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22. Netanyahu would love nothing more than to see Biden lose to Trump
Fri Feb 2, 2024, 02:28 PM
Feb 2

If that happens, his chances of remaining in power go up significantly IMO.

So they are all going to vote for trump Chipper Chat Feb 2 #1
Not maybe expel them gab13by13 Feb 2 #2
No, but they're potentially not going to vote up-ticket. brooklynite Feb 2 #3
Not voting is the same as voting for Trump we all know that Walleye Feb 2 #13
Or maybe Arab/Muslim Americans can add something useful to enough Feb 2 #5
Vote for me or the other guy will destroy you Prairie Gates Feb 2 #10
To your first comment, that's absolutely true and we all know it. Full stop. bluesbassman Feb 2 #17
Joe has stressed the is for a 2 state solution. ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2 #4
I thought some Arab American/Muslim leaders in yorkster Feb 2 #6
Biden needs a Sister Souljah moment. Make U.S. aid conditional on Netanyahu's departure dalton99a Feb 2 #7
Agreed Prairie Gates Feb 2 #12
So are they Arabs first and Americans second??? Whatever GuppyGal Feb 2 #8
They are not a majority in the state vercetti2021 Feb 2 #9
They're putting their own necks in a noose DinahMoeHum Feb 2 #11
I'm not convinced these conservatives voted for Biden the last time around. nt LexVegas Feb 2 #14
Why would a group of people who tend to be very homophobic comradebillyboy Feb 2 #18
Exactly. nt LexVegas Feb 2 #19
There is a significant amount of people in my circle who are more liberal than me, who won't be voting for Joe this fall dsp3000 Feb 2 #15
That's a lot of grievances. BannonsLiver Feb 2 #16
Do you not agree that Arab Americans should have a voice? dsp3000 Feb 2 #20
That was t really what your post was about BannonsLiver Feb 2 #23
It's laughable that people think Biden can snap his fingers Mosby Feb 2 #21
Netanyahu would love nothing more than to see Biden lose to Trump FrankBooth Feb 2 #22
Is Putin encouraging Hamas to keep going? Arazi Feb 2 #24
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