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Yes, I can figure out EXACTLY what this is True Dough Dec 2 #1
It says in small print at the bottom: This is a commemorative card and is solely intended as memorabilia. bucolic_frolic Dec 2 #2
Still fleecing the flock, just a little con for more money. and some will buy. republianmushroom Dec 2 #3
Check this out NewHendoLib Dec 2 #4
Yikes! LuckyCharms Dec 2 #7
That is really sad, as I can imagine people falling for this. yardwork Dec 2 #21
OMG! llmart Dec 2 #25
They'll believe in this shit mercuryblues Dec 2 #32
Oh my God. There is no end to the stupidity. Scrivener7 Dec 3 #43
LOL It's a card that cures all your diseases.....and what a bargain I may add GuppyGal Dec 2 #5
It's a scam. It gets you exactly nothing (the small print says it's "commemorative"). Ocelot II Dec 2 #6
But...but... LuckyCharms Dec 2 #8
Wait...so is it a card? MorbidButterflyTat Dec 2 #30
Here's another article about the medbeds thing: RockRaven Dec 2 #9
Looking at that ( probably just one of many TFG scams) NewHendoLib Dec 2 #10
Could be another way to launder money, gab13by13 Dec 2 #11
A laundromat that also fleeces a few idiot cultists along the way. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2 #13
This is my first and final thought on the matter. Prairie_Seagull Dec 2 #14
I always forget to go that one level deeper. Iggo Dec 2 #23
How did the name Tesla ever get associated with Pantload and Musk? Sneederbunk Dec 2 #12
And if you act now and send an additional $4,999, Dipco will send you... Kid Berwyn Dec 2 #15
I better get right on that! Niagara Dec 2 #36
His hands aren't that big. tblue37 Dec 3 #45
He's a literal modern day snake oil salesman... mike_c Dec 2 #16
It appears to be some sort of Medical Voodoo Card that has so called "healing properties". Niagara Dec 2 #17
Jethro Bodine has gone to the darkside! LuckyCharms Dec 2 #18
LOL! Niagara Dec 2 #37
I think its the new Trump Health Care Plan. milestogo Dec 2 #19
...and get nothing. MorbidButterflyTat Dec 2 #31
Trump Bucks for healthcare, maybe? Iggo Dec 2 #20
WOW! Free shipping... someday. Sounds like a combination of Edgar Cayce and Scientology. keithbvadu2 Dec 2 #22
It's a $600 "Remember Trump" commemorative memorabilia card! struggle4progress Dec 2 #24
It's an intelligence test. Sky Jewels Dec 2 #26
It's right there to see... calguy Dec 2 #27
I love the testimonials... calguy Dec 2 #28
No words. Boomerproud Dec 2 #39
"I have no idea MorbidButterflyTat Dec 2 #29
With no happy ending Ferrets are Cool Dec 2 #40
The good news is that you can pay for it with Trump bucks... brooklynite Dec 2 #33
I don't feel the least bit of compassion for the Trump thumpers who fall for his crazy cons. Chainfire Dec 2 #34
Thats's perfectly good money that could go to... lame54 Dec 2 #35
From the BBC canetoad Dec 2 #38
A SCAM... maybe they donate all funds to Biden/Harris... now THAT would be funny. WarGamer Dec 2 #41
If it has the word Trump in it it is grift. nt doc03 Dec 2 #42
Say what you will about that evil creep, but he is REALLY Scrivener7 Dec 3 #44
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