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51. There is a rise in antisemetism but it's not the people you are attacking
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 06:20 PM
Dec 4

Antisemitism is rife in the Republican Party where there is full support for Israel's attacks. Either they hate Muslims more than they hate Jews, or they think violence is a solution and people are expendable.

Of the people criticizing Israel, yes there are people who identify with Palestinians who are so angry they have turned to hate want to fight back. Violence brings more violence. But I'd wager most of the antisemites in this country are not in that group.

The people you are attacking are just capable for having compassion for humanity outside of their culture, and are horrified by both Hamas and Netanyahu.

Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #1
Who is "they"? NCIndie Dec 4 #4
Those in power to make decisions about the Palestinians ? WarGamer Dec 4 #5
Those in power in Gaza paleotn Dec 4 #34
Post removed Post removed Dec 4 #53
Hamas. They're talking about Hamas. Who else? AnrothElf Dec 4 #64
The billionaire terrorists roosting in Qatar have the power lapucelle Dec 4 #80
Israeli leaders like Netanyahu who has bowed to prevent Palestinians from ever having a state. Lonestarblue Dec 4 #19
Posts saying Israel has no right to exist would be deleted NCIndie Dec 4 #20
We can't presume racism underlying any or every post that is expressing horror at mass casualties of any population MadameButterfly Dec 4 #39
Agree 100% NCIndie Dec 4 #43
Funny! That's not unlike the saying "When did you stop beating your wife?" Do you see what I mean? To create a scenario TeamProg Dec 4 #47
It's nothing like that. NCIndie Dec 4 #92
What I said is pretty much it. False accusations. TeamProg Dec 5 #99
Sure. Have a conversation with yourself. NCIndie Dec 5 #101
I would, but you keep talking! TeamProg Dec 5 #108
Referring to Palestine as internment camps is antisemitic. yardwork Dec 4 #32
Does that make terrorism OK? Just checking. paleotn Dec 4 #37
There is very little in this paragraph marybourg Dec 4 #49
The word "exterminating" when used to describe Israelis is considered antisemitic. yardwork Dec 4 #29
Is there a rule that only non-Jews can be guilty of estermination? MadameButterfly Dec 4 #38
It's not a rule. Human rights groups consider this usage to be antisemitic. yardwork Dec 4 #40
The stated objective of Hamas is to exterminate Jews. AnrothElf Dec 4 #66
The stated goal of Israeli govt. is to destroy Hamas MadameButterfly Dec 6 #142
No that is Hezbollah territory TheKentuckian Dec 6 #148
Ahhhh...Islamophobia raises it's ugly head. brush Dec 6 #157
Hamas and its supporters certainly exist in the West Bank tritsofme Dec 6 #151
Strawman Sympthsical Dec 4 #2
I think the knuckle dragging Jew haters... the neo Nazis and extremists of all flavors are a small minority WarGamer Dec 4 #3
Open your eyes. They are not some vanishingly small minority Sympthsical Dec 4 #6
When yo look at someone in the street shouting abusive comments... WarGamer Dec 4 #7
Can both be true? NCIndie Dec 4 #8
Indie - It appears that you're new here. I gave up a long time ago trying to express sentiments like yours..... EarnestPutz Dec 5 #127
It's gotten to where I cringe when someone says, "Welcome to DU" NCIndie Dec 5 #130
You're welcome. EarnestPutz Dec 6 #141
The Palestinian problem gives them the excuse that they need to justify their hatred. GoneOffShore Dec 4 #12
Exactly my thoughts Mossfern Dec 4 #28
Look, you're just advertising you're unfamiliar with this stuff Sympthsical Dec 4 #70
Sympthsical -- just wanted to thank you for your contributions to this thread Hekate Dec 4 #73
Thanks, I appreciate it Sympthsical Dec 4 #74
Boom. yardwork Dec 5 #121
They are taking JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #71
The Netherlands? Is it acceptable to be racist in Holland? brush Dec 6 #158
When yo look at someone in the street shouting abusive comments Beastly Boy Dec 4 #90
Worse has happened in Yemen, Syria , and many other places JI7 Dec 5 #102
The U.S. abandoned our allies the Kurds to likely genocide. yardwork Dec 5 #122
Absolutely. It ain't who or how many are being killed...it's who's doing the killing that has everyone's hair on fire. CincyDem Dec 6 #156
No, I must not. It all spends the same. TheKentuckian Dec 6 #149
Or are they clueless. And know zero of any history NoRethugFriends Dec 6 #153
Why do you think that is? Chainfire Dec 4 #16
and for the survivors, their whole world is destroyed. MadameButterfly Dec 4 #45
Germany JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #72
A lot of money, education, and an occupation by Allied forces went into that MadameButterfly Dec 6 #144
They also JustAnotherGen Dec 6 #146
The non-Jewish Germans who cleaned up their act MadameButterfly Dec 7 #160
I agree about Hamas and Nazis MadameButterfly Dec 7 #161
Hamas terrorist billionaires living the high life in Qatar should pay. lapucelle Dec 5 #129
Well, they should. is anyone going after them? MadameButterfly Dec 6 #145
"15,000 women and children" Wow, so all the suspect numbers reported by Hamas are now just women & children? EX500rider Dec 4 #54
Thank you for the correction. The generally reported number is 15,000 total deaths Chainfire Dec 5 #112
I believe the numbers are a unknown EX500rider Dec 5 #115
You dispute the numbers of killed, then what numbers would you suggest as an alternative? Chainfire Dec 5 #125
As I said, as the only number come from a terrorist group with lots of reasons to lie it is unknown EX500rider Dec 5 #132
Ok, that is your guess. Fair enough, are you happy with the thought that only 5,000 women and children Chainfire Dec 5 #133
The relief orgs and the UN have just passed along Hamas numbers EX500rider Dec 5 #134
I will not quibble with you over the exact number. The rest of the message is stil the same. Chainfire Dec 5 #136
"It is a human disaster." Wars usually are EX500rider Dec 5 #137
There is a rise in antisemetism but it's not the people you are attacking MadameButterfly Dec 4 #51
I see antisemitism across the political spectrum today and in full view Kennah Dec 5 #105
I hope you see the people who in solidarity with Jews are against it MadameButterfly Dec 6 #143
Absolutely Kennah Dec 6 #159
Talk to HAMAS they Violated the Ceasefire. Cha Dec 4 #25
Obviously the number of antisemites is larger than you thought. yardwork Dec 4 #30
Like the "compassion and empathy" toward random Jewish shopkeepers just selling falafels? Hekate Dec 4 #76
I think the knuckle dragging Jew haters, the neo Nazis and extremists of all flavors Beastly Boy Dec 4 #89
War is ugly... no doubt about that. Happy Hoosier Dec 5 #117
Remember the people who were carrying tikki torches and chanting 'Jews may not replace me" MadameButterfly Dec 4 #42
The far left and far right bend and meet at antisemitism. nt LexVegas Dec 4 #9
Nauseatingly true Hekate Dec 4 #77
Referring to him as Nuttyahoo kind of diminishes your credentials as an expert on antisemitism. n/t CincyDem Dec 4 #10
I'm not an expert... that's why I posted the linked article from an expert. WarGamer Dec 4 #11
He is a fascist and a hardcore racist. David__77 Dec 4 #13
I have not seen any - any at all Mossfern Dec 4 #31
I haven't either. Not one. yardwork Dec 4 #35
I support Bibi Kennah Dec 5 #106
Don't forget... Behind the Aegis Dec 4 #14
This Hekate Dec 4 #78
Worst components of Godwin's Law are being realized Kennah Dec 5 #107
No. MOMFUDSKI Dec 4 #15
When they attack and deface a Jewish deli with anti-Semitic slurs, is that just "anti-Bibi"? tritsofme Dec 4 #17
I am speaking for myself in my post. MOMFUDSKI Dec 4 #88
Wait...is anyone here defending that disgusting action? electric_blue68 Dec 5 #104
I believe most of the posts have been removed, but yes, it was quite a disgusting display tritsofme Dec 5 #123
Ok. good. electric_blue68 Dec 5 #140
The Israeli SC is a mess. Igel Dec 4 #52
What they need to do is put together a bipartisan commission Mosby Dec 5 #113
... lapucelle Dec 4 #82
Israel didnt lock millions of people in an "open air prison". Mosby Dec 4 #18
Gaza is an open-air prison. Israel controls their water, their food, the Internet, their lives. Lonestarblue Dec 4 #21
Does Israel control the Gaza border with Egypt? EX500rider Dec 4 #57
Yes IronLionZion Dec 5 #124
But I keep seeing JustAnotherGen Dec 4 #69
A closed border is not a prison TheKentuckian Dec 11 #162
The lies about 'genocide', 'war crimes' and 'open air prisons,' Tomconroy Dec 5 #111
No. Criticism of Israel is not antisemitic. Are some people antisemitic? Yes. Autumn Dec 4 #22
Happy to rec this post. yardwork Dec 4 #27
Nope Faux pas Dec 4 #23
Always the opposing teams Roy Rolling Dec 4 #24
Sorry to be anal, but, no he did not. Oneironaut Dec 5 #139
Criticism of Israel doesn't have to be antisemitic but lots of it is. yardwork Dec 4 #26
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 4 #33
No. Polly Hennessey Dec 4 #36
Is criticism of Italy anti-Catholic? Basic LA Dec 4 #41
No ..... I am Not anti semetic !!!i think israel has commitedcrimes just like all countries Trueblue1968 Dec 4 #44
Like any massively large, complex situation, some forms most definitely are and some forms most definitely are not. Celerity Dec 4 #46
It's not deep or morally correct lately, but it's usually not antisemitic. gulliver Dec 4 #48
For me personally: grumpyduck Dec 4 #50
Simply put, BidenRocks Dec 4 #55
No. If you can't criticize someone who you think is doing something wrong, what can you do? patphil Dec 4 #56
And nobody is doing that. It's a straw man. yardwork Dec 4 #60
I recently remarked... GiqueCee Dec 4 #58
Exactly. yardwork Dec 4 #61
Meaning of antisemitic Ksout Dec 4 #59
It's just a Google away KS Toronado Dec 4 #68
Here ya go Mossfern Dec 4 #75
Dictionaries are helpful. lapucelle Dec 4 #84
Yes. marble falls Dec 4 #85
The term is specifically associated with Jews. TwilightZone Dec 5 #126
There are ample oil and gas reserves for Gaza. GreenWave Dec 4 #62
True, but crying "genocide" is. And "Free Palestine from the river to the sea" is. AnrothElf Dec 4 #63
No ismnotwasm Dec 4 #65
Everything is ForgedCrank Dec 4 #67
Not at all. Sky Jewels Dec 4 #79
Bernie criticizing Israel - from Senate floor today womanofthehills Dec 4 #81
Bernie Sanders is a Jewish American politician. Emile Dec 6 #150
Depends upon the criticism. NT Happy Hoosier Dec 4 #83
Obviously, you didn't read the article to the end. Beastly Boy Dec 4 #86
Not sure what you're reading... WarGamer Dec 4 #93
I am reading your post prior to your edit at 11:03 pm, Beastly Boy Dec 4 #95
You're trying REALLY hard to paint me as something I'm not... and it's not fair. WarGamer Dec 4 #96
It was easy. I had help. Beastly Boy Dec 4 #97
Absolutely NOT! Jilly_in_VA Dec 4 #87
Interesting. H2O Man Dec 4 #91
I think most people understand... WarGamer Dec 4 #94
Right. H2O Man Dec 5 #98
No. treestar Dec 5 #100
Only when they're wrong. Iggo Dec 5 #103
Sadly, the point of the article you posted isn't in the excerpt you shared. herding cats Dec 5 #109
Both sides are evil. Lunabell Dec 5 #110
Nope Chakaconcarne Dec 5 #114
No! DenaliDemocrat Dec 5 #116
Criticism of Israel is necessary. David__77 Dec 5 #118
If we criticize US government policy do we hate America? IronLionZion Dec 5 #119
Jon Stewart said SocialDemocrat61 Dec 5 #120
How many claudette Dec 5 #128
As with anything, the answer is... "it depends" Caliman73 Dec 5 #131
No! We criticize the US, we can criticize other countries. LeftInTX Dec 5 #135
You can NEVER say anything negative about Israel bif Dec 5 #138
False. The actual issue is so many struggle to TheKentuckian Dec 6 #154
no pfitz59 Dec 6 #147
Nope walkingman Dec 6 #152
No. But it's often used as a disguise. egduj Dec 6 #155
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