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That was pretty good LeftInTX Dec 2023 #1
Who the hell is still listening to this racist? NotVeryImportant Dec 2023 #2
I just listened to him RussBLib Dec 2023 #4
I am. It's a very good post. NoRethugFriends Dec 2023 #6
Me elias7 Dec 2023 #9
I'm not a fan, (he's so cynical) but this was really good. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #10
Bill Maher is many things . . . SarcasticSatyr Dec 2023 #11
So sorry but I liked what he had to say. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2023 #75
K&R betsuni Dec 2023 #3
Actually worth watching Nt FHRRK Dec 2023 #5
Worth watching JI7 Dec 2023 #7
Wow, this video was excellent! wackadoo wabbit Dec 2023 #8
If you're going to show us a video of a controversial figure like Maher, you really ought to give some idea muriel_volestrangler Dec 2023 #12
"From that, I conclude it's not really worth discussing, or therefore listening to." betsuni Dec 2023 #13
the video is about how in the history of warfare, eventually an agreement is made to end it Takket Dec 2023 #30
Any mention of the Likud policy of "between the Sea and the Jordan there will only be Israeli sovereignty"? muriel_volestrangler Dec 2023 #31
no. there was not. Takket Dec 2023 #32
Compromise is needed . A two state solution is necessary . DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2023 #96
unfortunately, a two-state solution isn't possible unless cabotnn22 Dec 2023 #117
Isn't he showing his libertarian view? Emile Dec 2023 #14
Wow... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #15
Um no. nycbos Dec 2023 #18
Hmmm... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #24
No he didn't say it was good. nycbos Dec 2023 #26
Well, he specifically... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #35
What?? That was 170 years ago LeftInTX Dec 2023 #55
Why are you... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #63
Were NM, CO, NV, CA, AZ, WY slave territories? We're talking about two different wars and land cedes! LeftInTX Dec 2023 #91
I have no idea... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #93
That's some RW talking point and that's not what Maher is talking about. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #94
But Maher said it. Think. Again. Dec 2023 #95
Did Maher say: "Slavery was good for the enslaved."? LeftInTX Dec 2023 #97
Wow. Think. Again. Dec 2023 #98
But Mexico banned slavery before the Mexican-American War, and Texas rebelled so it could bring back slavery muriel_volestrangler Dec 2023 #82
This message was self-deleted by its author Think. Again. Dec 2023 #85
I see your annoyance, but I did reply to LeftInTX, not to you muriel_volestrangler Dec 2023 #86
My apologies... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #88
This thread is going in totally different direction. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #100
who is the colonizer in Israel? lapfog_1 Dec 2023 #81
He specifically pointed out... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #87
Which is utter bullshit. Voltaire2 Dec 2023 #102
I agree. Think. Again. Dec 2023 #104
What is a 'settler'? What are the occupied territories? Voltaire2 Dec 2023 #101
how far back in history do you want to go? lapfog_1 Dec 2023 #107
I agree Ghost of Tom Joad Dec 2023 #110
I didn't watch. If this is what he said, it's depressing. If I were forced to "leave" I would die, & if asked "several AnotherMother4Peace Dec 2023 #33
We were forced to move. My family were refugees. They were also killed. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #57
I find it heartbreaking... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #66
No, it's telling the pro-Palestinians to stop doing a Trump impression Sympthsical Dec 2023 #19
That's a good summation. yardwork Dec 2023 #20
I appreciated it when he demonstrated how wars and migrations and expulsions question everything Dec 2023 #22
One thing that's been bugging me lately Sympthsical Dec 2023 #23
The hardcore Zionists starting in the 19th century onward spoke of taking over all of Eretz (greater) Israel. You cannot Celerity Dec 2023 #67
And Israel has started implementing this slogan when, exactly? question everything Dec 2023 #71
No. They started in 1947/48, including mass slaughters. Even before that Celerity Dec 2023 #83
The UN gave the Palestinians a decent deal for statehood in 1947. They didn't take it. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #90
The Revisionist, Jabotinski-style Zionists were always going to make play after play to take all of Eretz Israel & drive Celerity Dec 2023 #99
Israel is a democracy, it has elections question everything Dec 2023 #70
Israel enid602 Dec 2023 #64
I believe it's actually... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #65
Naw, I think he would have said "let them eat baklawa" Abolishinist Dec 2023 #48
Makes a lot more sense than entitled halfwits defacing libraries and threatening Jewish owners of falafel joints Beastly Boy Dec 2023 #16
It's the truth. Israel is not going anywhere. Swede Dec 2023 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Dec 2023 #21
.... CatWoman Dec 2023 #25
Thank you. Yes, President Truman was the first to recognize the State of Israel question everything Dec 2023 #41
Saw it. It's outstanding. gulliver Dec 2023 #27
That was actually well-reasoned. Gotta give credit where credit is due. DFW Dec 2023 #28
Maher is a misogynist. I won't watch him. My question is to you. What does your excerpt have AnotherMother4Peace Dec 2023 #47
Watch the video instead of asking others to watch it for you Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2023 #76
I'm not asking anyone to watch it for me. nt AnotherMother4Peace Dec 2023 #80
He is a hateful misogynistic creep who helped elect TFG. efhmc Dec 2023 #29
He helped elect Bush in 2000 SocialDemocrat61 Dec 2023 #39
But the show got the history right. Cha Dec 2023 #40
Amazing how so many people support revmclaren Dec 2023 #52
Yeah there's things I don't like about Cha Dec 2023 #58
I have always despise this slug because of his contempt for women. He could be giving direct quotes efhmc Dec 2023 #120
Brutal in its reality. Patton French Dec 2023 #34
Wow... So true.. "..it's hard to negotiate when the Cha Dec 2023 #36
Wow, he's solved the Israel-Palestine problem in eight minutes! barbaraann Dec 2023 #37
Bill can just fuck off already. Total pos. Voltaire2 Dec 2023 #38
You don't have to watch it, you know. question everything Dec 2023 #43
History is full of injustice. Victims should just take their lumps and move on. Martin Eden Dec 2023 #42
Maher would be proud of you. His aim is not to please anyone. He is happy when every one question everything Dec 2023 #44
Does he purposely say stupid shit he doesn't believe just to infuriate viewers? Martin Eden Dec 2023 #46
Right !!! "Humans will do bad shit let's accept that" is 100% privileged people talk uponit7771 Dec 2023 #45
The Palestinians were offered decent deals by the UN early on and they rejected them LeftInTX Dec 2023 #49
Shhh...you're posting facts. revmclaren Dec 2023 #54
Indeed Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2023 #77
We agree Palestinians were offered such back then. That doesn't justify anyone doing dirty uponit7771 Dec 2023 #59
There is no solution right now. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #61
There is a solution, there NOTHING new under the sun. A similar problem has been solved or made worse... uponit7771 Dec 2023 #62
Hamas has got enough money that it doesn't need to compromise. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #68
The leaders of Hamas are billionaires Mosby Dec 2023 #105
I know. But that NYT article shows they've got more money than we thought! LeftInTX Dec 2023 #106
It's easy to be cavalier about colonialism when it's not your home being taken. meadowlander Dec 2023 #113
Maher is worse than cavalier Martin Eden Dec 2023 #115
He's perfectly correct here. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2023 #50
Kicking to keep this thread going. revmclaren Dec 2023 #51
Maher nailed it. nt LexVegas Dec 2023 #53
Fuck Bill Maher. Paladin Dec 2023 #56
Searching for the right words, yet Abolishinist Dec 2023 #72
Please feel free to watch all the Bill Maher shows you want. (nt) Paladin Dec 2023 #84
Thanks, I will! Abolishinist Dec 2023 #111
Who's Bill Maher?? InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2023 #60
See some don't like the messenger.. Cha Dec 2023 #69
Families both on my side and wife have lost their "home". Xolodno Dec 2023 #73
My heart breaks over what your family has gone through... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #112
Presumably, Maher doesn't think "Jews need to get over the holocaust". redgreenandblue Dec 2023 #74
Good question. Eko Dec 2023 #78
They did. Most chose not to go back to their old towns but to start new life in Israel question everything Dec 2023 #92
You talk like we haven't "gotten over the holocaust". CincyDem Dec 2023 #109
does singing "god bless america" rampartc Dec 2023 #79
Bill Maher is an imbecile PBateman70 Dec 2023 #89
First, Maher's Islamophobia is well documented. Second, he whines non-stop ecstatic Dec 2023 #103
Post removed Post removed Dec 2023 #114
This is an excellent dose of realism as he called it. Nixie Dec 2023 #108
He's pissed that college students have other sources LuvLoogie Dec 2023 #116
Surprising, considering the source, but he's absolutely right. lees1975 Dec 2023 #118
I enjoyed this breakdown of how awful Bill's argument was. DJ Porkchop Dec 2023 #119
Pfffft. I think that the UN should rule upon all those "treaties" which the United States DemocraticPatriot Dec 2023 #121
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