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Of course, he has an excuse for everything and his dipshit followers will chicoescuela Dec 5 #1
that's a thing of beauty, that is. mopinko Dec 5 #2
"If I don't like it, I call it Fake News" dalton99a Dec 5 #3
That's his response to anything truthful about him SouthernDem4ever Dec 5 #48
Expect this to be the new republican excuse for every damning video or photo. Ferrets are Cool Dec 5 #4
While they use AI to run fake ads. louis-t Dec 5 #23
Loser 45 at a recent rally. CrispyQ Dec 5 #5
He looks like decrepit old man Butterflylady Dec 5 #6
I think there was concern he might totter right off the platform. CrispyQ Dec 5 #9
Nope. Ms. Toad Dec 5 #31
Well, your larger video has been swapped out so I'll trust you on that. CrispyQ Dec 5 #32
He isn't. Ms. Toad Dec 5 #29
You keep posting that link but it's not the video you say it is. -nt CrispyQ Dec 6 #57
About Trump's suits PJMcK Dec 5 #7
He's also a grave digger. dchill Dec 5 #16
And this is a guy PatSeg Dec 5 #20
How many hours does he spend in front of a mirror JoseBalow Dec 5 #35
Quite a bit from what I've hear PatSeg Dec 5 #40
He only ever sees what he wants JoseBalow Dec 5 #41
Hah! Perfect! PatSeg Dec 5 #42
He sure doesn't get the face paint right. calimary Dec 6 #54
It's not face paint. CrispyQ Dec 6 #58
GQ did a makeover of him, I think while he was still running the first time. CrispyQ Dec 5 #28
I loved that makeover, because they were able to do very professionally & with Photoshop... Hekate Dec 5 #34
Also he walks like The Penguin. CrispyQ Dec 5 #39
"an absolutely clean pate" JoseBalow Dec 5 #37
All that prep doesn't always work out: AZ8theist Dec 5 #43
He is completely bald on top. He grows his hair long on the sides and swoops it forward. Sky Jewels Dec 5 #44
His diaper leaking ? KS Toronado Dec 5 #8
I wish they could fit his mouth with a diaper...... lastlib Dec 5 #11
That's easy, grab a diaper and a roll of duct tape KS Toronado Dec 5 #30
Did he buy that suit from the Big Man's rack at Ross, Kohls or Burlington Coat Factory Oopsie Daisy Dec 5 #17
Static cling, I expect Bernardo de La Paz Dec 5 #18
Yes it''s static, but isn't static cling a sign of cheap suit fabric? CrispyQ Dec 5 #27
Yes . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 5 #38
You don't even need Static Guard ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #45
I didn't know that tip! Thanks! -nt CrispyQ Dec 6 #56
He has a flat head. louis-t Dec 5 #24
I see a bald spot. calimary Dec 6 #53
We know dambed well that dementia donnie did not write that screed. There niyad Dec 5 #10
Alright. Who showed it to him? JohnnyRingo Dec 5 #12
Newsweek story on this: highplainsdem Dec 5 #13
thanks riversedge Dec 6 #55
'It runs in the family' Ouch. speak easy Dec 5 #14
The Lincoln Project is not using AI. Trump is using... dchill Dec 5 #15
He telling us what he does Wild blueberry Dec 5 #19
Exactly PatSeg Dec 5 #21
He's still in the early stages Warpy Dec 5 #22
People keeping track of things ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #46
I pointed out that what we're seeing is exacerbated by stress Warpy Dec 5 #47
They didn't even use the latest traitortrump gaffes, just old familiar ones. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 5 #25
Technically, "fake AI" is "real" tinrobot Dec 5 #26
So that means he has fake AI commercials ready for Biden, right? Cuthbert Allgood Dec 5 #33
The "once disbanded Lincoln Project" did indeed stop operation after Trump lost in 2020, but had to.... EarnestPutz Dec 5 #36
Like a zombie from Stupidsville SouthernDem4ever Dec 5 #49
"Zombies" really does capture his most ardent supporters, doesn't it? EarnestPutz Dec 6 #50
It is A.I. Mblaze Dec 6 #51
The commercial slapped Orange Bastard in his stupid fucking face like a flaming sack of hog shit. SoFlaBro Dec 6 #52
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