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13. The bs these fkrs get away with is infuriating
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 09:36 AM
Jan 2024

The MAGAS in control of the house are working to impeach a Democrat colleague of theirs even as we speak, on the basis of pure concocted bs, and for FAR less that what that sob Moscow Mitch has pulled.

Between Jan 2019 and Sept 2020 only 1 percent of 15,000 bills submitted to the Senate passed, thanks to Mitch.

And the fkr actually BRAGGED about his government SABOTAGE, in which 395 bills, most of them BIPARTISAN sat in what he called his "legislative graveyard." Actually LAUGHED about it.

So yeah, fk Mitch McConnell.(Godspeed or hell bound it'd be good riddance.)


Can't he just croak and malaise Jan 2024 #1
No, because you see, they'll just shellac him over, prop him B.See Jan 2024 #2
ROFL malaise Jan 2024 #6
Like Weekend at Bernie's?? vapor2 Jan 2024 #28
Yes please. I get nauseous just hearing his rancid pontifications. FailureToCommunicate Jan 2024 #3
He did, several years ago. kwijybo Jan 2024 #8
ROFL😂😂 malaise Jan 2024 #9
That wouldn't change what the Republican Party has been wanting to do for decades Martin Eden Jan 2024 #12
Sadly you are correct malaise Jan 2024 #14
Because, sadly, Joe 6-pack is an oafish lout. jaxexpat Jan 2024 #16
In the last three weeks in the Coachella Valley, I met four strangers who have turned out to be OMGWTF Jan 2024 #53
3 weeks?! Thank you for your service. jaxexpat Jan 2024 #54
And therein lies the problem. calimary Jan 2024 #34
Good question. Why? orthoclad Jan 2024 #41
Rightwing propaganda networks have been very effective at manipulating perceptions Martin Eden Jan 2024 #55
I keep thinking of the Powell Memo orthoclad Feb 2024 #57
THAT is one of the most important articles ever posted in DU Martin Eden Feb 2024 #58
I repeatedly post the orthoclad Feb 2024 #59
Time to French Revolution tirtleman ...... Trueblue1968 Jan 2024 #49
THIS malaise Jan 2024 #52
Him and every other rethug since SS became law. They haven't succeeded yet. Takket Jan 2024 #4
They have had some success. markodochartaigh Jan 2024 #20
Any change like this to Social Security videohead5 Jan 2024 #5
Yet they will... 2naSalit Jan 2024 #11
"But we're broke!" orthoclad Feb 2024 #60
Nor do I. ...nt 2naSalit Feb 2024 #61
And if Trump is elected, Republicans will take the Senate and possibly the House. Plan accomplished. Lonestarblue Jan 2024 #17
I just don't see videohead5 Jan 2024 #25
I thought so too at one time but Akacia Jan 2024 #31
I know how you feel, Akacia. calimary Jan 2024 #35
No secret there. LakeArenal Jan 2024 #7
K&R spanone Jan 2024 #10
The bs these fkrs get away with is infuriating B.See Jan 2024 #13
Total elimination of the Social Security administration is McConnel's wet dream, his raison d'etre. jaxexpat Jan 2024 #15
In other words, he's a mean spirited, narrow minded, underhanded B.See Jan 2024 #19
babylonsister .. Upthevibe Jan 2024 #18
Add this to the Dems campaign message.... ProudMNDemocrat Jan 2024 #21
ProudMNDemocrat..... Upthevibe Jan 2024 #26
THIS!!! calimary Jan 2024 #36
Cuts to S.S. is smoke and mirrors, their goal is to steal every penny in the trust fund. Hotler Jan 2024 #22
That gently alive corpse needs to die already. BradBo Jan 2024 #23
75 years they been nickleing and diming it. leave it the heck alone and dont mess with me. AllaN01Bear Jan 2024 #24
Yet Traildogbob Jan 2024 #27
Fuckers. Money trickles to the TOP anyway. Most Soc Sec $ is spent on goods that the rich control. Sure, some middle TeamProg Jan 2024 #29
Why does McConnell get a pick? wryter2000 Jan 2024 #30
K&R Wild blueberry Jan 2024 #32
Anything MoscowMitch likes is dangerous to the rest of us. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2024 #33
VOTE! Mr.Bee Jan 2024 #37
Thanks! I just wrote to both of my US Senators. n/t PatrickforB Jan 2024 #38
... and now please enjoy a musical interlude from Rihanna.... IcyPeas Jan 2024 #39
It is interesting to me that the people who hate Social Security the most are the ones who need it the least. LoisB Jan 2024 #40
Actually DENVERPOPS Jan 2024 #44
The rich want us poor and desperate. orthoclad Jan 2024 #42
Like they're doing to the Postal Service and other agencies like Agriculture. live love laugh Jan 2024 #43
President Biden could withdraw this nomination WyLoochka Jan 2024 #45
I'm very much looking forward to watching his funeral on TV. Oopsie Daisy Jan 2024 #46
Very important post and I hope Senate Dems senseandsensibility Jan 2024 #47
McConnell is a soulless pervert without a shred of decency GiqueCee Jan 2024 #48
Ass wipe republicans don't pay into social security Puppyjive Jan 2024 #50
Of course. grumpyduck Jan 2024 #51
Maybe we need wealth limits I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2024 #56
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