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Martin Eden

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85. Netanyahu thought peace was being purchased with Qatari cash going to Hamas
Sat Jan 27, 2024, 08:04 AM
Jan 2024

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Obviously, the Israeli prime minister and his intelligence services were tragically mistaken.

Was it really that difficult to assess the intent of Hamas, given their sworn goal to eradicate the Jewish state? While the cash and the work permits marginally improved conditions in the Gaza strip, it hardly satisfied the statehood aspirations of the Palestinian people or resolved the overall conflict evidenced by the ongoing violent flare-ups in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The conflict is one of seemingly irreconcilable differences between two peoples who both want the same relatively small land of what was once Palestine on older maps, but is now Israel.

How can this be resolved, especially given the historical religious significance of Jerusalem as the center of a Holy Land for Jews, Muslims, and Christians?

Palestinians are unwilling to accept disapora, departing their homeland with their people scattered as residents into other Arab countries.

The Jewish people who survived the Holocaust had historical roots in the Holy Land, and understandably believed their future depended on having their own nation state where they would not be a minority subject to shifting tides of prejudice against them.

As an American born in 1957 who has followed politics since the Vietnam War, the only solution I can think of to resolve this conflict is for the two peoples to learn to live together peacefully in a single nation.

I have never been religious, but do have some understanding of the compelling significance Jerusalem and the Holy Land has for the people of all three major Abrahamic religions. If they truly embrace the core tenets of their faiths which all worship the monotheistic God of Abraham, should not Jerusalem be an international city of peace and brotherhood?

Yes, I know the two-state solution has long been embraced by the United States and much of the international community, but I really don't see ANY Israeli government forcibly removing West Bank settlers from their homes (some of which have been lived in for generations) -- especially as a series of events triggered by the Oct 7 atrocity committed by Hamas.

Perhaps, almost certainly, the single state of peace and brotherhood is an even more unlikely scenario.

And so we go on. The long history of horrible violence between the faithful is an inescapable feature of human civilization.

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She is correct, same as Hillary was in 2016 and later about Tulsi Gabbard, etc. betsuni Jan 2024 #120
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THIS. The Vietnam War era is another great example KPN Jan 2024 #16
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I certainly don't think President Biden is lying about his support for Israel because of politics. tritsofme Jan 2024 #41
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DU is on the internet. DU is very, very skewed to the older age cohorts. DU has small, but extremely organised and vocal Celerity Jan 2024 #52
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Spot on! redqueen Jan 2024 #84
Or, DU has a strong presence of a wise and pragmatic group of tried and true democrats Patton French Jan 2024 #88
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it is not an either/or Celerity Jan 2024 #97
Deleted Patton French Jan 2024 #98
Well, ok Patton French Jan 2024 #99
DU groupthink can be very fallible. Crunchy Frog Jan 2024 #128
His statement seems to have your agreement. DontBelieveEastisEas Jan 2024 #113
I think it's the opposite womanofthehills Jan 2024 #79
+1, dictatorships like Purina don't restrict over the air broadcast they restrict the Internet uponit7771 Jan 2024 #89
In a choice between the BBC or TicTok for news I know what I think is more prone to bias EX500rider Jan 2024 #43
SPOILERS: The BBC is on TicTok Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2024 #59
But Gen Z isn't watching BBC on TikTok, they're watching an "influencer" LeftInTX Jan 2024 #64
And you know this how? Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2024 #66
I'm following a murder case of an 18 year old pregnant women who was on her way to deliver her baby. LeftInTX Jan 2024 #68
By looking. I use my eyes. I see GenZ replying and forwarding influencers and shit eating propaganda scumbags. SoFlaBro Jan 2024 #69
So is a bunch of disinformation put out by the Chinese, Russians, etc EX500rider Jan 2024 #65
That disinformation is everywhere. Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2024 #67
I don't think Russia or China are writing articles for the BBC though EX500rider Jan 2024 #70
Dictatorships don't restrict broadcast or radio. They restrict the internet uponit7771 Jan 2024 #91
North Korea would beg to differ EX500rider Jan 2024 #95
NKa size make it an exception. Larger countries can't jam broadcast but can restrict internet access easily uponit7771 Jan 2024 #96
Actually, way more in-depth news on podcasts. womanofthehills Jan 2024 #114
Bill Gates is a BBC supporter!! womanofthehills Jan 2024 #116
You get your news from Rumble? AZSkiffyGeek Jan 2024 #126
I'm part of the straddle generation, and my position on Israel has changed over the past few years. Lonestarblue Jan 2024 #3
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Ditto. KPN Jan 2024 #18
Well said. Xavier Breath Jan 2024 #36
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Younger Americans get most of their "news" from TikTok Arazi Jan 2024 #4
Huh? TikTok World News Agency? Too funny ! TeamProg Jan 2024 #8
That sounds like the sort of terrible logic you'd find on TikTok. W_HAMILTON Jan 2024 #50
Why didn't he act to prevent it? Especially given the ample intelligence and warnings, Crunchy Frog Jan 2024 #54
Victim blaming, are we? W_HAMILTON Jan 2024 #101
Netanyahu is not the victim here. Crunchy Frog Jan 2024 #127
or not............. Celerity Jan 2024 #76
Netanyahu thought peace was being purchased with Qatari cash going to Hamas Martin Eden Jan 2024 #85
More victim blaming. W_HAMILTON Jan 2024 #102
Israel targeting kids before Oct 7 womanofthehills Jan 2024 #104
No, it is not victim blaming, it is a factual recounting of historical events that empowered the terroristic Hamas. Celerity Jan 2024 #106
Meaning they are being manipulated. Which I agree. LiberalFighter Jan 2024 #13
The Chinese must be controlling other Western media then erodriguez Jan 2024 #23
Every generation is being manipulated via both social KPN Jan 2024 #24
Well put - it always amuses me to see the hate for TikTok redqueen Jan 2024 #30
TikTok? LeftInTX Jan 2024 #42
Exactly. And that's exactly why any reasonable intelligent think-for-themselves person would take KPN Jan 2024 #44
Twitter has great benefits womanofthehills Jan 2024 #121
I think there is a trend limbicnuminousity Jan 2024 #26
+1 betsuni Jan 2024 #58
So news outlets on TicTok are controlled by China there Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2024 #60
You & Nancy Pelosi think the same womanofthehills Jan 2024 #117
A third of all Americans are on Twitter womanofthehills Jan 2024 #118
an interesting viewpoint RainCaster Jan 2024 #6
+1 TeamProg Jan 2024 #10
Same here. Well said! KPN Jan 2024 #25
This boomer thinks more like gen z. Lunabell Jan 2024 #9
Is Gen Z listening to what Hamas is saying? Happy Hoosier Jan 2024 #12
Some are and some agree with them JI7 Jan 2024 #15
+1 betsuni Jan 2024 #62
That was my thought. Since they can hear so well TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #71
Can't even wrap fish with NYT any more. Let's stir up generational division. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2024 #17
Netanyahu is giving Israel 100 years of danger... judy Jan 2024 #19
Harp on Netanyahu all you like but what wholly distinct response TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #86
Modi when India was struck with a terrorist attack chose peace and won uponit7771 Jan 2024 #93
Modi?? Or Singh?? LeftInTX Jan 2024 #107
Whomever the leadership at the time choose to respond to violence in a progressive way and won. I don't see Bibi being . uponit7771 Jan 2024 #108
I believe it was Singh at the time, not Modi. LeftInTX Jan 2024 #109
Makes sense uponit7771 Jan 2024 #110
Peace when? Won what besides an election? TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #112
All that is 100 times better than what Bibi is doing uponit7771 Jan 2024 #123
The situations are not analogous nor as advertised anyway TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #124
They're similar enough, terrorist attack needed response Bibis was bad Indias good uponit7771 Jan 2024 #125
Netanyahu is giving Israel 100 years of danger... judy Jan 2024 #20
Israel has already been subjected to decades of hate against her elias7 Jan 2024 #105
As a Gen Xer erodriguez Jan 2024 #21
You may not like its leaders, but Israel certainly is a democracy NoRethugFriends Jan 2024 #27
It's not a democracy unless everyone can participate erodriguez Jan 2024 #39
All Israeli citizens of any race or religion can vote EX500rider Jan 2024 #45
Some have been so blinded by preconceived bias. Israel is one of the few democracies in the middle east JohnSJ Jan 2024 #77
Israel is not practicing apartheid. Gaza and the West Bank TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #72
The U.S. should follow the UN... yardwork Jan 2024 #35
Post removed Post removed Jan 2024 #40
Specious poke imv. KPN Jan 2024 #46
Gen Z Is Listening to What Hamas and Their Supporters Are Saying Deep State Witch Jan 2024 #22
So you're saying most of them don't or can't think for KPN Jan 2024 #28
Most Adults Don't, Either Deep State Witch Jan 2024 #31
Most? I'll go along with too many, but not sure "most" applies especially to younger generations. KPN Jan 2024 #47
Many buy the propaganda Sugarcoated Jan 2024 #32
True, but not most in my view. Biden would not have been elected in the first place if that KPN Jan 2024 #51
Israel has been going overboard for some time. Cuthbert Allgood Jan 2024 #61
Hamas is on Telegram, but Telegram posts can probably be shared cross platform. LeftInTX Jan 2024 #75
Yup. JohnSJ Jan 2024 #78
Yes. betsuni Jan 2024 #83
Of course Biden is paying attention to Netanyahu. yardwork Jan 2024 #33
I do think Joe sees the situation as being about Netanyahu Lulu KC Jan 2024 #34
Gen Z lol ! stonecutter357 Jan 2024 #37
Gen Z is definitely listening to what Hamas is saying. nt LexVegas Jan 2024 #48
Gen Z is seeing horrific photos every day of dead & dying children womanofthehills Jan 2024 #119
They're not listening to what Netanyahu is saying. W_HAMILTON Jan 2024 #49
Most of them were'nt old enough to vote in 2016. Crunchy Frog Jan 2024 #55
(1) Many showing this same sort of ridiculous logic were old enough to vote and... W_HAMILTON Jan 2024 #100
+1 betsuni Jan 2024 #63
'This is crude' is correct, as details and nuance are ignored. elleng Jan 2024 #53
Most people here will discount Bettie Jan 2024 #56
The Hamas SuperFriends are dead wrong whatever their age is. TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #73
But the Netanyahu super fans Bettie Jan 2024 #74
No one need to wish death to all Palestinians TheKentuckian Jan 2024 #80
Have you checked the horrors of what the settlers are doing in the West Bank womanofthehills Jan 2024 #122
A nice demographic analysis Uncle Joe Jan 2024 #81
Trump and he are very close bigtree Jan 2024 #87
Yep, Dictatorships like Xi and Putin don't restrict TV / Radio they restrict the Internet uponit7771 Jan 2024 #90
Cold reality is, neither side is interested in peace relayerbob Jan 2024 #103
I expect this will be discussed and debated throughout 2024. David__77 Jan 2024 #111
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