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Wed Dec 20, 2023, 05:24 PM Dec 2023

I agree with SoS Blinken [View all]


Blinken: "What is striking to me is that even as we hear many countries urging the end to this conflict, which we would all like to see, I hear virtually no one saying, demanding of Hamas, that it stop hiding behind civilians, lay down its arms, that it surrender."
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I agree with SoS Blinken [View all] mcar Dec 2023 OP
Hear Hear, Sir The Magistrate Dec 2023 #1
Indeed mcar Dec 2023 #9
Uhhh.. maybe if Israel gave back all the stolen land? And brought back all those slaughtered in the Nakba and afterward? PTL_Mancuso Dec 2023 #46
I Must Often Remind Myself Of The Morning Admonitions The Magistrate Dec 2023 #47
Precisely So! PTL_Mancuso Dec 2023 #49
This didn't start with Islamophobia Arazi Dec 2023 #53
Maybe after Europe gives back the lives and property to Jews Arazi Dec 2023 #52
It all depends upon how far back we wish to unwind the stack. PTL_Mancuso Dec 2023 #54
Dude, there was a 2 state solution from the very beginning Arazi Dec 2023 #55
Oh Yes! Oh Yes! They were so very happy to live side-by-side with the nice, friendly folks PTL_Mancuso Dec 2023 #59
The Arabs living there and their Arab neighbors attacked Arazi Dec 2023 #61
Oh my my! Such a nice fairy story! PTL_Mancuso Dec 2023 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author AnrothElf Dec 2023 #57
You make a FALSE accusation. PTL_Mancuso Dec 2023 #60
There is no stolen land to return. TheKentuckian Dec 2023 #75
Well stated!!!!!! LAS14 Dec 2023 #2
Their silence speaks volumes. tritsofme Dec 2023 #3
I suspect that the lack of such demands on Hamas is that everyone knows they'd be wasting their breath... Silent3 Dec 2023 #4
Then why are these same people mcar Dec 2023 #14
Perhaps because they consider the horrible suffering in Gaza right now... Silent3 Dec 2023 #16
'They' won't have to deal with Hamas later Captain Stern Dec 2023 #18
It's more a problem of how Israel is going about it Silent3 Dec 2023 #19
It's not "indiscriminate". Hamas are the legitimate target * Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #43
Just because Hamas is deliberately putting civilians in danger... Silent3 Dec 2023 #62
Actually, I never said that any of the innocent civilian victims "deserve" their fate, did I? Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #64
Saying "Hamas is to blame", even though quite true... Silent3 Dec 2023 #66
Well, why don't you tell Hamas to stop hiding & shielding themselves among these "innocent civilians"? Tarheel_Dem Dec 2023 #67
That wouldn't do any good, but that doesn't excuse an "anything goes" policy for Israel Silent3 Dec 2023 #69
If your very existence is being threatened, then "ANYTHING" & "EVERYTHING" may be required to eliminate the threat. nt Tarheel_Dem Dec 2023 #71
The key word in your response is "may" Silent3 Dec 2023 #80
Would you have said the same thing to the WWII allies against the Axis powers? Sal_NV Dec 2023 #76
Yes, I would have said the same thing to the WWII allies Silent3 Dec 2023 #81
Thanks for being honest, I disagree, but thanks. nt Sal_NV Dec 2023 #82
Hamas gets a pass then? mcar Dec 2023 #83
Israel's mission is clear and they will do, must do, whatever it takes to destroy Hamas. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #68
Blame doesn't work that way Silent3 Dec 2023 #70
Israel does not need absolution. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #72
I'm not blaming Israel for anything Hamas has done. Silent3 Dec 2023 #74
oh, I understand what you're saying. I simply disagree. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #84
Post removed Post removed Dec 2023 #85
I applaud you. Sal_NV Dec 2023 #77
I don't understand mcar Dec 2023 #20
No, it's just that Israel has already killed 10-20 times more Palestinians than Israelis... Silent3 Dec 2023 #30
When there is no capacity for a repeat TheKentuckian Dec 2023 #35
Fronting? Silent3 Dec 2023 #37
Most of these protests are being funded. sheshe2 Dec 2023 #33
Sad to see that so many of "our own" are falling for it * Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #44
Isn't that sort of implied by now? Mad_Machine76 Dec 2023 #5
Explicit Beats Implied By Many Miles The Magistrate Dec 2023 #6
If they think accusing people who want a cease fire of supporting Hamas is helpful they are tone deaf. onecaliberal Dec 2023 #7
Right? mcar Dec 2023 #21
The silence of both the UN and feminist groups concerning Hamas rapes speaks volumes. lapucelle Dec 2023 #12
I have lost so much respect for the UN Womens group mcar Dec 2023 #22
+1 betsuni Dec 2023 #87
You think rape survivor Nancy Mace "was trying to sound all high ground" lapucelle Dec 2023 #29
No, not in the least. The implication is a wink and a nod TheKentuckian Dec 2023 #36
That's becsuse most of them support Hamas JI7 Dec 2023 #8
Yo are equating folks who want a ceasefire/shelling Gaza to end with Hamas supporters obamanut2012 Dec 2023 #10
HAMAS said NO to Ceasefire that Israel wanted for a Humanitarian pause.. Cha Dec 2023 #32
Lol Sky Jewels Dec 2023 #13
I am not a supporter of apple trees Sympthsical Dec 2023 #17
This is such a good analogy mcar Dec 2023 #23
"Where one party hasn't figured out object permanence..." yardwork Dec 2023 #51
+1 betsuni Dec 2023 #86
A number of posters seem to have missed that Blinken said "countries." yardwork Dec 2023 #50
Well it is being said ... somewhere .... FakeNoose Dec 2023 #11
I agree with Sec. Blinken. brer cat Dec 2023 #15
Is Blinkin calling out Joe Biden? ETA: ANSWER: No SYFROYH Dec 2023 #24
Kinda don't think so mcar Dec 2023 #25
Indeed they are. lapucelle Dec 2023 #27
what part of ending this conflict Skittles Dec 2023 #26
What part of "Hamas must surrender" is us v them bullshit? mcar Dec 2023 #28
you didn't answer the question Skittles Dec 2023 #39
'K mcar Dec 2023 #48
Oooops Cha Dec 2023 #65
Yeah, & it's HAMAS Who Won't agree to a Ceasefire for Humanitarian pauses right NOW Cha Dec 2023 #31
Nah, I don't want hamas to surrender... Think. Again. Dec 2023 #34
That I can agree to, as I'm sure that all of DU wants. nt Sal_NV Dec 2023 #79
I feel it's akin to telling Japan and Germany in early 1942 to surrender Kennah Dec 2023 #38
Interesting comparison. They do not see a loss, or they simply do not care. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #45
It's confusing as hell. It's like there's global amnesia as to how this whole thing started. The atrocities of 10/7... Tarheel_Dem Dec 2023 #40
K & R SunSeeker Dec 2023 #41
I agree with Sec. Blinken LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2023 #42
I agree as well. OilemFirchen Dec 2023 #56
I also agree with SoS Blinken. revmclaren Dec 2023 #58
K&R betsuni Dec 2023 #73
Kick. lapucelle Dec 2023 #78
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