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Sounds good bottomofthehill Dec 2023 #1
It might be difficult to get past the protesters to go through the door. lapucelle Dec 2023 #5
Rec. .they Vandalized the Front Windows.. Cha Dec 2023 #20
Disgusting. madaboutharry Dec 2023 #2
Mark Elias has been calling them out. lapucelle Dec 2023 #3
Exactly. sheshe2 Dec 2023 #4
How long before... Behind the Aegis Dec 2023 #6
It's becoming normalized at this point. lapucelle Dec 2023 #8
That statement is accurate. yardwork Dec 2023 #11
They seem to think that Hamas is a Palestinian resistance group rather than terrorists. lapucelle Dec 2023 #13
So they're equating HAMAS with Palestine? yardwork Dec 2023 #14
Already begun Kennah Dec 2023 #9
the protesters are Violently Inciting Murder.. they're Cha Dec 2023 #18
Not long JustAnotherGen Dec 2023 #15
It's an ersatz Kristallnscht. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2023 #7
This behavior is disgusting Hekate Dec 2023 #10
It's also disgusting to see how many defend it and excuse it. They're not fooling anyone. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #25
From Rep Brendan Boyle (D), who represents a district in the Philadelphia area: emulatorloo Dec 2023 #12
Mahalo, emulatorloo I hate those Stupid Protesters.. HAMAS Cha Dec 2023 #17
We have seen this before sarisataka Dec 2023 #16
I wouldn't want those Fuckers in my place anyway.. Cha Dec 2023 #19
Disgusting and shameful that this is taking place in the United States. nt Raine Dec 2023 #21
Scary times Demovictory9 Dec 2023 #22
Kick for information in this thread. yardwork Dec 2023 #23
Ditto! Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #24
To paraphrase what's often said of racists: "If you have to tell people you're not anti-semitic... CincyDem Dec 2023 #26
Preview DET Dec 2023 #27
Isn't this type of behavior covered by hate crime laws? MichMan Dec 2023 #28
From NBC Philadelphia news this evening:: madaboutharry Dec 2023 #29
White House condemns antisemitic protest outside restaurant in Philly lapucelle Dec 2023 #30
Good on the WH and Gov Josh Shapiro!! Cha Dec 2023 #32
So what it's Israeli food? Talk to HAMAS.. Cha Dec 2023 #31
Gawd, these "protesters".... LeftInTX Dec 2023 #33
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