6
have you tried it? Celerity Nov 30 #22
Chemistry-set cheese doesn't excite me enough to risk it. lastlib Nov 30 #63
Thank you for admitting to that. It goes a fair length towards logical invalidation, as it shows Celerity Nov 30 #65
Have you? ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 1 #70
I am not the one passing judgement on it. I am not a vegan but I eat plenty of plant-based food here in Celerity Dec 1 #75
Ummmm.... Happy Hoosier Nov 30 #7
I'm mostly vegan. Sky Jewels Nov 30 #20
Not sure that this anything to do with "healthy" Happy Hoosier Nov 30 #55
Why are you gatekeeping food? FreeState Nov 30 #43
I'm not gatekeeping anything... Happy Hoosier Nov 30 #57
Perhaps we disagree on what 'gatekeeping' is? Voltaire2 Dec 1 #87
Not sure how that's gate-keeping? Happy Hoosier Dec 1 #90
Some people want the taste of meat. Elessar Zappa Nov 30 #53
They won't get it... Happy Hoosier Nov 30 #58
But you get it from hyper processed dead cows? Voltaire2 Dec 1 #83
+1 Celerity Dec 1 #85
I do prefer the animals I eat are dead at the time. Happy Hoosier Dec 1 #112
You have no clue about this it appears NoRethugFriends Dec 1 #103
Some of them are pretty close to the real thing TwilightZone Dec 1 #105
Jeez... you folks are sensitive Happy Hoosier Dec 1 #113
Because there aren't as many ways to make ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 1 #71
I'm vegan Dave says Dec 1 #80
Mostly vegan for health (CV) since June seleff Dec 1 #94
I still crave cheese, but not meat Dave says Dec 1 #98
Huh? Why do you care? Voltaire2 Dec 1 #82
Very simple to understand. Like taste of meat. Don't want animals killed. Eat substitute that tastes similar. NoRethugFriends Dec 1 #102
I am shocked! Jerry2144 Nov 30 #8
So true JanLip Nov 30 #25
It does not seem clear whether or not they ar REPLACING the old version or simply introducing hlthe2b Nov 30 #9
That's the way i read it too. It's a new "option". Not replacing the original. IcyPeas Nov 30 #62
Sounds good! I certainly wouldn't call it yuck or horrible without even trying it first. nt GuppyGal Nov 30 #10
You would if you had a kneejerking hostility toward anything vegan redqueen Nov 30 #29
Yes. Many (not all, not all) meat eaters seem highly offended Sky Jewels Nov 30 #41
We're not offended by vegans ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 1 #73
But they aren't doing that here. Kraft is making a new product. Cuthbert Allgood Dec 1 #84
It is a general rule in these 'discussions' Voltaire2 Dec 1 #86
This thread is really illuminating. TwilightZone Dec 1 #109
And anti-EV mindsets. Celerity Nov 30 #66
Maybe because so many vegans ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 1 #72
I get that's the trope, Cuthbert Allgood Dec 1 #88
The only people being sanctimonious in this thread... TwilightZone Dec 1 #108
Kraft Mac and cheese North Shore Chicago Nov 30 #11
That's what I thought, too. Haggard Celine Nov 30 #52
While skeptical about its flavor, I'm glad there's another option! David__77 Nov 30 #12
For the we don't give a s*** about cows lives it's yucky JanMichael Nov 30 #13
So true. Sky Jewels Nov 30 #21
and for people who don't give a toss about global climate change Celerity Nov 30 #23
Put those two things together and what do you get? redqueen Nov 30 #30
Had a box of vegan mac and cheese not too long ago happybird Nov 30 #14
If People RobinA Nov 30 #15
For some people it's about not wanting to contribute to the suffering of animals redqueen Nov 30 #31
Not all vegans eat "clean" every single meal. Sky Jewels Nov 30 #42
"Clean" isn't a thing FreeState Nov 30 #44
Yeah... Sky Jewels Nov 30 #47
Veganism is not a diet. Chellee Nov 30 #46
I'm glad they're providing an artificial, chemical laden alternative Lunabell Nov 30 #16
do you really think "health conscious vegans" are gonna eat kraft mac and cheese? dembotoz Nov 30 #17
I guess the sarcasm was lost on you. Lunabell Nov 30 #24
Some vegans are vegan because they don't want to contribute to the suffering of animals nt redqueen Nov 30 #32
I know that. Lunabell Nov 30 #35
But health is only one reason people choose to be vegan. Sky Jewels Nov 30 #45
Absolutely! Lunabell Dec 1 #74
Great news! Sky Jewels Nov 30 #18
Indeed! redqueen Nov 30 #34
The "cheese" mac and cheese might not be vegan ... Valdosta Nov 30 #26
We've been eating the Annie's brand vegan for years. Takket Nov 30 #28
Annie's has some great products. StarryNite Nov 30 #48
Is this going to REPLACE the old standard? Or is it just an "option" for those who demand such things? And --- Oopsie Daisy Nov 30 #33
It's just an option underpants Nov 30 #36
Those Kraft Mac & Cheese used to be a staple. I'd I think I left out the butter and milk but dumped in a can of brewens Nov 30 #37
Yes. Back in the day when I was feeding small children at the end of my long workday... Hekate Nov 30 #38
Carbs ✅ Protein ✅ Dairy ✅ underpants Nov 30 #59
I hope that works out for some people. As for me, though, there have been some food-adjacent items Hekate Nov 30 #39
I never thought it was real cheese anyway Fichefinder Nov 30 #50
They pulled a trick a few years ago and actually went TO real cheese underpants Nov 30 #56
I've been vegan nearing 4 decades, and I wouldn't buy a $10 box of vegan Mac & Cheese. LenaBaby61 Nov 30 #54
Onions carrots cashews nooch. Voltaire2 Dec 1 #89
Its 3.50 a box, not 10.00. Mosby Dec 1 #93
It's $3.49, as clearly noted in the post. TwilightZone Dec 1 #107
Happy to have another alternative. flvegan Nov 30 #61
I can make a damn good mac and cheese from scratch... flying rabbit Nov 30 #64
No thanks! Groundhawg Dec 1 #76
Back in the day when money moniss Dec 1 #79
Its higher calorie than the original. Mosby Dec 1 #92
Eating a carnivore dietary lifestyle & being from Wisconsin, the Dairy State, I'll never try this concoction. No thanks. elocs Dec 1 #96
Bet it's high in sodium or sugar madville Dec 1 #97
Many people are vegan for ethical/philosophical reasons having nothing to do with health, NoRethugFriends Dec 1 #104
Fantastic. skip fox Dec 1 #111
I'm definitely getting 2 or 3 boxes when it's available. I'm not a vegan, but dairy doesn't agree with me (or the cows). HeartachesNhangovers Dec 1 #114
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