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Wed Jan 3, 2024, 10:49 PM Jan 2024

Hamas' brutality is unpardonable [View all]

A recent post was locked because it didn’t cite a reputable news source. Here’s a largely identical story from the NY Times about the October 7 attacks and Hamas’ brutality. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/12/28/world/middleeast/oct-7-attacks-hamas-israel-sexual-violence.html

An excerpt:

“The Times viewed photographs of one woman’s corpse that emergency responders discovered in the rubble of a besieged kibbutz with dozens of nails driven into her thighs and groin.

The Times also viewed a video, provided by the Israeli military, showing two dead Israeli soldiers at a base near Gaza who appeared to have been shot directly in their vaginas.”

There is no negotiating with rabid animals. They are hostis humanis generi, enemies of all mankind.

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Hamas' brutality is unpardonable [View all] TexasDem69 Jan 2024 OP
Exactly Calculating Jan 2024 #1
The brutality on both sides is off the chart unpardonable. marble falls Jan 2024 #2
I haven't seen any stories about the IDF TexasDem69 Jan 2024 #3
Yes, where are the stories of IDF raping women and chopping off men's penises? Beakybird Jan 2024 #5
Rec TY. Cha Jan 2024 #6
However claudette Jan 2024 #10
We killed hundreds of thousands of children in WW II by bombs. former9thward Jan 2024 #11
Hell yes we should be, but IMO that comparison isn't very solid Orrex Jan 2024 #22
As long as the sides are "equal," killing civilians is okay? Nice logic AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #29
I'd like you to point out who the fuck said that, exactly. Orrex Jan 2024 #33
WWII was a fairly symmetrical war between major national powers, and the weaponry of the time had little ability to yiel AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #34
Could you repeat the part where you pretend I said that killing civilians is ok? Orrex Jan 2024 #39
3% of the world's population was killed during WW2 using those weapons. AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #42
If that's your opinion, then go ahead and own it Orrex Jan 2024 #43
Who thinks that it was OK then? Chainfire Jan 2024 #145
OK is irrelevant. What is necessary is what matters. TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #209
The big problem with your argument is that you suggest that the bombing decided the war. Chainfire Jan 2024 #227
It was won by both. Attrition and disruption were significant factors TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #255
There was little attrition or disruption. There was, however, a lot of civilian deaths. Chainfire Jan 2024 #256
Weird flex... Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #49
It wasn't a flex, merely a statement about an ugly reality Orrex Jan 2024 #52
Absolutely n.t. RocRizzo55 Jan 2024 #54
Happy people like you were not in charge of war planning in WW II. former9thward Jan 2024 #61
More whataboutism. RocRizzo55 Jan 2024 #155
What claudette Jan 2024 #57
I would call it a god-damned shame that terrorists would mine an entire city, creating a city under a city Hekate Jan 2024 #99
War. former9thward Jan 2024 #154
Of course we should. It was not right then and it is not right now. Chainfire Jan 2024 #144
This is true. But Israel isn't trying to kill children. They're trying to kill terrorists. That's a big distinction. Beakybird Jan 2024 #13
but but - so how do you kill 10,000 kids & injure 25,000 without trying? You have to be really incompetent or a womanofthehills Jan 2024 #19
Hamas uses them as human shields. Why not attack Hamas for doing that? AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #31
Not those who claudette Jan 2024 #59
Actually they are ripcord Jan 2024 #64
Not sure claudette Jan 2024 #66
1400 on october 7th is just collatarel damage? they were innocent too. AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #69
No claudette Jan 2024 #70
Hamas uses innocents as human shields. How many innodent Japanese had to be killed for Pearl Harbor? AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #73
They used claudette Jan 2024 #74
Calling It A Response, Ma'am, Gives The Game Away The Magistrate Jan 2024 #75
how else do you eliminate hamas? AlexSFCA Jan 2024 #135
"Brutal response"? Israel shouldn't hand wring while kitchen-made rockets rain down. They get to end the barrage quickly SoFlaBro Jan 2024 #171
How many babies in Gaza "refused ceasefires" ? DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #97
How many of the 1400 killed 10/7 were military or government targets? AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #102
Very few, I'm sure.... DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #106
But... sheshe2 Jan 2024 #119
The number is . . . Richard D Jan 2024 #156
In other words, they don't actually know. N/T AloeVera Jan 2024 #166
Your view of history is in error. The US threatened Japan to get out of SE Asia TeamProg Jan 2024 #232
This message was self-deleted by its author MichMan Jan 2024 #251
If Hamas would surrender, turn over the planners/perpetrators of the 10/7 attacks, kelly1mm Jan 2024 #159
Consider a strong theory: Richard D Jan 2024 #170
Hamas uses the deaths to serve up endless tiktok and twitter memes, reducing the struggle to bully vs victim elias7 Jan 2024 #235
The question is why you and others here cannot respect our sorrow and mourning and have to question everything Jan 2024 #35
actually - the OP highlighted Hamas brutality stopdiggin Jan 2024 #56
"Guess you haven't been over on TicToc or Twitter and viewed the thousands of horrific videos" and there you have it GuppyGal Jan 2024 #111
Ridiculous comparison. WW2 was 80yrs ago; war was fought differently. oldsoftie Jan 2024 #77
You claudette Jan 2024 #83
The UN reported 1000s of dead children? Hamas is in charge of what info comes out of Gaza. oldsoftie Jan 2024 #86
The death-toll is likely way under-counted. AloeVera Jan 2024 #175
I'm sure the numbers are high, but ALL deaths are on Hamas oldsoftie Jan 2024 #190
Maybe the Gazan's should pay heed when told to move for their safety EX500rider Jan 2024 #82
That kind of "evacuation" forced by Israel is illegal in the first place. AloeVera Jan 2024 #162
Hello - where is it safe? womanofthehills Jan 2024 #211
You forgot . . . Richard D Jan 2024 #21
A baby in Palestine is just as dead from a 2000 pound bomb dropped by Israel.... DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author Abolishinist Jan 2024 #110
For those who are true believers in the tenets of the Quran, Abolishinist Jan 2024 #117
Your post is over the line iemanja Jan 2024 #122
I beg your pardon? Abolishinist Jan 2024 #124
The version you since edited iemanja Jan 2024 #168
No, the only problem I realized after your response is that because of my poorly worded Abolishinist Jan 2024 #172
Does that mean Israel's killing children is okay in your view? iemanja Jan 2024 #173
If a soulless motherfucker has so little value for his own TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #239
The post I originally responded to was in turn responding kelly1mm Jan 2024 #160
Did you read the unedited version? iemanja Jan 2024 #167
I do see it now and I agree it is close to. if not crossing the line. I will edit my post. nt kelly1mm Jan 2024 #247
For the gazillionth time Mossfern Jan 2024 #164
Because none of the mainstream media RocRizzo55 Jan 2024 #53
Ah, there we go... AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #76
Yup The Revolution Jan 2024 #96
Is this a "Jews control the media" post? egduj Jan 2024 #140
NO!!!!! RocRizzo55 Jan 2024 #143
Oh we know who AIPAC is AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #149
It absolutely was. It is amazing how reflexively the vile tropes come. TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #222
We've already gotten "killed Jesus" AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #230
That's because instead they blew her into a million pieces with a 2000 pound bomb. DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #219
That didn't take long NickB79 Jan 2024 #8
Never does. Behind the Aegis Jan 2024 #40
What I love is all of the what about WWII bombings. Chainfire Jan 2024 #146
Bothsiderism is a rhetorical tool of the most wicked TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #9
Mentioning the consequences of the IDF's indiscriminate bombing is not "bothsiderism" Bucky Jan 2024 #120
Heads they win, tails Israel loses. TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #189
There's ways to fight Hamas that don't involve leveling apartment buildings and killing thousands of innocent people Bucky Jan 2024 #205
Most of those methods are being employed but do little TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #210
Israel did not kill Sinwar! It was some other Hamas dude in Lebanon (Sorry can't remember his name) LeftInTX Jan 2024 #233
Ok thanks. It was their deputy chief Saleh al-Arouri Bucky Jan 2024 #238
More bothsidersome. former9thward Jan 2024 #12
Both sider-ism is as hollow an argument as what about-ism. AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #17
Even so, is there a point where we stop blaming Hamas for Israel's actions? Orrex Jan 2024 #23
Yeah. . .Israel asked to be attacked on October 7th. It's their fault and they deserved it AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #27
I'd like you to point out who the fuck said that, exactly. Orrex Jan 2024 #37
After Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2006 they had elections question everything Jan 2024 #65
A beautiful example of deflection. TeamProg Jan 2024 #44
BOTH SIDES are to blame for TOO MANY Dead Babies... DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #50
"Or does the campaign continue until everyone in Gaza is dead?" EX500rider Jan 2024 #109
Suggesting that there may be less dead civilians isn't necessarily a good thing Orrex Jan 2024 #113
When Hamas has been obliterated and can no longer be a threat. TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #174
Just to be clear: Orrex Jan 2024 #181
I didn't mince words. I said as many as it takes and as few as possible. TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #194
You're right claudette Jan 2024 #67
I don't see any IDF Soldiers Raping, Mutilating, Cha Jan 2024 #126
Is bombing innocent people in their homes not butchering? Chainfire Jan 2024 #147
Nope. Hamas is pure evil. jimfields33 Jan 2024 #152
I guess as long as they don't do THOSE things... AloeVera Jan 2024 #188
"Both sides". HAMAS Started This Cha Jan 2024 #4
This video so enraged me, October 7, nocoincidences Jan 2024 #7
The shame is that those who consider themselves mcar Jan 2024 #14
Because Jewish women don't matter to them. EllieBC Jan 2024 #16
As the title of the book says "People Love Dead Jews." AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #18
Actually, women don't matter to them. Women are not whole beings in the Hamas world view. GoneOffShore Jan 2024 #71
I've wondered if this played into the "Jewish Princess" trope AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #161
Shameful indeed. sheshe2 Jan 2024 #25
Exactly. Now you're called a right winger for calling out hate Nixie Jan 2024 #80
I've been gobsmacked since Oct. 7 mcar Jan 2024 #100
Well said. The heartless propaganda is thick Nixie Jan 2024 #121
Exactly!! nocoincidences Jan 2024 #15
What? AloeVera Jan 2024 #187
Let's talk about rabid animals' physical abuse, sexual humiliation, physical and psychological torture and rape. TeamProg Jan 2024 #20
Horseshit. nocoincidences Jan 2024 #24
Pardon me? You don't believe the abuses of U.S. soldiers on Iraqis and others? TeamProg Jan 2024 #26
Not relevant to the topic. nocoincidences Jan 2024 #30
We are talking about the abuses of war. Abu Graib is completely relevant. TeamProg Jan 2024 #38
If you care about the victims of October 7th AloeVera Jan 2024 #186
Bothsideism. revmclaren Jan 2024 #32
its not even both sides do it lapfog_1 Jan 2024 #127
Very true. revmclaren Jan 2024 #128
YES. people WERE punished for Abu Graib. Hamas had parades with hostages. oldsoftie Jan 2024 #137
... revmclaren Jan 2024 #28
No, let's not! Start your own thread, don't hijack others'. Are you capable? question everything Jan 2024 #36
I'm only referring to some history of abuses that happen in war. Most humans don't blame all Americans for TeamProg Jan 2024 #41
A handful? You must have very very large hands. NoRethugFriends Jan 2024 #45
I was being generous, probably LESS than a handful of Hamas members were doing such atrocities, but I can't say. TeamProg Jan 2024 #48
These atrocities were part of the PLAN of attack. This is how THEY operate. oldsoftie Jan 2024 #138
All of them. THIS WAS THE FUCKING PLAN! TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #176
You don't know that. Lots of assuming there. nt TeamProg Jan 2024 #197
You seem to have an idea of an actual number. yagotme Jan 2024 #198
Already discussed above. TeamProg Jan 2024 #199
From videos released, it was more than ten (handful). yagotme Jan 2024 #200
You seem to have an idea of an actual number. nt TeamProg Jan 2024 #201
You are the one refuting when someone posts an opinion on participation levels. yagotme Jan 2024 #203
Already discussed above. TeamProg Jan 2024 #204
What is your argument? TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #223
A: That what the US did at Abu Graib was about as bad. I'm not apologizing for the sickos in TeamProg Jan 2024 #231
What are comparing to what end other than white washing fucking Hamas again? TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #240
Or what the Turks did to the Armenians. All horrible! All done before! S. Africa has filed paperwork for Netayahu to TeamProg Jan 2024 #242
The NYT article is very hard to read without getting sick and angry LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2024 #46
Yes claudette Jan 2024 #68
"Should never have happened" Nixie Jan 2024 #157
It's a never-ending battle on many fronts, isn't it. Abolishinist Jan 2024 #177
Yes it is. Quite deplorable even. Nixie Jan 2024 #193
You do realize the Arabs are saying exactly the same thing about the Israelis, right? Warpy Jan 2024 #51
So, HAMAS Started This SHIT. They don't give a Shit about Cha Jan 2024 #125
And because Hamas doesn't give a shit about Palestinians that gives Israel permission kill innocent Palestinians? Chainfire Jan 2024 #148
The genocidal extremists that have tried to wipe Israel TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #241
Indeed.... horrific... unpardonable.... DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #55
it's not about making it even Richard D Jan 2024 #58
I think this is a missed point of the whole Israeli response. elias7 Jan 2024 #60
I think. Richard D Jan 2024 #62
Well, in this thread alone AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #79
I never thought I'd see such blatant antisemitism in DU. Richard D Jan 2024 #90
It is so missed . . . Richard D Jan 2024 #63
This is one of the best answers to this difficult question that I have seen. GoneOffShore Jan 2024 #72
+1000000 GuppyGal Jan 2024 #112
OK. So the number of civilian woman and children who die in Gaza DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #92
Yeah . . . Richard D Jan 2024 #93
I wouldn't drop 2000 pound bombs in civilian areas, DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #94
If you went in to do it yourself Mossfern Jan 2024 #245
"Pragmatic thinking"--- DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #249
Pragmatic thinking Mossfern Jan 2024 #253
So much So! Why don't some People Get that?! Cha Jan 2024 #129
False equivalency. Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #153
This question: yagotme Jan 2024 #158
And Hamas promises CONTINUED attacks. Their stated goal is NO Israel. oldsoftie Jan 2024 #78
And Israel's stated goal is No Hamas.... DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #95
"but neither party has the 'moral high ground' in this war...." What the actual fuck? GuppyGal Jan 2024 #114
The difference? sheshe2 Jan 2024 #123
Equating a terrorist group with a NATION is insane. oldsoftie Jan 2024 #136
22,000 Gazan Palestinians are just as dead as 1200 Israelis, DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #218
Violence is all that works against groups like Hamas. All the blood is on them. oldsoftie Jan 2024 #224
But Hamas doesn't have any 2000 pound bombs to drop... DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #248
You don't think that terrorists who rape and dismember women and children should be eliminated? AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #202
Haaretz has mixed reports on the rapes womanofthehills Jan 2024 #212
I did not say that--- in fact, I did say that I despise them--- DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #217
I have said that I DO think so.... DemocraticPatriot Jan 2024 #250
As is Bibi's slaughter malaise Jan 2024 #81
That comparison is bullshit and you know it TexasDem69 Jan 2024 #84
Do you point out what Hamas has done EllieBC Jan 2024 #87
There are 22,000 dead Palestinians malaise Jan 2024 #88
So that's a no you don't point it out. EllieBC Jan 2024 #89
How should the IDF respond to the rape, torture and murder of over 1,000 TexasDem69 Jan 2024 #98
Apparently they should do nothing. Remember, as the title of the book says "people love dead jews." AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #103
They should pick off these underground Hamas scum one by one .....even if it takes decades and let them live their GuppyGal Jan 2024 #116
I'm glad you put the sarecasm there. Richard D Jan 2024 #118
The attack absolutely necessitated the response. TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #101
22K dead according to WHOM? GuppyGal Jan 2024 #115
According to . . . Richard D Jan 2024 #169
No it isn't claudette Jan 2024 #132
Someday, maybe humans will decide to outlaw war. 1WorldHope Jan 2024 #85
Kellogg-Briand did that. It wasn't successful AZLD4Candidate Jan 2024 #104
Very interesting. I knew nothing of it, but if it was tried before and failed, 1WorldHope Jan 2024 #108
Russia agreed to leave Ukraine alone & look how that went. NT oldsoftie Jan 2024 #191
Laws without consequences and enforcement are suggestions TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #225
Regardless of Hamas' brutality, does it justify killing thousands of innocent Gaza Palastinians? elocs Jan 2024 #91
The need to obliterate the possibility of any repeat mandates the elimination of Hamas TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #105
So put the blame where it belongs; on those who started it. oldsoftie Jan 2024 #192
There is Hamas denialism in this thread. madaboutharry Jan 2024 #107
Hamas is to Gazans what Maga is to republicans MyMission Jan 2024 #130
No, not another OP; you should write that for The NY Times ! oldsoftie Jan 2024 #139
Yet many claudette Jan 2024 #131
no one pardons it, it's retaliation with the goal to eliminate hamas AlexSFCA Jan 2024 #133
Oh yes claudette Jan 2024 #134
First Willto Jan 2024 #142
You have it wrong Mossfern Jan 2024 #246
9,500 are Hamas deaths. madaboutharry Jan 2024 #141
Link ? For that hamas death's number questionseverything Jan 2024 #163
About as reliable as you believe Hamas' numbers to be. AloeVera Jan 2024 #179
So if the IDF gave a figure and Hamas gave a figure, which one would you put more credibility on? egduj Jan 2024 #182
I don't rely on either one, I'm inclined to do my own analysis and then make a determination. AloeVera Jan 2024 #183
Sometimes no answer is the clearest answer of all. egduj Jan 2024 #196
I saw one fact checker explaining the numbers and why they reported them AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #207
Hamas' brutality is unpardonable Chainfire Jan 2024 #150
What would you have Israel do? egduj Jan 2024 #151
Adhere to international and humanitarian laws. AloeVera Jan 2024 #165
Absolutely not because doing so means a near complete inabilty TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #178
Trust me, people in Gaza don't live in the Land of Make Believe. They live the horror every moment. AloeVera Jan 2024 #185
Your questions are a refusal to take reality for an answer. TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #208
I don't think any of that was happening before 10/7... egduj Jan 2024 #180
So October 7th means all laws can now be flouted? AloeVera Jan 2024 #184
They are responding against this non-state actor, egduj Jan 2024 #195
Loud and clear. AloeVera Jan 2024 #206
No, it means that hopefully the IDF will mop up the Hamas shitstains and curb all of these Hamas lovers. SoFlaBro Jan 2024 #214
No idea who you mean by Hamas lovers nor do I care. AloeVera Jan 2024 #215
Nope. I just call balls and strikes. The Hamas supporters and Hamas lovers are very evident in their behavior. SoFlaBro Jan 2024 #226
You spelled CHILDREN wrong. N/T AloeVera Jan 2024 #228
Hamas's favorite business is dead Palestinian children and business is a-BOOMIN' :nuke: SoFlaBro Jan 2024 #237
Hamas is funtioning as a state actor. They are what passes for the legitimate TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #236
Estimates of civilian deaths between Iraq and Afghanistan runs upwards of 423K Kennah Jan 2024 #213
Absolutely 100% this Orrex Jan 2024 #216
And probably the US moreso Kennah Jan 2024 #220
Sunday morning kick. revmclaren Jan 2024 #221
We agree that the Hamas brutality is unpardonable, what is in dispute is whether Israel's brutality is acceptable. Chainfire Jan 2024 #229
You should be less stingy about waiving your magic wand TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #243
My big problem is my inability to ignore the suffering of other human beings. So sue me... Chainfire Jan 2024 #244
And Hamas vows to continue its terrorism. keithbvadu2 Jan 2024 #234
Monday morning Kick. revmclaren Jan 2024 #252
13 women remain in Hamas captivity. LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2024 #254
I hope they are able to come home. revmclaren Jan 2024 #258
Tuesday morning Kick. revmclaren Jan 2024 #257
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