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Wed Jan 31, 2024, 09:14 PM Jan 2024

Nikki Haley: Under Obama 'you just felt, people felt like they were being put in camps' [View all]


Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley says only when Barack Obama became President did America “really” start to face racist “division,” that under the nation’s first Black president “everything became about race and gender, and that’s when “you just felt, people felt like they were being put in camps.”

Haley, a former Trump UN Ambassador and former South Carolina governor, has insisted America is not a racist country and has yet to put to bed her initial refusal to say slavery was the cause of the Civil War. In an hour-long interview on “The Breakfast Club,” with hosts Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy, Haley continued to weave a whitewashed web of America’s history.

Charlamagne has questioned why more people don’t support Haley for President and said he will not be endorsing President Joe Biden, Politico has reported.

“There will be a first female president,” Haley said when asked about Vice President Kamala Harris. “It’s either going to be Kamala Harris, or it’s going to be me. And it should send a chill up everyone’s spine thinking about the fact that it would be Kamala Harris.”


She's a piece of shit
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What a huge asshole. bullimiami Jan 2024 #1
Haley or tha God? Beausoleil Jan 2024 #2
Tough choice... lame54 Jan 2024 #37
Both for sure. emulatorloo Jan 2024 #39
Yes! dchill Feb 2024 #55
Raging ASSHOLE. Cha Jan 2024 #8
She is who... 2naSalit Jan 2024 #3
gee, another Republican out of touch with reality rurallib Jan 2024 #4
How has she managed to stay this stupid? nocoincidences Jan 2024 #5
I wish she WAS stupid. She knows what she's saying and doing. She's learned Maru Kitteh Jan 2024 #50
Since you're pulling stuff out of your ass Haley Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2024 #6
Geez, Nikki. Talk about chills SarahD Jan 2024 #7
I think on the "saying something stupid" scale, Kamala B.See Jan 2024 #38
Yeah, because there were so MANY of you GD RACISTS HaleyTwit. Cha Jan 2024 #9
Ivy heard a lot of pure bullshit in the last six years FalloutShelter Jan 2024 #10
Where? claudette Jan 2024 #11
Yes, Nikki. Aussie105 Jan 2024 #12
So I guess she's saying that we were never a racist country Beausoleil Jan 2024 #13
What a bunch of BS. n/t iluvtennis Jan 2024 #14
Obama: merely exists as a Black man in the White House NickB79 Jan 2024 #15
I moved out to the left when the (formerly) s.c. moved bush into the White House Marthe48 Jan 2024 #16
WTF? How in the hell did she ever make it to KPN Jan 2024 #17
Forget it Jake...it's South Carolina maxrandb Jan 2024 #42
so howcome she 's not using her birth first name? its lovely to be sure nt msongs Jan 2024 #18
To be fair, nikki is apparently her given middle name. Perhaps she doesn't niyad Feb 2024 #54
Breathtakingly vile! 50 Shades Of Blue Jan 2024 #19
Yikes! Mike Nelson Jan 2024 #20
Obama becomes president, people begin talking about the effects of institutional racism Docreed2003 Jan 2024 #21
Apparently, she's delusional mzmolly Jan 2024 #22
She's worse than delusional. She's an amoral/cynical opportunist who RockRaven Jan 2024 #31
Agree. My post was mzmolly Jan 2024 #44
FUCKING DELUSIONAL. usonian Jan 2024 #23
She's awful. mountain grammy Jan 2024 #24
The RACISM during Obama's presidency was directed AT him Martin Eden Jan 2024 #25
don't forget "spiffy dresser." obama always looked great--even in a tan suit! nt orleans Jan 2024 #45
When I started writing that post I inteded to finish it with the Martin Eden Jan 2024 #48
what you wrote was on the verge of saying it--so much so that i thought of it. i don't think i mentioned orleans Feb 2024 #62
I was never so disappointed & angry at a segment of our society as when I saw how they treated the Obamas SouthernDem4ever Jan 2024 #51
Deplorable runs deep in certain segments of Americana Martin Eden Feb 2024 #56
I miss Obama. I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2024 #60
Agreed: she's a pos n/t FSogol Jan 2024 #26
Nope. I didn't Nimarata. Did not feel put in a camp. AllyCat Jan 2024 #27
Conservative/Repuke politics is totally disconnected from facts. It's all feelings/vibes. RockRaven Jan 2024 #28
when Barack Obama became President .. Tea Party started.... NGeorgian Jan 2024 #29
On the night of his inauguration, the fkrs had a secret meeting B.See Jan 2024 #40
Projection. mn9driver Jan 2024 #30
Yeah. In a post not too far back I had hoped that... B.See Jan 2024 #32
Keep talking Nikki. LoisB Jan 2024 #33
she is every bit as delusional as drumpf, isn't she? Takket Jan 2024 #34
Yes, she is an entire dung pile of SHIT. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2024 #35
2 things: Botany Jan 2024 #36
The UN delegates must have laughed at her behind her back, what a maroon. NoMoreRepugs Jan 2024 #41
I didn't. I was so proud of America for electing Obama. PatrickforB Jan 2024 #43
who the fuck is Charlamagne and what is his problem? also -- haley is a dumbass. "camps?" oh please! nt orleans Jan 2024 #46
What the fuck? She needs to be asked very pointed questions about the nexus of that statement. onecaliberal Jan 2024 #47
I lived in SC when Haley was governor... Joinfortmill Jan 2024 #49
Another self-loathing woman trying desperately to be allowed into the boys' niyad Feb 2024 #52
The racist division came from YOUR party of racists, Haley. canuckledragger Feb 2024 #53
A huge segment of the country breathed a sigh of relief limbicnuminousity Feb 2024 #57
fuck the GQP. nt BootinUp Feb 2024 #58
She's despicable. spanone Feb 2024 #59
It felt completely the opposite of that Blue Owl Feb 2024 #61
Who came up with the birther crap Haley? eShirl Feb 2024 #63
Neither one of them will be elected president. Renew Deal Feb 2024 #64
Nimrata Randhawa area51 Feb 2024 #65
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