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His fragile ego couldn't take it. yardwork Feb 2024 #1
Questions are a powerful weapon against people who have been brainwashed RAB910 Feb 2024 #2
I'll add that to my LTTE stollen Feb 2024 #7
In too many cases, they don't expect to be questioned at all. calimary Feb 2024 #9
Yes this guy seems like a complete dipshit Gregory Peccary Feb 2024 #18
Or maybe just successfully faked knowing it. soldierant Feb 2024 #45
Remember when Obama was president on 9-11-01? CrispyQ Feb 2024 #3
I think the medical term is flingshitmaybewillstickitis, hadEnuf Feb 2024 #19
That was a Jorden Klepper video. Woodwizard Feb 2024 #35
I thought of Jordan afterward stollen Feb 2024 #43
You get a heart for that. sinkingfeeling Feb 2024 #4
Good job! zuul Feb 2024 #5
I was very calm, matter of fact stollen Feb 2024 #6
Well done! limbicnuminousity Feb 2024 #8
He'd rather run away and hide Quanto Magnus Feb 2024 #10
Snowflake djacq Feb 2024 #11
Lol Demovictory9 Feb 2024 #12
Masterful job! live love laugh Feb 2024 #13
Their shaky framework can't take too many taps before it starts to crumble. NBachers Feb 2024 #14
He was skippingout on his tab, obviously. jaxexpat Feb 2024 #15
Going for wings and fries at a great place but not a liberal area at all. twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #16
Cognitive dissonance must have been excruciating Warpy Feb 2024 #17
I don't know which is worse... ShazzieB Feb 2024 #25
Insecure, willfully ignorant, but ALWAYS seeking agreement and validation Attilatheblond Feb 2024 #28
LOL, these MAGA mofos always run away from the truth LymphocyteLover Feb 2024 #20
So he thinks the country is in terrible shape because we're letting migrants in, but he doesn't want to spend the money. SunSeeker Feb 2024 #21
Bye Dave. 1WorldHope Feb 2024 #22
Slapped in the face with the truth he ran out with his fingers in his ears going "Nananananananana" ZonkerHarris Feb 2024 #23
The magat is a moron. But for accuracy's sake the GOP did come up with HR2 radius777 Feb 2024 #24
Thanks stollen Feb 2024 #31
He's fleeing the interview!!! ret5hd Feb 2024 #26
Great line then, great line now. JudyM Feb 2024 #53
Thintelligence kgray96057 Feb 2024 #27
Seems to me, a waste of time MorbidButterflyTat Feb 2024 #29
Yes, well, I was polling the diner for football fans to be friendly stollen Feb 2024 #42
"But Faux says it's all the Dems fault." lpbk2713 Feb 2024 #30
that is great. barbtries Feb 2024 #32
Good for you. Nice Job!!! Fla Dem Feb 2024 #33
Had a co-worker like that years ago. Basic LA Feb 2024 #34
He gave one of the biggest cost of living raise for soldiers. Woodwizard Feb 2024 #36
They had the majority and couldn't even pass funding for the wall. Emile Feb 2024 #37
2017-2019. Nov 2016 was election blm Feb 2024 #38
Thanks. I want to be precise. stollen Feb 2024 #40
It's a common mistake. blm Feb 2024 #41
Sounds like just what I dealt with in an argument with my coworker tornado34jh Feb 2024 #39
Thanks, folks, for your thoughtful and humorous feedback. stollen Feb 2024 #44
This is their bill. But you hit him with plenty. BootinUp Feb 2024 #46
The House passed their own border bill last summer MichMan Feb 2024 #54
They cant handle it. Especially the "Trump's VP will be JFK Jr" types. oldsoftie Feb 2024 #47
Wow, good job. SlimJimmy Feb 2024 #48
Post removed Post removed Feb 2024 #49
Hello. GP6971 Feb 2024 #50
Thanks for giving it your best effort, stollen. PlanetBev Feb 2024 #51
You can't fix stupid. AZ8theist Feb 2024 #52
Because MAGA Bullies are Cowards.... Mr. Mustard 2023 Feb 2024 #55
yep! A simple 'prove it' response shuts most of them down i have found. samnsara Feb 2024 #56
Had the same convo with a guy in my office yesterday. louis-t Feb 2024 #57
I would be willing to bet that Prof. Toru Tanaka Feb 2024 #58
Oh dear! BigMin28 Feb 2024 #59
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