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I always watch Rachel. leftieNanner Dec 4 #1
I will never forgive her father and my support for Liz is limited to a shared fight against Trump hlthe2b Dec 4 #5
The enemy of my enemy is my ally. Their interests align on this point and not much else.. mitch96 Dec 4 #16
I feel the same way. I do enjoy her pounding the traitor though. mobeau69 Dec 4 #6
The library probably has it. -nt CrispyQ Dec 4 #12
I'll buy her book Demobrat Dec 4 #19
No--she is far more valuable as a Repub kiri Dec 4 #25
FFS Don't be that person. ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #30
Dem narratives? kiri Dec 5 #32
Ditto triron Dec 4 #24
Of course! Hekate Dec 4 #2
I will be watching. ProudMNDemocrat Dec 4 #3
Me me me me 👋👋👋👋 spooky3 Dec 4 #4
Is she saying anything you didn't already know? brooklynite Dec 4 #7
Won't know that RussBLib Dec 4 #9
Don't feel the need to... brooklynite Dec 4 #10
Are you asking for an a guess or an unequivocal answer? mobeau69 Dec 4 #11
She got off to a slow start. Hope22 Dec 5 #28
FFS. Are you four years old ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #31
Heck yes. elleng Dec 4 #8
We are going to watch. onecaliberal Dec 4 #13
Planning on it. 2naSalit Dec 4 #14
Rachel's intro (and highlighting particular facts in the book) spooky3 Dec 4 #15
SO fascinating seeing them negotiate this. nolabear Dec 4 #17
But who actually needs the damn Supreme Court that the orange piece of shit a kennedy Dec 4 #18
mobeau69............. Upthevibe Dec 4 #20
I'm watching but I'm multitasking. Did she mention who she's voting for next year? ecstatic Dec 4 #21
No, not even for Rachel angrychair Dec 4 #22
Just finished watching them KS Toronado Dec 4 #23
Liz knows how to lay on the smack down GuppyGal Dec 4 #26
Liz Cheney is like Sylvester the Cat in that one cartoon... WarGamer Dec 4 #27
will watch the replay B.See Dec 5 #29
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