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You think?? Srkdqltr Jan 28 #1
IK, R? Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #7
?? IDK, & IDC. Srkdqltr Jan 28 #11
Pretend you're in London. This is status quo there. jimfields33 Jan 28 #27
It's just Michigan in January. It would be scary if it was different. Srkdqltr Jan 28 #29
That's true too. jimfields33 Jan 28 #30
lol Torchlight Jan 28 #63
That's why Brits are so sarcastic and dour all the time. Oneironaut Jan 28 #65
mental health, bone health bucolic_frolic Jan 28 #2
So true, bucolic frolic! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #8
I think I'm a vampire Marthe48 Jan 28 #3
The printing company where I used to work Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #10
I remember when we were kids Marthe48 Jan 28 #28
Yep - your cousin was right! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #37
I found last summer nothing short of oppressive. Igel Jan 28 #4
Too much of either one isn't good, is it? Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #12
Haven't seen the sun in Minneapolis in I don't know how long. Ocelot II Jan 28 #5
Does this part sound familiar, Ocelot? Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #15
I'm not exactly a bundle of energy normally, but I feel even more slothful than usual, Ocelot II Jan 28 #23
Same thing this January Prairie Gates Jan 28 #6
Yeah but when it's in the 40s we get that non stop drizzle. Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #16
Lived in Cleveland for 17 years, hated the gray liberal N proud Jan 28 #9
So true. I am about 50 miles from Cleveland. Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #17
You sound like you might be close to my neck of the woods (Stark Co.) ok_cpu Jan 28 #62
SE Trumbull Co. Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #68
Started in November and went into overdrive in February. I still get it some years here in Texas ... marble falls Jan 28 #13
You know it, marble falls! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #18
I just hated going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I want to come back, but that depression ... marble falls Jan 28 #21
Same here Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #24
VA got me a light for light effective disorder, and it works. marble falls Jan 28 #26
Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania are notoriously cloudy FakeNoose Jan 28 #14
Wow, great visual, FakeNoose! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #20
Portlander here Reader Rabbit Jan 28 #40
Same here. roamer65 Jan 28 #43
We have two sons. One lives in Seattle the other in Pittsburgh. twodogsbarking Jan 28 #52
Drink more coffee. Works here in Seattle... Wounded Bear Jan 28 #19
Morning coffee is a must! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #22
Indeed! Wounded Bear Jan 28 #66
I grew up halfway between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. dchill Jan 28 #25
Yep! It's a double whammy! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #33
It could be worse, though. Ocelot II Jan 28 #31
There's a bright side to everything! No volcanoes! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #34
Living in Akron/Kent area NewLarry Jan 28 #32
That's hilarious! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #36
Miss that Colorado sunshine! rogerballard Jan 28 #35
I remember those days. It made news when sunshine was in the forecast. Auggie Jan 28 #38
Interesting, huh? Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #45
Nobody I knew was particularly depressed ... Auggie Jan 28 #53
Oh yes I agree. I'm just kidding you. Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #56
Yeah but no one seems to give a crap when the northeast sunsets at 412pm boston bean Jan 28 #39
I hadn't even noticed. shrike3 Jan 28 #41
One of the biggest reasons why Michigan... MiHale Jan 28 #42
Phoenix just had 3 days in a row of clouds Barry Markson Jan 28 #44
That is hilarious, Barry Markson! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #47
Balaahahahaaaaaa... Oh, you'll like this, Barry... electric_blue68 Jan 29 #72
That's normal in Seattle RainCaster Jan 28 #46
My few living houseplants are not doing well. AllyCat Jan 28 #48
NorCal has had a gloomy winter Sympthsical Jan 28 #49
Made me think of this... littlemissmartypants Jan 28 #50
TY littlemisssmartypants! Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #54
YW, DD. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Jan 28 #57
SAD can luckily be remedied MistakenLamb Jan 28 #51
Caused me to move away ybbor Jan 28 #55
So you have had both experiences. Diamond_Dog Jan 28 #58
Yes, the Trade Winds ybbor Jan 28 #64
I grew up in NW Ohio ellie Jan 28 #59
It will be "ok" angrychair Jan 28 #60
Growing up in Detroit and Cleveland, I can affirm. DJ Porkchop Jan 28 #61
2023/2024 (so far) has been life living under overcast skies. Central Maine. OAITW r.2.0 Jan 28 #67
Geez, ya think?! WestMichRad Jan 28 #69
LOL. Welcome to the Great Lakes in the winter. NT Patton French Jan 28 #70
There have been winter clouds in the Midwest long before anybody heard of climate change. former9thward Jan 28 #71
That's awful. And what about house plants? ecstatic Jan 29 #73
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