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Sun Dec 3, 2023, 01:51 PM Dec 3

How hard is it to condemn Hamas' rape of Israeli women, Rep. Jayapal? [View all]

This has me fuming.

Good on
to continually press
on condemning Hamas’ horrific sexual violence against Israeli women. Jayapal repeatedly said she spoke out specifically against the sexual violence but has apparently not done so, at least on X.

HOLY SMOKES. The clip is HORRIFYING. Jayapal scolds Israel: "If they do not comply with international humanitarian law..."

CNN's Dana Bash was having none of it: "With respect, I was just asking about the women, and you turned it back to Israel..."

Jaypal: "...We have to be balanced about bringing in the outrages against Palestinians..."

When asked about why there hasn’t been more outrage about Hamas’s rape of Israeli women Rep Jayapal says sexual violence should be condemned but “we have to be balanced” in our condemnation.

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I have no words for her hypocrisy. Sal_NV Dec 3 #1
Odd. I saw nothing hypocritical in her comments. NCIndie Dec 3 #4
Odd, I saw plenty of hypocrisy in her statements. Sal_NV Dec 3 #7
A simple google search will yield a lot of results. Marcus IM Dec 3 #11
A simple read from your simple google search says that it's a "RARITY" nt GuppyGal Dec 4 #64
Again, very odd. NCIndie Dec 3 #16
I have no idea about her history of condemning rape. NCIndie Dec 3 #2
She makes one quick comment about condemning Hamas mcar Dec 3 #6
She condemned the rape of Israeli women by Hamas at least three times in the clip. NCIndie Dec 3 #18
Every comment was this is bad, but mcar Dec 3 #22
So, the answer to my question is "yes"? Fair enough. NCIndie Dec 3 #25
Do not put words in my mouth mcar Dec 3 #27
LOL!!!! I asked you a sincere question, and your response was your answer. NCIndie Dec 3 #30
That woman being raped is wrong but... MyNameIsJonas Dec 6 #85
Wow. That was really disappointing. NCIndie Dec 6 #86
Good. That's how I felt about your reply. MyNameIsJonas Dec 6 #87
Aspirational mediocrity. That's an impressive goal. NCIndie Dec 7 #90
Condemning it without qualifiers. It's not hard. MyNameIsJonas Dec 7 #92
Very poor answer! You are right on track in achieving your goal. NCIndie Dec 7 #93
Look at you trying to twist yourself into a logical pretzel to justify her comments. MyNameIsJonas Dec 7 #94
This message was self-deleted by its author lapucelle Dec 3 #29
I don't either. demmiblue Dec 3 #10
It was a giant "yeah, but..." Happy Hoosier Dec 3 #14
I strongly disagree with what you are heaping on her. NCIndie Dec 3 #19
Absolutely both can be true Mossfern Dec 3 #37
Emphatic in her condemnation? sheshe2 Dec 3 #35
If she was so emphatic in the condemnation why all the 'confusion'..... exactly !!! nt GuppyGal Dec 4 #65
This! sheshe2 Dec 4 #66
More mcar Dec 3 #3
Frankly, i think both sides are so guilty in this for same and different reasons. Srkdqltr Dec 3 #5
I don't understand what you are saying here mcar Dec 3 #8
Where are the reports of Israeli soldiers raping and murdering Palestinian women? Sal_NV Dec 3 #9
Here. A simple google search. Marcus IM Dec 3 #13
A photo used by Israel as a rape victim was actually an older photo believed to be a Turkish woman womanofthehills Dec 4 #54
Do you recall the AI photo sarisataka Dec 4 #57
This is not fake - the links will take womanofthehills Dec 4 #72
Rape is rape is rape JustAnotherGen Dec 6 #82
Impossible for her JustAnotherGen Dec 3 #12
Honestly, I don't get the criticism either... jmbar2 Dec 3 #15
As post #14 says, it was a giant "yeah, but..." mcar Dec 3 #17
But both "sides" are doing it ecstatic Dec 4 #53
I don't have to imagine the response TheKentuckian Dec 5 #73
Because apparently the new mantra is believe women unless they're Jewish apparently. nycbos Dec 3 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author lapucelle Dec 3 #21
She gave a good response. David__77 Dec 3 #23
I should not have to say this in 2023 but here we are: RAPE IS RAPE. mcar Dec 3 #26
No Jaypal did NOT. , "You don't see Israeli soldiers raping Palestinian women." Cha Dec 3 #44
Rape and sexual violence against Israeli women calls for nothing less than unequivocal condemnation. Oopsie Daisy Dec 4 #61
Rec Yes, and Jaypal didn't do that. Cha Dec 4 #63
I wonder if (or hope) someone will primary her. Oopsie Daisy Dec 4 #68
She sure as hell did not NoRethugFriends Dec 5 #76
At least shes honest in not really giving a shit. nt LexVegas Dec 3 #24
LOL! And you are not being honest in that assessment of her. NCIndie Dec 3 #28
Steve Guest: Special Advisor for Communications @ Sen Ted Cruz Rapid Response Director @ Republican National Comm. Donkees Dec 3 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author lapucelle Dec 3 #33
Repesentative Jayapal said what she said. lapucelle Dec 3 #36
It seems hard for everyone involved to condem war crimes/crimes against humanity ... marble falls Dec 3 #32
"Hamas rapists need to be arrested"? Who is going to arrest them? lapucelle Dec 3 #34
No one will stop either side. This is a rinse and repeat situation. That said: rapists and murderers of children ... marble falls Dec 4 #49
The difference is quite simple Mossfern Dec 6 #84
So Glaringly DIFFERENT! Shocking some Don't Cha Dec 6 #89
Mahalo, mcar!! Good to have the LIGHT SHINING on Cha Dec 3 #38
It's not easy, Cha mcar Dec 3 #41
I know .. too bad for anyone who Cha Dec 3 #42
Thank you for posting this LetMyPeopleVote Dec 3 #39
Apparently impossible sarisataka Dec 3 #40
She's dead to me..as Kevin Oleary says Tribetime Dec 3 #43
Show me any war in the entire history of mankind maxrandb Dec 3 #45
I have an Idea! Why doesn't m$m Get somebody Cha Dec 3 #46
Well Chi67 Dec 6 #81
K&R betsuni Dec 4 #47
"How hard is it to condemn Hamas' rape of Israeli women, Rep. Jayapal?" Behind the Aegis Dec 4 #48
It's really disheartening mcar Dec 4 #52
So Jayapal is equating Palestine with HAMAS? yardwork Dec 4 #50
Rape is a terrible crime, there is no way of legitimizing it as a weapon of war. Chainfire Dec 4 #51
"But"....are there seriously "buts" in rape as a terror tactic? I didn't know that. Wingus Dingus Dec 4 #55
Yup... I'm seeing FAR too many "condemnations" with a "but" at the end. Disgraceful NT Happy Hoosier Dec 4 #56
"Yeah, Hamas did some bad things but, LOOK OVER THERE!" mcar Dec 4 #58
Indeed! Oopsie Daisy Dec 4 #69
Honestly? Chi67 Dec 6 #80
" In my whole life, I have never seen anything like this." EX500rider Dec 6 #88
Why are you sharing right wing GOP crap? Why are you attacking my Representative, a Democrat? Goddessartist Dec 4 #59
Oh please ... "attacking?" ... LOL Oopsie Daisy Dec 4 #60
I'm "attacking" her by mcar Dec 4 #62
Oh look! Goddessartist Dec 5 #74
Jaypal's words were posted.. She didn't Cha Dec 4 #70
I condemn it Chi67 Dec 6 #79
The clip is Jaypal in her own words iemanja Dec 7 #91
She didn't condemn rape on Twitter? maxsolomon Dec 4 #67
I'm not a big fan of PayPal, but it looks like she condemned it Polybius Dec 4 #71
Kicking Cha Dec 5 #75
Kick for continued visibility. revmclaren Dec 5 #77
Mahalo Rev.. Rec.. yes this Cha Dec 5 #78
I wonder if she's even bothered to watch the videos from 10/7. n/t CincyDem Dec 6 #83
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