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Sat Dec 30, 2023, 05:27 PM Dec 2023

Hello. This is Botany. I am still alive. [View all]

The last few months have been tough but it looks like I’ll be around for a few more trips around the sun.

Hospital food is brutal.

And why is Fox News allowed to spread their lies? They should be outlawed.

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Welcome back! May your New Year be robustly healthy and happy! ❤️ Hekate Dec 2023 #1
Hey! Glad you're still with us. LoisB Dec 2023 #2
No more than 50 Botany Dec 2023 #55
There you are! blogslug Dec 2023 #3
There you are! 2naSalit Dec 2023 #4
Well whatever you had nocoincidences Dec 2023 #5
Happy new year, dear Botany UpInArms Dec 2023 #6
So glad to see you😀 malaise Dec 2023 #7
I'm glad to see you. brer cat Dec 2023 #8
Freedom cuts both ways Maeve Dec 2023 #9
You were missed EYESORE 9001 Dec 2023 #10
Oh, my! It has been since October 12 that I last saw your post. WELCOME BACK!!!! hlthe2b Dec 2023 #11
Been wondering about you. Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2023 #12
So good to hear! peggysue2 Dec 2023 #13
Who doesn't like free food! G2theD Dec 2023 #85
Hiya, Botany! Glad you're well enough to bitch about FOX. SO glad you're back here! ancianita Dec 2023 #14
Nice to see you back! Diamond_Dog Dec 2023 #15
Hope somebody Cha Dec 2023 #16
Sometimes it was just "there" and i got "it" on me. Botany Dec 2023 #19
I so know faux has Poisoned 🤢 America. Cha Dec 2023 #30
Sorry you had to put up with it LeftInTX Dec 2023 #64
Genuinely truly happy to see that you are back! Nt lostnfound Dec 2023 #17
Welcome back democrank Dec 2023 #18
Long time, no see. Welcome back. Glad you're feeling better. paleotn Dec 2023 #20
YAY !! dweller Dec 2023 #21
Is she still going through her lesbian phase? Botany Dec 2023 #44
Yeah! Great to hear from you! MLAA Dec 2023 #22
Welcome back. badhair77 Dec 2023 #23
Hope you make a full recovery, physical and mental. Watch both and feel good. twodogsbarking Dec 2023 #24
Without going into too many details my mind what little there is of it took a hit but some of it is Botany Dec 2023 #37
Welcome back Botony! True Blue American Dec 2023 #25
Bad hospital food and forced exposure to Fox vanlassie Dec 2023 #26
Good to see you! mountain grammy Dec 2023 #27
It's good to "see" you. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2023 #28
C-19 was just a small part. Botany Dec 2023 #40
OMG, you've really been through it. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2023 #42
Glad you made it Demovictory9 Dec 2023 #62
Glad to see you're back!!! RKP5637 Dec 2023 #29
Welcome back! mcar Dec 2023 #31
So happy you are still among us. pandr32 Dec 2023 #32
Wishing you a healthy and Happy New Year 🥳 Deuxcents Dec 2023 #33
Good to see you back. Emile Dec 2023 #34
Congrats! LymphocyteLover Dec 2023 #35
Hope your recovery goes well. hibbing Dec 2023 #36
Glad to see your post Marthe48 Dec 2023 #38
Welcome back! Wishing you a new year of livetohike Dec 2023 #39
🌼 Health and Happiness in the New Year 🌞 Donkees Dec 2023 #41
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Dec 2023 #43
Glad to see my science-y buddy BumRushDaShow Dec 2023 #45
Thanx Botany Dec 2023 #83
Agree 100% BumRushDaShow Dec 2023 #84
14 million dead world wide and much of that goes to Trump Botany Dec 2023 #86
Welcome Back ProfessorGAC Dec 2023 #46
Hello, Botany gademocrat7 Dec 2023 #47
Hang tough Botany. And ask for the Kosher meal. It's always better! Evolve Dammit Dec 2023 #48
Welcome back! We have missed you! ms liberty Dec 2023 #49
God doesn't want you and the devil's afraid of you. Ellipsis Dec 2023 #50
May you have many more laps around the sun airplaneman Dec 2023 #51
Oh my goodness, I am very happy you are on the mend! ismnotwasm Dec 2023 #52
Nice to know you're still alive Warpy Dec 2023 #53
Good to see you back canetoad Dec 2023 #54
Welcome back sakabatou Dec 2023 #56
Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery. Now get better cuz we're gonna need all hands on deck for the fight ahead. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2023 #57
200 recs and counting! True Dough Dec 2023 #58
GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU spanone Dec 2023 #59
Good News BunnyMcGee Dec 2023 #60
Welcome back. So glad to know you are still with us. May the coming year be niyad Dec 2023 #61
Sorry you were in the hospital for so long. LeftInTX Dec 2023 #63
Hello to you, Happy Holidays & Welcome Back!!! 🥳 nt Raine Dec 2023 #65
Peace to you as the new years rings in. riversedge Dec 2023 #66
Botany! I had babylonsister Dec 2023 #67
Welcome back BigOleDummy Dec 2023 #68
Welcome back Botany KS Toronado Dec 2023 #69
In 2024 America needs to hold Fox responsible for who and what they are Botany Dec 2023 #80
Welcome back, Botany, and Happy New Year to you! I'm glad to know you're still with us. Your name is one of LaMouffette Dec 2023 #70
To everybody Botany Dec 2023 #71
Glad You Are Recovering ...........HAPPY NEW YEAR.......2024??? Stuart G Dec 2023 #74
May 2024 bring you all good things Iris Dec 2023 #72
Glad you are recovering. sellitman Dec 2023 #73
I just got back from a long murielm99 Dec 2023 #75
I dearly hope you're hanging in there. herding cats Jan 2024 #88
Botany 500 bucolic_frolic Dec 2023 #76
That's good news! CrispyQ Dec 2023 #77
I'm so relieved to see you post! yardwork Dec 2023 #78
So glad to see you back. lapucelle Dec 2023 #79
welcome back,welcome back, welcome back !!!!!!! AllaN01Bear Dec 2023 #81
Good to hear from you Botany. irisblue Dec 2023 #82
Well, you certainly nailed hospital food. soldierant Dec 2023 #87
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