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35. It's a LOT easier to accuse everyday people here than it is a liberal U.S. Senator, got it. The members here being
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 01:02 PM
Dec 7

accused of being anti-Semitic are saying nothing more than Bernie's comments at the funding vote:

""Sanders has said he opposes giving aid to Israel unconditionally unless Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government changes its practice, which he has called “immoral” and “in violation of international law.”""

It's not the accusations that are the problem, it's the actual anti-Semitism. tritsofme Dec 7 #1
Yep. nt LexVegas Dec 7 #3
The accusations ARE the problem since that is where some are defining others, right? Is Sen. Sanders TeamProg Dec 7 #5
I have never seen anyone here make that accusation of Sanders, you'll have to build another straw man. tritsofme Dec 7 #7
Do you agree with him on this? "immoral" and "in violation of international law." TeamProg Dec 7 #19
I don't agree with Sanders on lots of things, including that. tritsofme Dec 7 #31
It's a LOT easier to accuse everyday people here than it is a liberal U.S. Senator, got it. The members here being TeamProg Dec 7 #35
Again, he is wrong. But he is not using anti-Semitic tropes or attacks. tritsofme Dec 7 #37
Neither are many people here who are saying similar things to Sanders Ms. Toad Dec 7 #63
I haven't seen it. tritsofme Dec 7 #67
I'm one. Lunabell Dec 7 #76
Oh I have, Butterflylady Dec 7 #111
And whatever you do, DON'T use the conjunction "but", or the verb "may" maxrandb Dec 8 #153
Oh I have..... Butterflylady Dec 7 #112
I sure have. It is pervasive here. JanMichael Dec 10 #202
No. I Do Not Agree The Magistrate Dec 7 #34
No doubt, Hamas committed war crimes, that is not the argument. International law says war crimes are illegal even in a TeamProg Dec 7 #40
You Can Be Insensitive As You Please, Sir: I've No Feelings To Speak Of The Magistrate Dec 7 #48
Your views on law are "superior" to established International Law.. oh kay.. TeamProg Dec 7 #104
I Suggest You Actually Read the Statutes And Conventions, Sir The Magistrate Dec 7 #107
And far more humble! TeamProg Dec 8 #158
I agree with what he is saying. "Likud is immoral and against international law". But I disagree that aid should be with SoFlaBro Dec 9 #172
By giving aid the US is then contributing to the breaking TeamProg Dec 9 #181
So? SoFlaBro Dec 9 #185
It lessens our standing and in the end, our own power to negotiate. um, duh. TeamProg Dec 9 #186
We're not negotiating with Hamas nor any other terrorists. That's up to the proxies. Duh! SoFlaBro Dec 9 #192
So sorry, I was referring to the BIG picture, the global scale, future negotiations , obviously. TeamProg Dec 10 #196
It shows the world that Democrats stick by their allies and their friends. Shows that Democrats will help democracies. SoFlaBro Dec 10 #197
Again, that is not looking at the big picture. Democracies (the U.S.) that support, in Sen. Bernie Sanders words, TeamProg Dec 10 #199
Don't threaten me with a good time. *Please add me to your ignore list* SoFlaBro Dec 10 #200
Exactly.. "Strawman".. and it's Not working. Cha Dec 7 #20
Simple criticism isn't antisemitic... Happy Hoosier Dec 7 #57
Hey Happy, Eko Dec 7 #147
Thanks for the thoughful discourse. Happy Hoosier Dec 8 #154
100%!! Eko Dec 8 #170
If only more people understood this Hekate Dec 9 #193
Agreed PBateman70 Dec 7 #141
TY and they're are NOT "way too many".. We know Anti-Semitism when we Cha Dec 7 #18
I've seen so many accusations of anti-semitism tossed like grenades at things that were clearly not, all of which Celerity Dec 7 #55
No one is crying wolf. madaboutharry Dec 7 #85
you obviously have not looked at the same threads I have, if this is indeed the case: Celerity Dec 7 #99
You wrote: madaboutharry Dec 7 #103
Religio/ethnic/racial reductionism (ie ONLY the in-group can ever say what is and what isn't true in regards to Celerity Dec 7 #120
You are exactly right in your observations. For many, it Nixie Dec 8 #156
Hell, Ma'am, I've Said About All That Save No. 4 The Magistrate Dec 7 #121
It's "high dudgeon" mcar Dec 7 #136
typo sorry, I will sort it Celerity Dec 7 #137
Not one example there of the actual posts TheKentuckian Dec 9 #173
Sorry, I will not be lured into breaking DU TOS (targeting posters). As Pete said in the 2020 debates, 'I may not be Celerity Dec 9 #182
It is breaking the terms to repost your own? TheKentuckian Dec 9 #187
The point of my examples was the false claims of anti semitism made by others against them, so yes, posting Celerity Dec 9 #191
I see the opposite. yardwork Dec 7 #93
the two are not mutually exclusive at all Celerity Dec 7 #101
Jon Stewart said SocialDemocrat61 Dec 7 #122
Since Bernie Sanders is Jewish I question he's an anti-Semite KS Toronado Dec 7 #79
Maybe PBateman70 Dec 7 #142
Negotiating with TERRORISTS - including in our own country. FUCKING DISGUSTED thru and thru nt GuppyGal Dec 7 #2
Now that's a non-sequitur if I ever saw one. iemanja Dec 7 #123
The vote was 49-51, with Republicans voting against moving forward with the bill, GuppyGal Dec 7 #126
Which has NOTHING to do with negotiating with terrorists iemanja Dec 7 #129
Then I'll keep saying them GuppyGal Dec 7 #132
There are not 51 Republican Senators to vote on anything. TheKentuckian Dec 8 #165
Honestly this was just some hyperbole against the pukes - no commentary on Sanders...I'm sure if he was GuppyGal Dec 8 #167
Looks like he was. Otherwise, Harris could break the tie. TheKentuckian Dec 8 #171
Using the phrase "from the river to the sea" is antisemitic. nt LexVegas Dec 7 #4
So you truly believe that Rep Tlaib is an anti-Semite and that she thinks Israel should not exist? Seriously? TeamProg Dec 7 #9
Actually, I do think Rashida Tlaib does not believe Israel has a right to exist Danmel Dec 7 #11
Nov 29, 2023 Tlaib statement: TeamProg Dec 7 #14
Doesn't matter. Marcus IM Dec 7 #24
Goysplaining done badly. OilemFirchen Dec 7 #29
Great word to add to my vocabulary... Hekate Dec 7 #52
Rec Exactly.. Jewish People love to be Cha Dec 7 #66
That is exactly what you are doing to me. Marcus IM Dec 7 #82
Stay on Topic.. Sen Fetterman Knows Anti-Semitism When hs sees it. Cha Dec 7 #90
I am responding to you. Is your post on topic? Marcus IM Dec 7 #95
Cha's post is on topic and is correct LetMyPeopleVote Dec 7 #148
Those protesters are idiots. This thread is about the commenters here who get labeled as "anti-semetic" TeamProg Dec 7 #106
I used "Gentile-splaining" the other day AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #70
Except of one very big fact. Marcus IM Dec 7 #73
I don't believe I was addressing you AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #74
Apologies. I though you were part of the pile-on regarding my supposed "goysplaining". Marcus IM Dec 7 #81
Fair enough AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #87
I'm actually surprised it's still there. OilemFirchen Dec 7 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author Marcus IM Dec 7 #84
Good for you. OilemFirchen Dec 7 #94
then DON'T use a slogan that clearly refers to the elimination .... -(nt)- stopdiggin Dec 7 #26
You might have noticed there is no mention of Israel as a Jewish state Danmel Dec 7 #27
Religious states are just governments who use their variety of sky fairy to control the populace. Oneironaut Dec 7 #65
Atheist Jews are still Jews. Israel is not a theocracy TheKentuckian Dec 8 #150
I did not say it was. Oneironaut Dec 8 #155
Being Jewish is not just a religion. TheKentuckian Dec 8 #168
It's The Missing Third Paragraph Is The Problem The Magistrate Dec 7 #46
Her statement shows clear evidence of bias. Mosby Dec 7 #49
Let's Be Clear, Sir The Magistrate Dec 7 #56
Hebron is not a very good example Mosby Dec 7 #78
I Appreciate Your Reply, Sir The Magistrate Dec 7 #109
I am curious edhopper Dec 7 #118
Rep. Tlaib is against a two state solution. lapucelle Dec 7 #133
So she wants 5he same ends edhopper Dec 7 #143
Echos of "All Lives Matter". CincyDem Dec 7 #135
Its an antisemitic phrase. Are people who use bigoted slurs and phrases bigots? nt LexVegas Dec 7 #15
Is it possible that some of the college students who have been participating in demonstrations in support . . . markpkessinger Dec 8 #169
Just because in their heart of hearts such may not be the intent TheKentuckian Dec 9 #174
There are even many Jews who disagree that every use of the phrase is necessarily anti-Semitic . . . markpkessinger Dec 10 #198
Rep. Tlaib wants a one state solution. lapucelle Dec 7 #47
Rep, Talib advocates for a ONE STATE SOLUTION, which means the eradication of Israel as a nation. madaboutharry Dec 7 #91
There are two types of one state solutions. LeftInTX Dec 7 #117
By hook or by crook. TheKentuckian Dec 8 #151
Rep. Tlaib is calling for a one state solution. lapucelle Dec 7 #138
I do JustAnotherGen Dec 7 #146
I think she does not believe in the Israel's right to exist TheKentuckian Dec 7 #149
So you're saying that Jews are antisemitic. Lonestarblue Dec 7 #16
It Has Long Been Clear Likud Advocates Unwholesome Ends The Magistrate Dec 7 #51
Not going to defend Likud, the sooner they are out of power the better. madaboutharry Dec 7 #96
I suspect, particularly with some of the campus demonstrations . . . markpkessinger Dec 8 #166
Do you see how Sanders criticized Netanyahu and the government? Sympthsical Dec 7 #6
I have NOT SEEN ONE post criticizing anyone's choice of religion. EVER. Find one and paste it here. TeamProg Dec 7 #10
You know I can't do that Sympthsical Dec 7 #36
Expressing concern for the plight of the Gazans Big Blue Marble Dec 7 #43
But that is not what the poster is claiming Sympthsical Dec 7 #50
I totally agree that your examples are anti-semitic and need to be called out. Big Blue Marble Dec 7 #54
It's coming from regulars no minor amount Sympthsical Dec 7 #61
Yes Mossfern Dec 7 #100
this entire thread is meant to divide edisdead Dec 9 #195
While stranger things have happened TheKentuckian Dec 9 #177
Perhaps the problem is not too many accusations of antisemitism sarisataka Dec 7 #8
"But that there are so many antisemites to accuse. " Really? By all means, copy and paste to TeamProg Dec 7 #12
Ok sarisataka Dec 7 #17
You know darn well that that this conversation is about posts HERE, at DU. Find those and paste them here. TeamProg Dec 7 #21
Benie Sanders is not a poster here sarisataka Dec 7 #25
Maybe poster is implying that the pic was of a DUer? Marcus IM Dec 7 #30
Is Bernie Sanders a member of DU? sarisataka Dec 7 #39
You are spoiling for a fight. You "know darn well" that what you are demanding is a violation of the TOS. Hekate Dec 7 #33
That particular picture was defended by a now PPR'd member as not antisemitic... AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #68
We have lost a lot of long term DUers over this... I don't know what the answer is but hlthe2b Dec 7 #23
There's nothing forcing anyone to respond to posts like that. TwilightZone Dec 7 #42
I believe you know it is not that simple nor hardly limited as you suggest. But, I don't wish to argue. hlthe2b Dec 7 #45
Rec TY.. Yeah, Not that complicated. Cha Dec 7 #75
Cha... hlthe2b Dec 7 #89
Cha is one of the kindest, most empathetic DUers yardwork Dec 7 #102
You are way off base. That is not what i am saying at all. You can ask Cha about our interactions. hlthe2b Dec 7 #105
Cha is one of my favorite posters and this post is simply wrong LetMyPeopleVote Dec 7 #108
You are way off base. That is not what i am saying at all. You can ask Cha about our interactions. hlthe2b Dec 7 #116
Sen Fetterman Calls it "Anti-Semitism" ... Cha Dec 7 #62
Ive been disgusted by some of the stuff I've seen TexasDem69 Dec 10 #203
I think you can be anti Netanyahu and anti Hamas without being anti Jewish or Muslim Srkdqltr Dec 7 #13
Exactly. But there seems to be no room for that very obvious concept. nt TeamProg Dec 7 #22
Nope. Criticisms of Netanyahu (specifically) have almost stopdiggin Dec 7 #44
I can say that I alerted a post calling Netanyahu a rat and Likud vermin AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #64
yep. hate speech. and hardly an example of the strawman being foisted ... -(nt)- stopdiggin Dec 7 #71
I disagree. I criticize Netanyahu a lot and nobody ever calls that antisemitism. yardwork Dec 7 #88
See? It's really not that hard mcar Dec 7 #139
Yes exactly. And who is the head of Hamas? The people here or in other countries are not at fault. Like i said Srkdqltr Dec 7 #144
This should go well Prairie Gates Dec 7 #28
Prairie Gate TeamProg Dec 8 #159
When I tripped over my shoes this morning, it was one clumsy act. Torchlight Dec 7 #32
I've seen virulent antisemitism (in protests, slogans, speeches, ect.) repeatedly stopdiggin Dec 7 #38
Just yesterday some were twisting themselves into pretzels defending the JohnSJ Dec 7 #92
ALL of those Presidents should step down. That was ridiculous. oldsoftie Dec 9 #179
Thank you for pointing out that which is and has been clearly discernible to me cornball 24 Dec 7 #41
even ONE accusation of anti-semitism is too many? fishwax Dec 7 #53
It is an easy go to for one side to use treestar Dec 7 #58
Agreed....and makes we wonder whether the accusations are to divide us here on DU? Chakaconcarne Dec 7 #59
I feel the same way angrychair Dec 7 #60
What Makes The Thing Tricky, Sir The Magistrate Dec 7 #69
I was talking to a devout Jewish woman yesterday who is totally against the war and hates Netanyahu with a passion kimbutgar Dec 7 #72
I was appauled when Netanyahu was re-elected. riversedge Dec 7 #80
Yes, he's giving Israel a bad name. LeftInTX Dec 7 #115
If you have a chance John Oliver did a great segment explaining the Israel/ Palestine/Hamas situation that kimbutgar Dec 7 #119
Well, anti-semitism obviously predates the founding of Israel. iemanja Dec 7 #124
and way, WAY predates Netanyahu stopdiggin Dec 7 #130
How did she explain the thousands of years TheKentuckian Dec 9 #188
SILLINESS here and all over. elleng Dec 7 #83
Yup... You are so right. hlthe2b Dec 7 #145
And if one expresses their opposition to Israel's policies by vandalizing onenote Dec 8 #152
'Vandalizing Jewish owned businesses, or sending bomb threats' elleng Dec 8 #160
Yes they are. And they also are acts of antisemitism onenote Dec 8 #161
"Anti-Semitism, that is, being against Semitic people" egduj Dec 8 #162
Utter foolishness, huh? yardwork Dec 8 #164
Is saying the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was very wrong and led to decades of violence DBoon Dec 7 #86
A national home for Jewish people is wrong. TheKentuckian Dec 9 #189
When will people learn to seperate individual citizens from Delmette2.0 Dec 7 #97
That entire area has been a quagmire forever DENVERPOPS Dec 7 #98
I was a Clinton delegate to the 2016 national convention LetMyPeopleVote Dec 7 #110
I'm so sorry that happened to you, Cha Dec 7 #113
That sucks LeftInTX Dec 7 #114
O M G! Just more proof that there are A-holes in every cross-section of society. Priests, lawyers, teachers, artists, TeamProg Dec 7 #134
I recall during that time mcar Dec 7 #140
Yes, I think this gets to the bottom of it, at least Nixie Dec 8 #157
This was also the convention where there was planned booing stunts of John Lewis and others LetMyPeopleVote Dec 8 #163
It makes me think about the old saw about sausages: "People who love sausages should never see them made." marble falls Dec 9 #176
There is no excuse for this happening and what did Nixie Dec 9 #184
I remember you sharing that harrowing experience with us Hekate Dec 9 #194
And my list grows longer BannonsLiver Dec 7 #125
Your ignore list? TeamProg Dec 7 #127
Lol BannonsLiver Dec 7 #128
Oh YES! BERNIE is DEFINITELY an 'anti-semite'!!!! DemocraticPatriot Dec 7 #131
There were multiple threads (one in particular was a shitshow) where many anti Sanders/ anti progressive Celerity Dec 9 #183
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck Patton French Dec 9 #175
Or Rich Little. marble falls Dec 9 #178
I'm with claudette Dec 9 #180
Adding (both sides) does not cause Hamas to abide by a cease fire TheKentuckian Dec 9 #190
Of course Tlaib is an antisemite AkFemDem Dec 10 #201
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