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52. Another self-loathing woman trying desperately to be allowed into the boys'
Thu Feb 1, 2024, 12:01 AM
Feb 2024

club? Give it up, nik, your party HATES women.

What a huge asshole. bullimiami Jan 2024 #1
Haley or tha God? Beausoleil Jan 2024 #2
Tough choice... lame54 Jan 2024 #37
Both for sure. emulatorloo Jan 2024 #39
Yes! dchill Feb 2024 #55
Raging ASSHOLE. Cha Jan 2024 #8
She is who... 2naSalit Jan 2024 #3
gee, another Republican out of touch with reality rurallib Jan 2024 #4
How has she managed to stay this stupid? nocoincidences Jan 2024 #5
I wish she WAS stupid. She knows what she's saying and doing. She's learned Maru Kitteh Jan 2024 #50
Since you're pulling stuff out of your ass Haley Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2024 #6
Geez, Nikki. Talk about chills SarahD Jan 2024 #7
I think on the "saying something stupid" scale, Kamala B.See Jan 2024 #38
Yeah, because there were so MANY of you GD RACISTS HaleyTwit. Cha Jan 2024 #9
Ivy heard a lot of pure bullshit in the last six years FalloutShelter Jan 2024 #10
Where? claudette Jan 2024 #11
Yes, Nikki. Aussie105 Jan 2024 #12
So I guess she's saying that we were never a racist country Beausoleil Jan 2024 #13
What a bunch of BS. n/t iluvtennis Jan 2024 #14
Obama: merely exists as a Black man in the White House NickB79 Jan 2024 #15
I moved out to the left when the (formerly) s.c. moved bush into the White House Marthe48 Jan 2024 #16
WTF? How in the hell did she ever make it to KPN Jan 2024 #17
Forget it Jake...it's South Carolina maxrandb Jan 2024 #42
so howcome she 's not using her birth first name? its lovely to be sure nt msongs Jan 2024 #18
To be fair, nikki is apparently her given middle name. Perhaps she doesn't niyad Feb 2024 #54
Breathtakingly vile! 50 Shades Of Blue Jan 2024 #19
Yikes! Mike Nelson Jan 2024 #20
Obama becomes president, people begin talking about the effects of institutional racism Docreed2003 Jan 2024 #21
Apparently, she's delusional mzmolly Jan 2024 #22
She's worse than delusional. She's an amoral/cynical opportunist who RockRaven Jan 2024 #31
Agree. My post was mzmolly Jan 2024 #44
FUCKING DELUSIONAL. usonian Jan 2024 #23
She's awful. mountain grammy Jan 2024 #24
The RACISM during Obama's presidency was directed AT him Martin Eden Jan 2024 #25
don't forget "spiffy dresser." obama always looked great--even in a tan suit! nt orleans Jan 2024 #45
When I started writing that post I inteded to finish it with the Martin Eden Jan 2024 #48
what you wrote was on the verge of saying it--so much so that i thought of it. i don't think i mentioned orleans Feb 2024 #62
I was never so disappointed & angry at a segment of our society as when I saw how they treated the Obamas SouthernDem4ever Jan 2024 #51
Deplorable runs deep in certain segments of Americana Martin Eden Feb 2024 #56
I miss Obama. I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2024 #60
Agreed: she's a pos n/t FSogol Jan 2024 #26
Nope. I didn't Nimarata. Did not feel put in a camp. AllyCat Jan 2024 #27
Conservative/Repuke politics is totally disconnected from facts. It's all feelings/vibes. RockRaven Jan 2024 #28
when Barack Obama became President .. Tea Party started.... NGeorgian Jan 2024 #29
On the night of his inauguration, the fkrs had a secret meeting B.See Jan 2024 #40
Projection. mn9driver Jan 2024 #30
Yeah. In a post not too far back I had hoped that... B.See Jan 2024 #32
Keep talking Nikki. LoisB Jan 2024 #33
she is every bit as delusional as drumpf, isn't she? Takket Jan 2024 #34
Yes, she is an entire dung pile of SHIT. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2024 #35
2 things: Botany Jan 2024 #36
The UN delegates must have laughed at her behind her back, what a maroon. NoMoreRepugs Jan 2024 #41
I didn't. I was so proud of America for electing Obama. PatrickforB Jan 2024 #43
who the fuck is Charlamagne and what is his problem? also -- haley is a dumbass. "camps?" oh please! nt orleans Jan 2024 #46
What the fuck? She needs to be asked very pointed questions about the nexus of that statement. onecaliberal Jan 2024 #47
I lived in SC when Haley was governor... Joinfortmill Jan 2024 #49
Another self-loathing woman trying desperately to be allowed into the boys' niyad Feb 2024 #52
The racist division came from YOUR party of racists, Haley. canuckledragger Feb 2024 #53
A huge segment of the country breathed a sigh of relief limbicnuminousity Feb 2024 #57
fuck the GQP. nt BootinUp Feb 2024 #58
She's despicable. spanone Feb 2024 #59
It felt completely the opposite of that Blue Owl Feb 2024 #61
Who came up with the birther crap Haley? eShirl Feb 2024 #63
Neither one of them will be elected president. Renew Deal Feb 2024 #64
Nimrata Randhawa area51 Feb 2024 #65
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