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59. OFFS, former9thward, we're talking about commercial properties, which are assessed differently.
Sun Dec 10, 2023, 10:43 PM
Dec 2023

Trump doesn't hold title to his properties as an individual like you and I. They're commercial properties, and commercial properties are assessed quite differently from the homes of individuals. For example, in New York City, the government assesses commercial properties based on their income, which is different from how single-family homes are assessed based on potential sale values. New York State requires the city value properties in Tax Class 4 according to their current use, rather than their highest and best use. While this method of calculation is intended to avoid speculative valuation, it also can lead to lower assessed values than what the market implies, and relies on information the owner/entity of the property submits.

I don't submit anything to my local county assessor's office, they assess based on my address and recent home sales in my area. Trump came up with much of the numbers and info New York used to assess his property. Big difference.

For example, on Oct. 16, 2019, ProPublica published a story that revealed a series of “stark” inconsistencies between what the Trump Organization had reported to property tax authorities about the financial health of his landmark skyscraper at 40 Wall St. and what the company told lenders. The discrepancies made the building appear more profitable to the lenders, and less so to city tax officials. A real estate and finance professor told ProPublica at the time that the discrepancies were “versions of fraud.” https://www.propublica.org/article/trump-inc-podcast-never-before-seen-trump-tax-documents-show-major-inconsistencies

Interesting how, of all the thousands of posts on DU, you found my reply to another poster's reply (which he subsequently deleted) in this days old subthread, and then jumped in to attack me and defend Trump with misleading assertions, suggesting "the government" assessed Trump's properties and Trump's fraud played no part.

Just Hunter just this time is what they want. They just tried to make a big cut to IRS enforcement. brewens Dec 2023 #1
I'm good on the IRS number of workers Tickle Dec 2023 #3
I believe the addition of IRS workers is to go after these billion and maga millionaires Maraya1969 Dec 2023 #4
K & R........................ Lovie777 Dec 2023 #2
So much for the great American justice system. triron Dec 2023 #5
I'm sure the plea deal fell apart because they caved to Republican pressure Walleye Dec 2023 #6
Post removed Post removed Dec 2023 #12
Hunter did not ask for immunity from "any and all crimes that could be committed." SunSeeker Dec 2023 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author MichMan Dec 2023 #16
You don't know how to use Google? SunSeeker Dec 2023 #31
This message was self-deleted by its author MichMan Dec 2023 #34
Did you read your own excerpt? Prosecutors were threatening FARA charges. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author MichMan Dec 2023 #37
Hunter wanted immunity from crimes discovered in the course of Weiss' investigation. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #46
He wanted immunity Tickle Dec 2023 #22
No, Tickle, Hunter was not asking for total immunity for any and all crimes. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #32
Yup, Weiss got scared by the Republican blowback when the Trumper judge on the case ripped the plea deal. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #33
Hunter's lawyers requested immunity from future prosecution womanofthehills Dec 2023 #45
That is not true. Hunter was not asking for immunity from crimes he committed in the future. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #47
K&R 2naSalit Dec 2023 #7
Well stated. sinkingfeeling Dec 2023 #8
Hunter paid the back taxes with penalities assessed.. Historic NY Dec 2023 #9
k riversedge Dec 2023 #10
Fecking Paul Manafort owed the IRS over 3 MILLION dollars, but got a pardon from trumpty dumpty. Ziggysmom Dec 2023 #11
These comparisons should be on every news outlet, daily. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #13
It's fucking infuriating. Hunter has paid the money back, with interest. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #14
I may be misremembering this but... llmart Dec 2023 #17
Hunter Biden is facing a Witch Trial. First his laptop, now taxes. Recall Billy Beer. bucolic_frolic Dec 2023 #18
They're trying to make Joe pull out of 2024 canetoad Dec 2023 #19
Did he say his home was worth $ 80 million? Just wondering. twodogsbarking Dec 2023 #20
If Hunters last name was anything other than Biden liberal N proud Dec 2023 #21
Buh ... Buh, the DOJ isn't hyper partisan !!!! uponit7771 Dec 2023 #23
it's ridiculous Skittles Dec 2023 #24
Such BS bdamomma Dec 2023 #25
Can Garland NowISeetheLight Dec 2023 #26
Property Tax Fraud? NowISeetheLight Dec 2023 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author MichMan Dec 2023 #30
Trump overstated property value to get loans, understated propety value for taxes. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author MichMan Dec 2023 #38
The poster asked it Trump committed property tax fraud. Trump clearly did. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #48
Yes NowISeetheLight Dec 2023 #50
The government assesses propery for tax purposes. former9thward Dec 2023 #58
OFFS, former9thward, we're talking about commercial properties, which are assessed differently. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #59
Commercial properties set their own taxes in NYC? former9thward Dec 2023 #60
No, former9thward, fraud is not just the victim's problem. Please stop repeating Trump's talking points here. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #61
It really is stunning to see the defense of corporations like Deutsch Bank. former9thward Dec 2023 #62
Nobody is defending Deutsche Bank. But you are defending Trump. Why? SunSeeker Dec 2023 #63
Well at least you have backed off the claim they don't have the resources to do due diligence. former9thward Dec 2023 #64
So you won't answer why you're deflecting blame from Trump, you just offer more false statements. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #65
He was charged with buying a gun illegally. Isn't that their wet dream, no rules for buying guns. OverBurn Dec 2023 #28
I would think folks here who want to repeal the 2d Amendment TexasDem69 Dec 2023 #51
How did you come up with that reply? I'm Pointing out the irony of the Repukes going after him for it. OverBurn Dec 2023 #55
There is also irony Zeitghost Dec 2023 #56
Kick dalton99a Dec 2023 #29
Yep. They seem to regard Hunter Biden as the low-hanging fruit. calimary Dec 2023 #39
Unfortunately for Hunter, judges look at the reasons for taxes not being paid Shermann Dec 2023 #40
Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent Jacson6 Dec 2023 #41
welfare kings ronny raygun ignored. pansypoo53219 Dec 2023 #42
red hunter. as in herring. ignore fat gollum. pansypoo53219 Dec 2023 #43
Interesting thread. Kingofalldems Dec 2023 #44
Indeed. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #49
And very interesting self deletions. Kingofalldems Dec 2023 #52
LOL Yup. SunSeeker Dec 2023 #53
You know who cheated the fuck out of their taxes? Trump. And fucking nothing. bullimiami Dec 2023 #54
I've got an idea. Appoint Weiss as special prosecutor to investigate Trump and kids taxes. bullimiami Dec 2023 #57
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