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I'll pass. Can't think of a more unpleasant vacation. Ocelot II Jan 27 #1
Cruises are the best most affordable vacations jimfields33 Jan 27 #17
Ugh. To each his own. Ocelot II Jan 27 #19
I'm With You ProfessorGAC Jan 27 #23
It sounds like "Too Much of Everything " for me. Diamond_Dog Jan 27 #55
I Worked With A Guy Who... ProfessorGAC Jan 27 #65
Lol! What's fun about it is you can leave the ship each day ecstatic Jan 27 #46
Most of those things are exactly what I'd absolutely hate. Ocelot II Jan 27 #62
No offense but a cabin in the woods sounds dreadful. jimfields33 Jan 27 #60
Is it unsinkable? nt dflprincess Jan 27 #2
I don't think that they use that term any more. Chainfire Jan 27 #16
Not since 1912 at least dflprincess Jan 27 #54
Sinking it before it leaves port actually sounds like a good idea. Ocelot II Jan 27 #20
Lol. Yeah something about the headline makes me uneasy ecstatic Jan 27 #36
Watch out for icebergs! honest.abe Jan 27 #3
Thank god climate change is eliminating that danger lame54 Jan 27 #31
What an ecological, environmental nightmare. niyad Jan 27 #4
Asking anyone here with nautical experience....... pdxflyboy Jan 27 #5
Master mariner here codfisherman Jan 27 #18
Thank you, codfisherman. pdxflyboy Jan 27 #37
I wonder, too. OAITW r.2.0 Jan 27 #25
As a rul, cruise ships don't sail in to tropical storms of any sort. brooklynite Jan 27 #44
With todays satellite assisted meterology - werdna Jan 27 #28
That's exactly my first thought. In high seas it must be a wild ride. brush Jan 27 #52
Massive modern cruise ships are fitted with fin stabilizers, two each on the port and starboard sides. EX500rider Jan 27 #56
US Navy vet here edisdead Jan 27 #67
and i'm sure the whole fucking thing is at least 90% eco friendly orleans Jan 27 #6
It will be better then earlier cruise ships EX500rider Jan 27 #57
No thanks JI7 Jan 27 #7
I go on vacation to get away from it all. redwitch Jan 27 #8
No thanks. sinkingfeeling Jan 27 #9
I have a friend who does 5 or 6 7-day cruises out of FL per year SYFROYH Jan 27 #10
Hard NO! leftieNanner Jan 27 #11
Haha leftie! cilla4progress Jan 27 #15
A crew member for every 2 people?... lame54 Jan 27 #35
I don't know. leftieNanner Jan 27 #50
Are they trying to remake the Ark? TSExile Jan 27 #12
What do y'all think of Viking? cilla4progress Jan 27 #13
Both of my siblings have taken several Viking cruises and raved about them. Ocelot II Jan 27 #21
Thanks! cilla4progress Jan 27 #24
Love Viking Mz Pip Jan 27 #30
I've been on Viking cruises and like them. Lonestarblue Jan 27 #33
Helpful, cilla4progress Jan 27 #38
A giant, floating incubator. I would't go on that thing if they paid me. Chainfire Jan 27 #14
If I ever go on a cruise it would be one of these: Ocelot II Jan 27 #22
On our voyage to Australia on RC Explorer of The Seas ProudMNDemocrat Jan 27 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Jan 27 #27
I like cruises Mz Pip Jan 27 #29
Meh. Folks who like this kinda stuff would hate dobleremolque Jan 27 #32
No thanks. Bigger is not better CanonRay Jan 27 #34
Few things are more interesting than a DU thread on cruises and cruise ships. BannonsLiver Jan 27 #39
Too bad it doesn't run on solar power. Emile Jan 27 #40
Giant floating petri dishes. Ocelot II Jan 27 #42
Nice ship you've got there... dchill Jan 27 #41
Never, no way, no how...introverts absolute nightmare. MiHale Jan 27 #43
Floating gigantic petri dish in Disney colors. Sorry but this thing gives me the wim-wams to look at... Hekate Jan 27 #45
It looks like a floating carnival. leftyladyfrommo Jan 27 #47
It's a small city, with a lot of tourists. oldfart73 Jan 27 #48
Absolutely not. ismnotwasm Jan 27 #49
Not for me. SarahD Jan 27 #51
The thing I remember about the ports of call was that all the shops and booths had the same... brush Jan 27 #63
Quick visits. SarahD Jan 27 #66
That's the sane way to do it. brush Jan 27 #69
Probably the only way. SarahD Jan 27 #70
Decent homeless shelter. moondust Jan 27 #53
There are people who live on cruise ships. jimfields33 Jan 27 #61
Different strokes I guess. Bristlecone Jan 27 #58
You can taste the norovirus from here ZonkerHarris Jan 27 #59
10,000 people with diarrhea, trapped in a floating hotel. Where do I sign up? Ocelot II Jan 27 #64
Because what could go wrong? ZonkerHarris Jan 27 #72
It makes the other cruise ships parked in the port like like toy ships said my brother who lives riversedge Jan 27 #68
For me, that would be torture - marooned on a floating prison! cornball 24 Jan 27 #71
my word... maybe they should have called it the DISPLACER os the Seas, instead of icon. HUGE!!!!! Takket Jan 27 #73
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