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22. since they overtuned roe. pregnancy isn't a crime when it goes bad. see south american bullshit.
Tue Dec 5, 2023, 01:09 PM
Dec 5

this is cold war shit. men have freedom to jack off as they please. time to arrest them too.

Heartbreaking. Thank you for bringing this tragedy here. niyad Dec 5 #1
After having 4 children my mother had a miscarriage Farmer-Rick Dec 5 #2
My very Catholic mother malaise Dec 5 #6
Exactly Farmer-Rick Dec 5 #12
Right wing right-to-lifers have no bottom they'll sink to. KS Toronado Dec 5 #3
Yeah. But they're trying hard, anyway. dchill Dec 5 #9
The new witches for RW lunatics to burn -enough of this fuckery! malaise Dec 5 #4
the cruelty and power domination over women are the points, plus likely racism in this particular case Celerity Dec 5 #7
Of course malaise Dec 5 #19
There is no reason this case should go foward. progressoid Dec 5 #5
My mom had two miscarriages and an ectopic. ananda Dec 5 #8
Good god! What kind of a scumbag DA would even bring charges... Wounded Bear Dec 5 #10
An ambitious MAGAt malaise Dec 5 #17
Forced-birthers are going to be increasingly confronted with the reality that women's bodies... TygrBright Dec 5 #11
Local news for me. The fetus was dead when she miscarried. JohnnyRingo Dec 5 #13
Listen well malaise Dec 5 #14
have they charged a white woman yet? pansypoo53219 Dec 5 #15
Hundreds of people have been arrested or charged in pregnancy-related cases since 1973, including white women. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 5 #18
since they overtuned roe. pregnancy isn't a crime when it goes bad. see south american bullshit. pansypoo53219 Dec 5 #22
No, people were arrested for pregnancy crimes when Roe was in effect as well. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 5 #23
If they can't criminalize abortion, they'll criminalize miscarriage SpankMe Dec 5 #16
Fuck the MAGA Taliban! Initech Dec 5 #20
How stupid. hildegaard28 Dec 5 #21
Who is the corpse? Give me a name. Qutzupalotl Dec 5 #24
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