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I'm not sure it's even that. TwilightZone Dec 2023 #1
Democrats need to beat the drum on these issues, regardless of opponent (against ALL opponents!) usonian Dec 2023 #2
Sad indeed BOSSHOG Dec 2023 #3
Yep triron Dec 4 #24
Yep. NCIndie Dec 4 #28
I'd agree that numb is more appropriate. TwilightZone Dec 4 #34
I think those in the media also assume that because our democratic institutions held in 2020, they Lonestarblue Dec 4 #38
BS. The media is the propaganda arm of the GOP. Irish_Dem Dec 2023 #4
This. Sky Jewels Dec 4 #10
The corporate media is the rehearsed and choreographed voice of corporate America. Magoo48 Dec 4 #15
The go-to mantra whenever the media refuses to lean totally left. NCIndie Dec 4 #27
An answer flying in the face of reality. Irish_Dem Dec 4 #31
And 'politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex.' - FZ JoseBalow Dec 4 #32
I think they're 'afraid' of the right wing and their machine and they don't want to appear liberal as they are accused GuppyGal Dec 2023 #5
Reminds me of coverage of the Iraq War BaronChocula Dec 4 #13
no they are not, they are COMPLICIT Skittles Dec 4 #6
Amen to that. usonian Dec 4 #7
Yes. Sky Jewels Dec 4 #14
Ever since RayGunz - Media has championed Clowns over Content PTL_Mancuso Dec 4 #29
Here's the correct title since the 1980s BaronChocula Dec 4 #8
Fascists RELY on a timid media that's been trained... Beartracks Dec 4 #9
When small people confront a big moment they are paralyzed. nt hay rick Dec 4 #11
They only care about advertising dollars. If it's a close race, they rake in the bucks. C Moon Dec 4 #12
Yep - the only fear is low ratings/being singled out by other outlets ArizonaLib Dec 4 #33
The MSM is DownriverDem Dec 4 #16
The media is a bought and paid for tool of the GOP and the radical-right. hadEnuf Dec 4 #17
Unless one is watching Fox or the right wing media, that statement is definitely not true. ificandream Dec 4 #21
Really? hadEnuf Dec 4 #25
The vetting of reporting a story does not go through how stockholders will react. ificandream Dec 4 #35
Of course corporate isn't standing over the person vetting a story. hadEnuf Dec 4 #40
It's not naive because the process to vet stories does not include the reaction of corporate. ificandream Dec 4 #42
The how do you explain the obvious tilt to the right of the media as a whole? hadEnuf Dec 4 #43
A lot of journalism majors.... Happy Hoosier Dec 4 #18
Cable providers are owned by the wealth class. pwb Dec 4 #19
I'm hearing a lot of warnings about Trump and a second term. ificandream Dec 4 #20
Great post! lees1975 Dec 4 #22
The enchantments of Mammon usonian Dec 4 #23
Racism isn't the only exploitable "ism" whathehell Dec 4 #41
They're not afraid to look hysterical over President Biden's age. Aristus Dec 4 #26
It is appalling how the mainstream media (MSM) expect dobleremolque Dec 4 #30
The M$M is like the guys in Weekend at Bernies, trying to keep the FF45 alive Blue Owl Dec 4 #36
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #37
K&R for visibility. This is exactly the biggest problem. Can you even imagine if Joe (or O) would have said Evolve Dammit Dec 4 #39
Yup, agree. republianmushroom Dec 4 #44
They lost the moment, except for a few. Joinfortmill Dec 4 #45
Rachel's a gem. Let's hope that her courage in standing up for the truth spreads among the cowards. usonian Dec 4 #46
Trump is following the Hitler playbook and unfortunately... SouthernDem4ever Dec 5 #47
Corporate media ownership profits by keeping voters uninformed, distracted and divided. It's all BS, 24/7. sop Dec 5 #48
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