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33. These people are viewed as "undesireables" and hence they are shipped out from Southern areas.
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 02:06 PM
Dec 7

All Venezuelans should be shipped to Guaido's hideaway in Florida as he is also behind this trying to drive home a GOP wedge issue while pretending to be a Trump aided oil baron from Venezuela.

As far as illegals in America, I kindly defer to Native Americans.

Good, most of them want to go to Canada anyway. pwb Dec 6 #1
I believe immigrants are being sent to sanctuary cities jimfields33 Dec 6 #2
The cities don't "want" the immigrants iemanja Dec 6 #4
They will cooperate if the INS has a warrant for specific individuals DBoon Dec 6 #5
Okay, thanks. nt iemanja Dec 7 #15
Exactly right. The Unmitigated Gall Dec 7 #42
They may not want 28,000 in a brief time In Chicago's winter, either lostnfound Dec 7 #8
Mayor Brandon Johnson wants the immigrants Polybius Dec 7 #7
What proof is there that the mayor "wants" this? live love laugh Dec 7 #10
In the other reply I just sent n/t Polybius Dec 7 #19
Is that right? Prairie Gates Dec 7 #12
Yes n/t Polybius Dec 7 #18
You think the article you posted below proves your claim? n/t Prairie Gates Dec 7 #22
Yes I do Polybius Dec 7 #23
That's just a bad reading of the article and Johnson's statements Prairie Gates Dec 7 #24
No, I've read up on the mayor extensively Polybius Dec 7 #28
Sounds like someone has created a new sound byte/"talking point." live love laugh Dec 7 #9
There may be a Putin link to this jmbar2 Dec 6 #3
Mayor Brandon Johnson has been at odds with other officials over this Polybius Dec 7 #6
Untrue that he's been "extremely welcoming" of a crisis. live love laugh Dec 7 #11
Here ya go: Polybius Dec 7 #17
Take care of our own homeless first. dalton99a Dec 7 #13
The issue is many homeless folks (...have 2 family members in this situation...) don't want to be helped. iluvtennis Dec 7 #20
"they'd also cover the money that has been appropriated for border states to handle immigrants" redqueen Dec 7 #14
Exactly! The RW-owned media is having a field day with this. live love laugh Dec 7 #46
Or, if there is not enough money to pay for all pinkstarburst Dec 7 #48
It's wrong, but highly effective Johnny2X2X Dec 7 #16
Many cities/towns across the country need workers. Give them work permits and iluvtennis Dec 7 #21
I know right! Give everybody TAXPAYER ID's ...get them to work...pay those taxes ...spend that money you're making GuppyGal Dec 7 #25
What kind of people do Northern cities deport to the South? GreenWave Dec 7 #26
Very few coming from Canadian borders. jimfields33 Dec 7 #27
Immigration is a national issue pinkstarburst Dec 7 #31
These people are viewed as "undesireables" and hence they are shipped out from Southern areas. GreenWave Dec 7 #33
That is up to the national government DBoon Dec 7 #40
The national government pinkstarburst Dec 7 #43
The "national government" is people like MTG, McConnell, Gym et al .... live love laugh Dec 7 #47
Democrats have to stop talking out of both sides of our mouths on immigration. pinkstarburst Dec 7 #29
You imply immigrants are an economic drain DBoon Dec 7 #32
Mayor Adams says it is costing NYC taxpayers $12 billion MichMan Dec 7 #36
There's a huge cost associated with undocumented immigration TexasDem69 Dec 7 #38
He may be overstating DBoon Dec 7 #39
What happened to the crops? former9thward Dec 7 #49
"Oh, I am pro immigration, as long as I never have to look at an immigrant" Sympthsical Dec 7 #35
I'm guessing Abbott and/or Desantis is behind this? Initech Dec 7 #30
Not being content to make their own states miserable DBoon Dec 7 #34
Of course it's a political move TexasDem69 Dec 7 #37
As is their right to do so DBoon Dec 7 #41
Chicago doesn't have any obligation to provide care? TexasDem69 Dec 7 #44
"Without notification?" pinkstarburst Dec 7 #45
So if they didn't want them in Illinois TexasDem69 Dec 7 #50
How much notification did the border states get before their borders were crossed? yagotme Dec 8 #58
SARCASM: Help the "homeless and the poor"? ... Where does that come from? Stuart G Dec 7 #51
create a website for employers. Assess each family/immigrant, their needs and the parents' skills. Then ecstatic Dec 7 #52
There is so much immigrant hatred here in Chicago. It makes me sick mucifer Dec 7 #53
Fomented by the media's negative coverage ...I agree it's sickening . live love laugh Dec 8 #57
This is why the SALT Cap needs to sunset JustAnotherGen Dec 7 #54
How did the states lose money from the SALT cap? MichMan Dec 7 #55
I see where the border states have a point. What are Texas and other border states doc03 Dec 7 #56
Sounds good. Chicago is a sanctuary city that has a lot of resources. Bonx Dec 8 #59
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