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92. How much of that is the cost of the actual faucet?
Sun Dec 3, 2023, 10:46 AM
Dec 3

Could you have done the work yourself with a bit of guidance? Use a good handyman? Etc.

More info is needed before to determine how to avoid those costs.

Yes! LAS14 Dec 2023 #1
3 ways: uncomfortably, miserably, or in extremis. RockRaven Dec 2023 #2
There are all kinds of faucets out there, but your point is well made. How can anyone afford these spiraling SWBTATTReg Dec 2023 #3
I'm so sorry! liberalmuse Dec 2023 #4
I wish I were handy. I'm not at all. Although I envy those like yourself so much. jimfields33 Dec 2023 #6
I'm Not Good At That Stuff, Either ProfessorGAC Dec 2023 #21
You can learn, IF you set your mind to it. You are NOT stupid. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2 #58
And you just pointed out one of the main reasons we as a species are failing. OldBaldy1701E Dec 2 #62
I am Rebl2 Dec 2 #73
I'll pass on something from my late mother: You won't learn any younger. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 3 #84
I'm an older woman also. llmart Dec 3 #94
Just you remember the important thing is a billionaire gets a second yacht Blue Owl Dec 2023 #5
Are most plumbers billionaires? MichMan Dec 2023 #9
A plumber handed his customer who happened to be an MD a bill for fixing a leak. It was an hours labor and the bill was mobeau69 Dec 2023 #28
$600 an hour labor? I don't recall anyone getting that much in labor Stargazer99 Dec 2 #52
How much of the cost or the replacement was the part and how much was the labor. onenote Dec 3 #85
Maybe that was their F.O. price Fla_Democrat Dec 3 #88
I can't afford to fix anything. If it breaks I just leftyladyfrommo Dec 2023 #7
Maybe it was a Farrah Fawcett? House of Roberts Dec 2023 #8
Right. Internet searches for instructions begin with spelling Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2 #59
Is their a Jewish Community Center where you are? maveric Dec 2023 #10
I wasn't aware they offered that service. We have a very good handyman, Abolishinist Dec 2023 #25
Unless it was a high-end faucet, that must have included labor too. Squaredeal Dec 2023 #11
The retired guy charges $75.00. Gives older people a break. tinymontgomery Dec 2023 #12
Community Action usually covers these costs Kaleva Dec 2023 #13
Girlfriend bought a new sink and new refrigerator. keithbvadu2 Dec 2023 #14
I usually buy faucets, garbage disposal, etc at Lowe's and have Plummer install FloridaBlues Dec 2023 #15
how many bids did u get to do the work? nt msongs Dec 2023 #16
It is hard to survive and easy to suffer BigmanPigman Dec 2023 #17
The good news is you can buy a kitchen sink faucet for around fifty Tribetime Dec 2023 #22
I did, and the installation fees BigmanPigman Dec 2023 #30
So sorry to hear that bigman the struggles you have daily Tribetime Dec 2023 #36
Thank you BigmanPigman Dec 2 #50
I feel you. Believe me, you are not alone. LoisB Dec 3 #81
Sometimes I really do feel that I am, even on DU. BigmanPigman Dec 3 #83
I am most assuredly not in that group. LoisB Dec 3 #91
Used to be we just replaced the worn washer. Arthur_Frain Dec 2023 #18
Unless there is something very extraordinary Mr.Bill Dec 2023 #19
Agreed...it takes about 40 minutes to change a kitchen faucet Prairie Gates Dec 2 #45
I usually put them in for eighty five plus parts Tribetime Dec 2023 #20
That's about what the plumber I use charges Chautauquas Dec 2023 #24
I definitely would not hire a plumber to change a faucet womanofthehills Dec 2023 #27
However, most handymen are not insured. So when that connection blows loose and Chainfire Dec 2 #67
Had not considered that Chautauquas Dec 2 #70
More details would help? Happy Hoosier Dec 2023 #23
Lower income people can buy a $20 kitchen faucet on Amazon womanofthehills Dec 2023 #26
The handymen here charge over $100 an hour BigmanPigman Dec 2023 #33
Lower income people learn how to do simple repairs because they have no choice krawhitham Dec 2 #43
I'm 61 BigmanPigman Dec 2 #49
THe idea that it would take more than one hour for a handyman to change out a kitchen faucet Prairie Gates Dec 2 #47
I just paid a handyman $70 to do the same thing, also in CA obamanut2012 Dec 2 #61
Not just CA dwayneb Dec 2 #64
Gonna need a faucet wrench dweller Dec 2023 #29
Some of the new single hanle have their own supply lines Tribetime Dec 2023 #37
It's handy for dweller Dec 2023 #38
The hardest part about putting a faucet in is getting the old rusted one out Tribetime Dec 2023 #40
WOW! last month we replaced an 80 yr old pipe filled with deposits for $700 Model35mech Dec 2023 #31
YouTube and a decent set of tools. Iggo Dec 2023 #32
My Union Local bought a stand up water filter system off Amazon Kennah Dec 2023 #34
I grew up poor. You replace your own faucet. bhikkhu Dec 2023 #35
Where do you guys live? I had a plumber run a new gas line and install my new sinkingfeeling Dec 2023 #39
Count Your Blessings DET Dec 2 #51
Lucky you dwayneb Dec 2 #65
low income equals slow motion death sentence The Wandering Harper Dec 2023 #41
YouTube is a great resource for DIY repairs. Mike Niendorff Dec 2 #42
Sure 75% of home reapairs can be DIY dwayneb Dec 2 #66
Agreed, time is a major problem. Mike Niendorff Dec 2 #75
was it a delta or moen? edisdead Dec 2 #44
after reading this thread, onethatcares Dec 2 #60
We replace our own MissB Dec 2 #46
So do I. $60 from Amazon. Easy peasy. lamp_shade Dec 2 #48
Fawcett?!? A HERETIC I AM Dec 2 #53
Yea, it goes well with plummer. Chainfire Dec 2 #68
not necessarily... justaprogressive Dec 2 #71
LOL! Fair enough A HERETIC I AM Dec 2 #72
Farrah Fawcett in kitchen justaprogressive Dec 3 #86
Simples! Aussie105 Dec 2 #54
The last time I changed my kitchen faucet Emile Dec 2 #55
I changed mine out for like $75. MyNameIsJonas Dec 2 #56
By doing such simple jobs themselves. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2 #57
If you are unable to do it yourself... LuckyCharms Dec 2 #63
My niece had a power steering pump go out in her car this week. doc03 Dec 2 #69
My disabilities prevent me from doing any repairs tiredtoo Dec 2 #74
Home warranties help. Maybe $60 a month and about the same for a service call. brush Dec 2 #76
That should have taken 30 minutes to an hour, and cost $300...MAX. LudwigPastorius Dec 2 #77
Not counting the cost of the faucet, that would have set me back $100 where I live. and that's to have a plumber, not a Wonder Why Dec 2 #78
Yeah, I've done it. LudwigPastorius Dec 2 #79
They find a good local handyman madville Dec 2 #80
We watch youtube how-to videos, and do it Ilsa Dec 3 #82
You need a spouse who is handy. You'll save a lot of money if you can put up with the swearing. Vinca Dec 3 #87
This kind of stuff just infuriates me maxrandb Dec 3 #89
Wow! That seems like a lot! CrispyQ Dec 3 #90
How much of that is the cost of the actual faucet? nini Dec 3 #92
This message was self-deleted by its author Prairie_Seagull Dec 3 #93
Back when I was a poor college student, I'd do the work myself csziggy Dec 3 #95
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